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Which 4 Unknown Geeks Secretly Rule the Tech World?

Which 4 Unknown Geeks Secretly Rule the Tech World?

New round here? Be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed.We’ve all heard of tech giants Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Jeff Bezos (Amazon), and Elon Musk (Paypal, SpaceX, Tesla Motors). They seem to be at the forefront of all cutting edge software, their names and faces on every technology news article. While it might seem like [...]

Is Bitcoin Mining a Modern Gold Rush?

Is Bitcoin Mining a Modern Gold Rush?

In 1848, a humble American carpenter named James W. Marshall caught sight of gold shimmering in a California river. By the next year, the news of plentiful gold had spread around the world, and hundreds of thousands of people rushed to California from almost every continent on earth. Dubbed “Forty-Niners” after the first year of the California Gold [...]

7 Secrets of Successful Affiliate Websites

7 Secrets of Successful Affiliate Websites

Affiliate marketing isn’t a new concept, but the rise of e-commerce since the ’90s has enabled it to grow into a huge industry worth billions in sales every year, with opportunities available in any niche or product you can imagine. Though there’s no lack of affiliate marketing “gurus” proclaiming how easy is it to make [...]

Looking Ahead: The Future of the Internet

Looking Ahead: The Future of the Internet

Technology is moving fast.  Fast like The Machine. Wearable technology and augmented reality are coming to a year near you. Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies are tipping into the mainstream. Internet-giving  balloons and delivery drones will soon be battling for air space. Dog translation hardware is close to reality. I’m not making this stuff up. In the [...]

The Battle for Net Neutrality

The Battle for Net Neutrality

The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals struck down the latest appeals for network neutrality; a big win for broadband providers, and an ominous glimpse into a future where ISPs have even greater control over media and communications. The ISPs are winning. The Verge predicts things are going to get worse before they get better. But, [...]

Breaking News: The Internet Is Good For You

Breaking News: The Internet Is Good For You

Sometimes it’s easy to focus on the negative qualities of internet usage: addiction, the deterioration of written language, strained eyes, lost work hours, etc. Plus, we are constantly reminded of online dangers such as hacking, viruses and identity theft. But did you know that the internet can actually be good for you? In this interactive [...]

Does Going Offline Make You Smarter?

Does Going Offline Make You Smarter?

Where are you right now? Hunched over your computer or smart phone? When was the last time you went offline? Though there are many benefits to “being online”; “offline” time is good for you, as well. I bet you’ve spent more time looking deeply into a display than you have looking at your surroundings and [...]


Tech Cold War: Facebook vs. Google

Who is winning the tech cold war? Spending billions on apps and specialists, these tech giants are vying for control of the digital world. The new cold war isn’t about tanks, missiles or doomsday machines — it’s about commanding your attention (and maybe the stratosphere). There is always speculation and rumors of upcoming acquisitions for [...]


Who’s Stealing eBooks?

Production and sales of eBooks increased rapidly in the last decade. Indie authors may have led the way, but  bestsellers (and their publishers) soon joined the eBook revolution. Publishers begot lawyers;  copyrights, DRM, and royalties soon followed. Who’s stealing eBooks, and who is paying? What’s the future for digital rights management, and how does this affect publishers and authors? Our [...]


Marketing with Memes

If you’ve ever shared an image of the perpetually unlucky Bad Luck Brian or used Rick Astley’s immortal hit to trick a friend or loved one, you’ve employed a meme. While the word “meme” itself comes to us from Ancient Greek, the scientist Richard Dawkins gave the word its modern definition back in 1976, when [...]


How Big Data is Revolutionizing the Music and Movie Business

The Internet age has created a phenomenon we call Big Data. With more and more people living more and more of our lives online, the sheer amount of information that can be collected, processed, and eventually used by any number of interested parties is staggering. One of the most interested parties is the entertainment industry, [...]


4 Ways the Internet is Making Kids Smarter

Despite fueling an age of technological marvels, the Internet is often derided as being as harmful to humanity as it is helpful. But even if a steady diet of cat videos and Facebook posts isn’t a recipe for mental acuity, the Internet really is making the children of today smarter (as compared to their predecessors) [...]


Everything You Need to Know about Mobile Ads

Traditionally, advertising has been involved spending a lot of money in order to see significant results. But as our civilization moves more of its entertainment, business, and education into the virtual realm, old-school methods like print or even broadcast and cable television advertising are being supplanted by a new medium that’s far more flexible, and [...]


How Non-Sexy Businesses Rock on Social Media

The adage “sex sells” might be the oldest, dustiest piece of marketing advice still in existence, but it remains true. Sex is used to sell everything, it seems—from decidedly sexy products like lingerie to ostensibly non-sexy products like Web hosting. But even in an age of hypersexualized advertising, companies whose products and services are less [...]

Facebook Dislike

These Three Mistakes are Costing You Facebook Followers

Your Facebook fans and followers can “Unlike” you in just one click. When you’re competing with a news feed full of friends, family, and beloved causes, you need to make the space you take up count, and help, rather than hinder, your reputation on the social media platform. Facebook can seem like an environment of [...]

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