5 Reasons to Avoid Reseller Hosts

iStock_000018012352SmallReseller hosts basically lease space from another company.

Reseller hosting websites range from pro to distinctly amateur, and the quality of service often matches up.

Is a reseller anything more than an unnecessary middle-man? Here are five criteria that might make you think twice about using a reseller.

1. Cost

The best deal that a reseller can give you is the same one that the original provider does, plus a little for themselves.

Could you get the same package cheaper by going direct?

2. Overselling

When you’re dealing with a reseller, you’re also dealing with an extra layer of overselling.

That means resources could be stretched.

A reseller is much more likely to stretch their accounts to the limit. In turn, they could have a more difficult time correcting problems since they have no direct influence on them.

3. Support

Some hosting companies are set up by people with inadequate experience.

The person directly in charge of the company may not be in a good position to help you technically.

The only way to ensure a direct line of support is to go with the original host.

4. Longevity

Resellers tend to be more vulnerable to sudden closure.

Companies that have made large investments in their datacenters are much less likely to go under. They’re more likely to be bought out.

5. Control

If you value your site, you want to be in as much in control as possible. That means not splitting your share with a reseller who may not pay attention to security, backups or payments.

Are Resellers Really That Bad?

Some resellers are great. But in general, if you can get a good deal with an established non-reseller, you’ll be safer.

Always check out host ratings and reviews before you sign up.

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