Silicon Valley Giants’ Secrets to Success

New round here? Be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed.What’s the best way to become a billionaire in the 21st century? Start a tech company in Silicon Valley, of course! Actually, it turns out that entrepreneurship is an unlikely road to riches for most. With famous Silicon Valley successes like Bill Gates and Steve […]


The Beginner’s Guide to Google Ad Grants

Think “marketing” is a dirty word? (Steve Jobs would actually agree with you.) Most of us loathe advertisements. In the modern era of streaming video and marathoning TV shows on demand, some argue that the decline of commercials may spell the death of traditional cable. Blinking banner ads may have garnered clicks in the early […]


Build a Non-Profit Website for $100

Charitable work has been an important part of society for hundreds of years. A lot has changed over that time, but one thing that’s always been true for most nonprofits is the scarcity of resources. Nonprofits often run on very tight budgets, funded by limited grants and donations. Often demand for a nonprofit’s services will […]


Who Killed Internet Explorer?

In the beginning, Netscape Navigator ruled the web. If you were around for the beginning of the World Wide Web, you probably remember exploring early websites with that iconic old browser. Once the undisputed champion of surfing the web, Netscape Navigator grew in popularity when Netscape Communications began offering the software to download for free in the […]


Will Google Domains Kill GoDaddy?

Remember the web before Google, when we surfed using Yahoo’s directory, AltaVista’s web portal, or AskJeeves’ answers? While Google may profess to do no evil, even its CEO admits they’ve outgrown that slogan. And whether or not you consider it to be evil or just the cost of doing business, Google does have a habit […]


How Bitcoin Is Changing the Face of Non-Profits

As a tech-savvy person, you’re familiar with the huge potential of cryptocurrency. And you’re not alone: since the release of Bitcoin in 2009, it’s been adopted by millions of people around the world. Today there are over 13 million Bitcoins in circulation, with each valued at over $300. But if you’ve tried to talk to anyone about […]


26 Crazy Facts You Never Knew About Google

Think you’re a Google expert? Maybe your Google-fu skills allow you to find any bit of information that’s ever graced the World Wide Web. You know all the right search tricks, which Boolean operators are allowed, the shortcuts, the easter eggs, the games. Your friends and family know you’re the go-to person for any trivia […]


How To Beat Facebook Addiction

It doesn’t matter when or where. You could be sitting in a meeting at work, or listening to a lecture at school. You could be at the movies with friends, or at the dinner table with family. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing (as long as you’re not driving). Your fingers are twitching. You find […]


Major Cyber Attacks: Are We Prepared for Digital Combat?

The words “terrorist attack” usually bring to mind physical violence: events like bombings, kidnappings, hijackings and hosting-taking. The more violent they are, the more they stay in our memories; the deadliest attacks have also been the most widely-known. And the number of terrorist attacks like these has been rising around the world. But although terrorist […]


How to Set Up a VPN (and Why You Should)

Think your Internet connection is secure from hackers and spies? You know your basic online safety tips. You’re careful at home, scrutinizing your email for phishing attempts, never giving out personal information, and installing nothing unknown on your computer. When you’re out and about, connecting to public Wi-fi, you verify you’re on the right network […]


Which is the Most Secure Browser?

Think you know which web browser will keep you and your data safe online? The real answer may surprise you. It turns out that ranking web browser security isn’t all that cut and dried. There are a lot of factors that go into safe browsing online, and when you take them all into account, perhaps […]


Why Facebook Spent 22 Billion+ on 14 Companies

It’s hard to believe Facebook’s been around for over a decade. Sure, ten years isn’t all that long, but in the short history of the Internet a decade is quite a long time. Not many social media networks can boast that kind of longevity. Back in 2004 when Facebook was launched, AOL, Hotmail, MapQuest, and […]


Know Your File Types: When to Use JPEG, GIF, & PNG

Trying to save space on image files? It can be tough to know exactly which filetype is the best to use. If you save your image as the wrong type, you could end up blurring a beautiful photo, losing all the detail of your logo, or turning a transparent background black. On your own computer, it’s easy […]


A Beginner’s Guide to Encryption

We all have our secrets. From minor indiscretions and bizarre fears, to serious sins and outright crime, every person on this planet has something they’d rather keep others in the dark about. Even if you think you have nothing to hide, you probably still appreciate your right to privacy. After all, even someone with no […]


40 Years of Personal Computing

Computers have probably been around longer than you think. Charles Babbage began to theorize about computers in the early 1800s, imagining a machine that could automatically calculate basic arithmetic and print out the results. After reading about his “Analytical Engine,” Ada Lovelace not only wrote the very first computer program, but predicted the future of […]