Gamification: How to Win at Work

New round here? Be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed.Everyone wants work to be fun. Even your boss or client or customer would rather that you enjoy your work. No one wants to be around unhappy people, regardless of how productive they are. But what if you could change your business so that workers […]


Photographers: Here’s What to Do If Your Images Are Stolen

Thanks to the internet, it’s easier than ever to get into photography. The resources to learn good photography skills – composition, lighting, film development, digital editing – are just a Google search away. It’s easy to post your photos online and get feedback to hone your skills, and even sell your photos online when you […]


WordPress Child Themes Let You Take Control of Your Blog

All WordPress installations should wrap their base theme inside a child theme. One of the most exciting things about using WordPress is the great selection of themes that are available for it. But no theme is perfect. You will almost certainly want to make changes to the theme’s style. Over time, these changes might be […]


Using Firedaemon With a Game Server

There’s a software solution that can take all those messy game server client windows and hide them away while running those same servers as services instead of applications. There are a number of applications that do this — including the open source Launcher Service. Today, we are going to look at one software package in […]


How to Work Fewer Hours & Earn More Money

Do you know people who claim to work 80 hours a week? They’re almost certainly lying — or exaggerating — or just deluded. Back in 2011, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) produced a report called, The Overestimated Workweek Revisited (pdf). It found that people tend to overstate how many hours they actually work by […]

Would the Internet Survive the End of the World?

Would the Internet Survive the End of the World?

You may not be able to survive without the internet, but could the internet survive without us? A recent multi-national survey by Tata Communications found that over two-thirds of respondents said they felt “fear, anxiety and anger” when not connected to the internet. Many of them said they’d give up traditional TV or alcohol to […]


How to Avoid Falling in Love with a Chatbot

Robert Epstein is an eminent psychologist and former editor in chief of Psychology Today. Back in 2006, he had a months long online affair with a woman named Evana. The only problem was: Evana turned out to be a computer program. He’s not alone. These kind of computer programs — normally called “chatbots” — ensnare […]


What Authors Need to Know About Online Publishing

Online publishing can seem like the ideal outlet to new and existing authors — an outlet that bypasses the traditional gatekeepers of conventional publishing. Traditional publishing often takes the lion’s share of the cover price, with the author receiving as little as 3%, while online services offer as much as 70% of the sale price. […]


Black Friday 2015: Best Web Hosting Deals

Black Friday started as a US-only shopping event, and is now a global phenomenon. It’s also the best time to pick up a web hosting deal, since many services are heavily discounted. We’ve collected the best Black Friday hosting offers from around the web, so you can easily switch web hosts this weekend, or kick off […]


How to Start a Blog (in 3 Quick Steps)

Have you been putting off blogging because you’re not sure how to start? All the info and advice out there can be overwhelming, but it really doesn’t take much to just get started. In fact, you can publish your first blog post within the hour! Just follow the 3 steps below to get started. Step 1: […]

Microsoft's Maverick Mission against Malware

Microsoft’s Maverick Mission Against Malware

Since the beginning, Windows has been considered by some security experts to be one of the most insecure operating systems, whether they argue that its proprietary code, networking systems, or even its font rendering are the cause. In fact, besides the cult-like appeal of the brand, one of the reasons Apple aficionados give for their loyalty […]

The Most Exciting Thing About Bitcoin Isn't Bitcoin

The Most Exciting Thing About Bitcoin Isn’t Bitcoin

Have you tried Bitcoin? Whether you’ve embraced peer-to-peer currency or you still fear any kind of money you can’t fold into your wallet, it might be time to give Bitcoin a try. Or, at least, the blockchain protocol that makes it possible. What is blockchain? It’s a decentralized record-keeping system in which the users of […]


Live Like a Millionaire With These 11 Apps

Imagine yourself as a millionaire. What’s your typical day like? Forget about doing laundry or scrubbing the bathroom; you’d have a cleaning service for that. No more driving or cooking if you don’t want to: you could hire a chauffeur to take you wherever you want to go, and your own personal chef to whip […]

How Fraudsters are Scoring Millions

Online Dating Scams: How Scammers are Scoring Millions

People tend romanticize the past, but when it comes to the romantic institution of marriage, the “romantic” part is actually a much more recent phenomenon. Marriage today is completely different than all throughout history. In the past, it was a means of uniting families together; it’s only recently that we began thinking of marriage as […]

blogging mistakes

7 Common Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

You work hard writing comprehensive blog posts, optimizing for popular keywords, and promoting your blog on social media. You’ve followed all the expert advice, keeping your posts to the recommended length, posting at the optimum frequency, and repeating the mantra “content is king.” So why aren’t you getting more traffic, comments, likes, and shares? Why […]