Is Facebook Ruining Our Lives [Infographic]

As the old joke goes, it’s called social media making us more anti-social? This infographic explores the truth behind the scaremongering and addresses the question: is Facebook ruining our lives?

Is Facebook Ruining Our Lives?

Facebook, started in 2004 by founders Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes was never intended to be the monolithic service it is known as today.

  • It was originally a student directory of Harvard undergraduates & alumni.
  • It now boasts over 1 billion active users.
  • Facebook has been ranked multiple times as the most used social networking service by worldwide monthly active users.

Top 3 Criticisms

1) Young Adult Depression and Emotional Disorders

  • 200 college students’ Facebook profiles evaluated
  • Students who were more active on Facebook were more likely to display a reference to depression
  • A negative link between the envy that arises while on Facebook and general life satisfaction

2) Unfriending

  • Being “unfriended” on Facebook is viewed as relational termination, and inducers a negative response.
  • Infidelity and divorce: Studies have named Facebook as a source of problems in relationships. Several news stories have also said that using facebook can lead to higher instances of divorce and infidelity.

3) Educational Decline

  • More Facebook = lower grades
  • College students spend less time studying, causing them to struggle academically.


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