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Using Mac/iWeb with Dreamhost

If you have registered or host a domain with DreamHost and would like to host it with your .Mac/iWeb 08 account, you can do so using the following steps:

The first step is to log into your .Mac/iWeb account page and then click the “Use personal domain” option – enter your domain name into the given field.

Next, log into your DreamHost web panel and navigate to the Manage Domains section. Clicking the “delete” button that appears next to your domain under the ‘Web Hosting’ column, will remove the Dreamhost hosting service from your domain.

After you’ve removed the web hosting service, click the “DNS” link that appears under your domain (you may need to leave and come page to the page before the link appears).

Under the DNS options, enter in www in the Name: field. Change the Type to CNAME and enter in into the Value: field.

Click the “Add Record Now!” button to finish. Your done. Everything should be in working order after the DNS propagates.Keep up with posts like this by subscribing to our RSS feed, or following @WhoIsHosting on Twitter.

Using Mac/iWeb with Dreamhost by
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