Oldest Scam on the Internet

Oldest Internet Scam — How to Avoid It

New round here? Be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed.In a 2015 survey conducted by Adobe Systems, it was found that US workers, on average, spent 6.3 hours checking emails daily (with a 50/50 split between personal and professional messages). How many emails do we receive each day where the average time spent reading, organizing, and […]


Quick Guide to Safe Online Shopping

The holiday season is upon us! And that means most of us will turn to the internet to find the perfect gifts for our loved ones. Online shopping is convenient. It allows you to avoid crowds, get items shipped straight to your home, and in some cases, save money. Even though it’s convenient, however, online […]


Black Friday: Best Hosting Deals 2016

Breaking News: It’s Cyber Monday! See the special hosting offers for today only. Black Friday follows the US Thanksgiving holiday, and is globally recognized as the beginning of the festive shopping season. It’s also the time of year when hosting companies run truly massive discounts. Many web hosting companies have special offers on Black Friday, with amazingly […]


High-Tech Parents and Their Low-Tech Kids

Year after year, we watch as media consumption rises — in our homes, our professional workspaces, and even while we’re out and about. According to Nielsen’s Total Audience Report from the first quarter of 2016, our consumption of media has increased by a whole hour since the same time period in 2015. The reason for this […]


North Korea’s Bizarre Internet

North Korea — known as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) — is a secretive and unpredictable place. Its 25 million residents live in a completely isolated environment, where information is tightly controlled by the state. And its citizens cannot enjoy simple things that we take for granted, from home-brewed alcohol to sarcasm. Most North Koreans are banned […]


35 Plugins to Put WordPress on Auto-Pilot

Running a blog is time-consuming, and writing for it is just half of the job. You also need to maintain the software on your server to ensure it’s secure and speedy. For WordPress users, this adds myriad jobs to the to-do list, but neglecting maintenance can leave a hosting account open to attack. With that […]


Quantum Computers and the End of Privacy

From government to business to regular individuals, encryption is important. It’s how we maintain some level of privacy in our lives. It protects our email and our credit cards. For some, it can be a matter of life and death. And it’s a risky business. We never know if our passwords have been compromised, or […]


23 Free WordPress Plugins for Affiliate Marketing

Running a blog is a rewarding project for many writers. But wouldn’t it be great to increase those rewards by making a little (Or a lot!) of money? After all, writing articles and posts takes a huge amount time, and many bloggers give up any hope of ever being paid for those hours. That needn’t be […]


Branding Your Blog to the Big Time

If you have a blog, you most likely want to reach as wide an audience as you can. But as much as people may say that content is king, there is a lot more to growing an audience than creating great content. One critical element is branding. To a lot of people, branding is kind […]


How Game Makers Earn Millions — 99¢ at a Time

Admit it, there’s at least one game on your smartphone that you’ve played in the last week. Chances are, it’s more like ten (or more) mobile games, and you’ve already played one of them today. We love games, and mobile games are even better —you can play them anywhere! We also love a bargain. Dishing […]


Make Your Website Accessible in 10 Minutes

Website accessibility is a huge issue, but one most people don’t think much about. Imagine for a moment that you have limited mobility. Maybe you can’t use a mouse, and the only way you can navigate a computer is by tapping a single keyboard key at a time. Try it out. Click the arrow buttons […]


How to Make Awesome Animated GIFs

In web years, animated GIFs are ancient. From the beginning, they enlivened Geocities pages with animated construction workers, spinning globes, ubiquitous dancing babies, and other old school animated GIFs you saw on every site and forum signature. Even if no one can agree on how to pronounce “GIF,” we can all agree that the web […]


49 Tools to Secure Your Privacy

The Internet is a warehouse of information on any subject you can imagine. Even you. The more time you spend online, the more you put yourselves at risk for having your private information or communications intercepted, read, and possibly even used for illegal purposes. Fortunately, there are plenty of tools available — many of them […]


No, Affiliate Marketing Is Not a Scam

When Tim Berners-Lee invented the hypertext webpage, he envisioned a world of shared information. It didn’t take long for businesses to realize that the web was a new shopping platform too. In fact, years before the web, in 1989, the first ever internet affiliate program was born when William J Tobin enlisted people to refer customers […]

Reasons People Don't Trust Your Website

7 Reasons People Don’t Trust Your Website

There are millions of reputable businesses on the internet. Unfortunately, there are also a significant number of scam sites, designed for nothing more than price gouging or even stealing. Potential customers have to play detective before they spend any money online. Is your website helping these visitors make the right decision about your company? If […]