6 Web Hosting Trends to Watch

At the University of Advancing Technology’s Techforum, industry representatives talked about forthcoming hosting trends.

Here are six that could change the way your hosting company works.

1. Security

Security lies at the cornerstone of hosting.

Data is being moved into the cloud, including medical records and other sensitive information. ‘Cyber warfare’ could become more common in politics and conflict.

Security is therefore a big buzzword in hosting, and it will continue to dominate the industry over the coming years – or even decades.

2. Quick Deployment

Cloud hosting is one way to deploy quickly. Elliptical Mobile Solutions, who offer rapid deployment, provide ultraportable mini datacenters that can be rolled into service just about anywhere.

Rapid deployment technologies may be able to modernise the data centre – or do away with data centres completely.

3. Cloud Apps

Applications that serve, parse and understand content will be hosted in the future.

There’s a new focus on placing information in the cloud and having the relevant applications use it in ways that are not possible with a traditional client/ server relationship.

4. Overhauling Networks

Internet television, phone and information streaming technologies are poised to overwhelm our existing infrastructure, putting the US in the slow lane of the information superhighway.

Unless the US makes serious moves to improve its connectivity, advances in hosting and server technology may be of limited value.

5. Mobile

Virtually every cloud product or hosting project is being configured for laptops, iPads and cell phones. People would rather access the data any time, any place, rather than just where they had a hard line or even a wifi connection.

That means mobile networks will be in demand.

6. Power Crunch

Power costs are expected to increase, not just because of the rise in power rates but also because of the more powerful machines that the next generation of services will require.

Hosting companies are already moving their facilities to save money on power. The trend is expected to accelerate. And cooling could become just as important as the server.

Will the Industry Change?

Nobody can predict the future of hosting.

But cloud technologies are poised to play an even bigger part of our lives in the future.

That’s where the real change will take place.

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