Dreamhost Web Panel vs cPanel: Key Differences

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For most hosting customers, the type of control panel on offer is a key consideration.

Many hosts offer Plesk, Direct Admin or cPanel.

Some web hosts, like DreamHost, use their own proprietary web panel that is partially or completely unique.

Often, customers shy away from custom control panels. They’re sometimes thought to have clumsy interfaces, and it’s true that many lack the features that cPanel and Plesk users enjoy.

DreamHost, however, has created their own fantastic web panel. We think it’s actually a really good alternative to some of the more common hosting control panels on offer.

Why We Like DreamHost’s Web Panel

DreamHost’s Web Panel gives users most of the same features cPanel users enjoy.

In addition, users can access billing and support features from the same dashboard. This is arguably very convenient, since there’s only one login name and password to remember.

Some users feel DreamHost’s 1-click installs are better, and you could argue that they’re updated more frequently than Fantastico.

Web Panel also offers many goodies not available through cPanel, such as streaming media tools.

What’s Not to Like?

Web Panel can’t be themed and skinned, so the default color scheme is yours for keeps. cPanel can be customized to some degree.

Additionally, if you’re used to using cPanel with other hosts, you’ll almost certainly find Web Panel awkward.

The learning curve isn’t very steep, and Web Panel becomes second nature quickly, but you may prefer to invest that learning time on site improvements instead.

For more information, see this DreamHost Wiki page that describes the Web Panel in more detail.

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