Should I Build an App or a Website?

The difference between an app and a website can be fuzzy, and the semantics can be confusing. At times, it feels like the choice between taking the freeway or a toll road. There other times where there are some clear advantages to using one or the other. Are you unsure whether you should build an […]

The World's Most Creative (and Bizarre) Datacenters

The World’s Most Creative (and Bizarre) Data Centers

When we think of data centers, we tend to think of large, open rooms full of featureless racks. But many data centers break the mold and utilize truly creative designs, layouts, and locations. These unusual data centers are not vanity projects, but creative responses to some of the challenges that technology has presented. As concerns […]

How to Plan and Execute Your Band's World Tour -- No Record Deal Required

The Internet Makes Your Band’s World Tour Much Easier

Many musicians dream of going on a world tour. But they’re put off by the huge costs and complicated visa laws. Some assume these things put world touring out of their reach — at least without the support and deep pockets of a major label. This is not true. Record Companies Aren’t as Important Now Right […]

Trailblazing Failures of the Dot-Com Bubble

You’ve probably heard of the term “economic bubble.” One occurs when a part of the economy grows very fast and then abruptly crashes. Most commonly, we think of housing bubbles like the US housing bubble that burst at the beginning of 2007. But bubbles can happen to anything that’s bought and sold. In fact, one […]

Now 16,318+ British Cops, Suits & Spooks Can See Every Website You Visit

Last Updated: March 25, 2017 The Investigatory Powers Act (IPA) is a new law that makes mass surveillance legal in the United Kingdom. All citizens’ mobile phone and internet use will now be logged, and the law also allows the government to secretly bypass encryption, among other things. The Act specifies a number of job […]

Everything You Need to Know on Tor & the Deep Web

The internet has, in its storied history, been compared to many things: a river; a superhighway; and, perhaps most famously, a series of tubes. But as it turns out, the most apt comparison of all just might be an iceberg. Like the mighty floes that break off from glaciers, only 10% of the network we […]

Internet Censorship Around the Globe

Depending on where you live, free and open access to the information and entertainment found on the internet might seem like more of a right than a privilege. But for folks who live in some of the world’s more restrictive societies, some or even most of the internet remains tantalizingly out of reach, blocked by […]

Update on the Cloudflare Data Breach

As you may have heard, a coding error at Cloudflare exposed information of users of potentially millions of websites. This is being referred to as “Cloudbleed.” Although does use Cloudflare, there is a minuscule chance that this will affect any of our users. In a general sense, is relatively safe from such attacks […]

Cybersquatting Won’t Save the World

Last November, according to Reuters, after Donald Trump won the presidential election, the editor-in-chief of the far-right Breitbart News Network announced that the outlet would expand into Germany and France, hoping to “monetize the anger and anti-immigrant sentiment unleashed by Donald Trump’s successful presidential campaign.” Some on the left in France are not keen to […]

How To Beat Facebook Addiction

It doesn’t matter when or where. You could be sitting in a meeting at work, or listening to a lecture at school. You could be at the movies with friends, or at the dinner table with family. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing (as long as you’re not driving). Your fingers are twitching. You find […]

50 Ways the Internet May Be Out to Get You

According to the Pew Research Center, as of 2016, about 87% of US adults use the internet. And according to data collected by Statista, there are nearly 3.5 billion internet users worldwide. If these numbers are indicative of anything, it’s that the internet is an important part of our lives. Think about it. You can buy pretty […]

101 Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop enables you to pull off some advanced image editing techniques with little effort. The program contains an army of tools to help you work smarter, not harder. You can use it for anything from basic photo editing, to making a giant papercraft head of yourself for Halloween — it’s up to you how far […]

How to Create an Awesome About Page

In 1993, at the very dawn of the World Wide Web, Peter Steiner, an illustrator at The New Yorker, created an iconic cartoon. It featured two dogs in front of a computer. One of them said to the other, “On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.” It was an instant smash, pinned on office […]

Digital Nomads

Top 10 Digital Nomads

The internet has made it easier than ever to start a location-independent virtual business or to find work that can be done from anywhere in the world. Digital nomads are the adventurous souls taking full advantage of this new reality by becoming full-time travelers. If you’re interested in becoming a digital nomad yourself, or if […]

WordPress Beyond Blogging

16 Cool Ways to Use WordPress Beyond Blogging

When WordPress was born back in 2003, the web was a much different place. In fact, “WordPress started… with a single bit of code to enhance the typography of everyday writing and with fewer users than you can count on your fingers and toes.” For those of you who don’t remember the content management system in […]