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Most webmaster tools struggle to answer one simple question: "Who really hosts a website?".

Who Is Hosting This is the destination site for this data, serving millions of queries since launch in 2007.

The site expanded to offer unbiased hosting reviews, coupons and blog. Hosting price/feature comparison launches in summer 2009.

As of July 2009, we serve 77,000+ visits and 150,000+ page views on a monthly basis.

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About Our Users

We have a tech-savvy webmaster audience hungry for unbiased information on web hosting (take a look what our users say about us). Here's a snapshot of our users:

  • 50% webmasters
  • 18% management or director level
  • 84% male
  • 71% 16-34 years
  • 54% use the site at least once/week
  • 3/4 from UK, US, Australia and Canada.
(Demographic data is from our April 2009 survey of 400+ users)

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