What Does Your Host Say About You? Site 5

Humans use a lot of different indicators to describe and categorize each other—including their choice of hosting providers. Just as with users embroiled in the Apple vs. Windows or Xbox One vs. PS4 debates, every host has their proponents and detractors. And for thousands of folks around world, the host of choice is Site5.

Founded in 1999, this popular hosting provider now has over 100 team members spanning the globe, ready to provide ’round-the-clock support and service. The company boasts a 45-day “No Hassles” money-back guarantee, and promises “no gimmicks,” “no overloaded servers,” and “no outsourced support.” Add in a 30-day free trial and guaranteed 99.9% uptime, and it’s easy to see why Site5 has developed a strong reputation for outstanding customer satisfaction.

And these very satisfied customers are social creatures. Nearly three quarters use social media widgets on their sites, with just over half of those widgets connecting visitors to Facebook. Just under a quarter are connected to Google+, and 15% are ready to share updates via Twitter.

Site5 customers are big WordPress fans as well. Forty-one percent use the popular content management system (CMS) to build their sites, and 35% use WordPress plug-ins. Runners-up Joomla! and Drupal trail by a considerable margin at 7.6% and 5% of users, but it’s clear that, regardless of platform, Site5 users enjoy the ease and flexibility of CMS site building and management.

In addition to their love of CMS and social media, Site5 customers are also savvy advertisers and syndicators. More than 70% rely on advertising as their primary method of monetizing their sites, and more than half keep their audience updated and coming back for more with RSS feeds.

So what does choosing Site5 for hosting say about a person? Their trades and target audiences may vary, but it’s clear that, for site owners shopping for reliable hosting and seriously dedicated support along with a wide range of social media, CMS, and communication features, Site5 is the place to be.

What Does Your Host Say About You? Site 5

What Does Your Host Say About You? Site5

At WhoIsHostingThis.com, we encounter hundreds of individuals hosting with different providers, and we wanted to better understand what drives that decision. What does a host say about a user? Now we take a look at Site5…

Social Media Savvy

  • 74% of Site5 users have social media widgets installed on their websites.
    • 54% of these widgets are for Facebook, followed by 23% for Google+and 15% for Twitter.
  • Facebook is 2.4% more popular than Twitter among Site5 users.
    • Site5 users are using the right tools to share their content:
      • Site5 users are using the right tools to share their content.

WordPress Fans

Like more than 70 million other websites, Site5 users like the customization and ease of WordPress.

  • 35% use WordPress plugins on their site.
  • 41% use WordPress as their content management system (CMS).
    • This is a significant number compared to the other popular content management systems used by Site5 users:
      • Joomla! 7.6%
      • Drupal 5%

Number Crunchers

Site5 users care about their site traffic and are focused on conversions and sales.

  • 90% of Site5 users measure their site traffic with analytics and tracking tools.
  • Of these sites, 53% use Google Analytics compared to the second most popular tool Facebook insights with 7%.
  • The amount companies spend on analytics is expected to increase 60% by 2015, so it looks like Site5 users are right on track.

Expert Communicators

  • When it comes to email, Site5 users prefer Google Apps for Business as their Email Hosting Provider.
    • They are part of the 5 million businesses that use Google Apps for Business.
  • The second favorite among Site5 users is GoDaddy Email.
    • They are part of the 12 million people that use GoDaddy to manage their email.

Information Syndicators

  • Site5 users use a variety of syndication techniques:
    • More than half of Site5 users keep their audience up-to-date with RSS feeds.
    • 37% use Pingback Support to get notifications when someone mentions links or links to them.

All About Ads

  • 72% of Site5 users focus on advertising as their main method of monetization.
    • The largest portion, 17%, use Google Adsense, followed by DoubleClick.net with 10%.


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