Month: November 2010

How Your Webmaster Skills Can Make Christmas Cheaper

How Your Webmaster Skills Can Make Christmas Cheaper

Have you started thinking about Christmas presents yet? If you’re feeling the pressure and want to get something thoughtful without spending the earth, we might just have the answer…. Our gift idea is unique, inexpensive and doesn’t require a trip to the mall: A website, with a domain, for an entire year. Granted, a website […]


8 Website Security Problems to Avoid

Security is a joint effort between the account holder and the host. The average hosting account has eight ‘layers’ of security. So which of these layers are you, the client, responsible for? 1. Physical Access Security starts with physical access to the machine – or the datacentre. This is solely the responsibility of the datacenter […]

Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) Attacks: How They Work

When a malicious user wants to disrupt web services, they often use a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. You’ve probably heard the phrase countless times in the media. The basic idea is always the same: send so much junk to a server that legitimate traffic cannot get through. DDoS has been used against root domain […]

How the Web Works

Have you ever stopped to think about how complex the internet really is? The web is just one piece in the puzzle, but it’s a fantastic example of technology working for us 24/7. Even more amazing is the fact that most of the web’s biggest components operate silently in the background. What Is the Web? […]

Is Shared Hosting Really That Bad?

Is Shared Hosting Really That Bad?

Have you read 15 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Blogging by Daniel Scocco? Point number 11 is interesting. “Shared Hosting Sucks When I started my first blogs I obviously went with a shared hosting plan, and since I couldn’t compare it with anything else I thought it was a decent option. A couple of years […]

How to Choose and Store Secure Passwords

The one thing that every webmaster seems to have in spades is passwords. We have one for our CPanel, FTP, WordPress, email, IM, Google account and every other service that we use. It can be a huge headache; any one password being defeated is a security nightmare, as no firewall can protect you against someone […]

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6 Web Hosting Trends to Watch

At the University of Advancing Technology’s Techforum, industry representatives talked about forthcoming hosting trends. Here are six that could change the way your hosting company works.

Could Your Website Pose a National Security Risk?

Most webmasters secure data and sites in to protect themselves and their visitors from abuse. Most security efforts have a practical purpose. But it comes down to more: could your server be hijacked and used for serious attacks? Phishing Risks Your server, once compromised, can easily be used to host content that’s part of a […]

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My Top 5 Hosting Horror Stories

With Halloween over and done with for another year, it’s nearly time to to move on from thoughts of ghosts, goblins and other things that go bump in the night. But not quite. I have been running websites for over 15 years, and, in that time, I’ve had my share of hosting experiences, including the […]