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"no other hosting company match what siteground has to offer its customers. they are awesome :) a+++++"

Adnan Mughul avatarAdnan Mughul

"fast servers. even faster support staff. great prices. what else could you want!? have been with them for over 6 years now and they keep getting better and better. "

Van Yang avatarVan Yang

"their customer service is awesome. they respond promptly and get matters resolved with the same promptness. definitely would recommend them to anyone wanting a solid provider."

Michael Addington avatarMichael Addington

"i experienced a difficulty in the downloading of a theme site. siteground found a way of solving the problem, which i am greateful for. thank you. much appreciated. abdul "


"almost instant feedback whenever posting tickets for response. extremely knowledgeable support/resolution of issues every time. well pleased."

Fred Sessoms avatarFred Sessoms


Best for uptime

  BlueHost logo  

"bluehost is great, great in value, great in services, great in support."

Steven Huang avatarSteven Huang

"bluhost staff are great because they handle the problems efficiently, kindly and promptly. and that's the reason i chose them as my favorite host provider."

Mario Gómez avatarMario Gómez

"bluehost rocks!!! i have an online games site and i had no prroblems with uptime or loading speed."

Pedro Felipe Coloma de Araujo avatarPedro Felipe Coloma de Araujo

"great hot, i really like. thanks so much for this great web hosting, i use with all my sites and i never had any problem with that!"

felipe bin avatarfelipe bin

"value for money hosting service, up-time of server 99.9% and support level excellent. i am using drupal 7 and magento commerce sites and they running perfectly"

Viral Mehta avatarViral Mehta


Best for support

  iPage logo  

"it was so easy to start with!!! we are from brazil, but ipage get my confidence to share my busisness information with such a professional and well organized company."

Eduardo Hilgert PEreira avatarEduardo Hilgert PEreira

"i chose to use ipage because they were the cheapest and did not limit me on things like disk space, bandwidth, & email addresses."

Jonathan Grant avatarJonathan Grant

"the staff made it easy to set up my account, and email. fees are reasonable. i would like ipage to help with advertising. google adsense will not work with me. "

Mark Guthner avatarMark Guthner

"we recommend ipage to all our clients that need domains and web hosting for its value and its inexpensive rates. you get more for your money with ipage."

Michael Micucci avatarMichael Micucci

"my fine art site has been getting great reviews from my friends. i did not have any problems with my site. i have recommended ipage to other fellow artists"

Donald felich avatarDonald felich


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Know Your Privacy Rights at the Border

Know Your Privacy Rights at the Border

With the rise of terrorism and other law-breaking (eg, human trafficking), there has been a great increase in border checks -- and the power that governments exercise at their borders. This has resulted in law-abiding citizens seeing their privacy rights erode.

What was once a simple...

Which Browser is Most Secure?

Which Browser is Most Secure?

With increasing numbers of malware attacks and other threats trying to steal your personal data, protecting yourself online is vitally important. Threats such as credit card scams, phishing, and computer viruses should make internet security a priority for everyone.

This starts with good browsing practices. Take care when...

Should I Build an App or a Website?

Should I Build an App or a Website?

The difference between an app and a website can be fuzzy, and the semantics can be confusing. At times, it feels like the choice between taking the freeway or a toll road. There other times where there are some clear advantages to using one or...

The World's Most Creative (and Bizarre) Data Centers

The World's Most Creative (and Bizarre) Data Centers

When we think of data centers, we tend to think of large, open rooms full of featureless racks. But many data centers break the mold and utilize truly creative designs, layouts, and locations.

These unusual data centers are not vanity projects, but creative responses to some...

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Ultimate Guide to Web Hosting

Ultimate Guide to Web  Hossting

You already know a website will help you reach customers, express your thoughts and ideas, and share information, but how do you get that information out there?

Is My Website Hacked? Find Out With This Checklist

Is My Website Hacked? Find Out With This Checklist

Opening up your website to discover it's been vandalized or replaced entirely is a pretty obvious clue that you've been hacked. Unfortunately, hackers don't always make it easy...

Google Rankings: Understand, Diagnose and Fix

Google Rankings: Understand, Diagnose and Fix

It's something every website publisher dreads. You wake up one day to find your website has suffered a significant Google ranking drop. After all the hard work you've put in...

History of the World Wide Web

History of the World Wide Web

Regardless of whether you grew up with computers or were introduced to them in adulthood, it is difficult now to imagine a world in which the Internet does not exist.

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