How to Disappear Online

Social media has made everyone’s life an open book (one that’s open a bit too far in some cases). As more and more companies and individuals come to rely on the Internet as a primary source of information about others, so too does the possibility of compromising info reaching the wrong person grow.

For folks concerned about their personal information potentially costing them jobs and relationships, or for those dealing with the harsh realities of social media fallout, the decision to “pull the plug” is an increasingly attractive one. And while it might seem impossible to keep your private life private and your Internet presence to a minimum in a 24/7 connected world, the truth is you can disappear online with a little effort and dedication.

The first step to keeping a low profile online is (as you may expect) to stop using social media sites and delete your accounts. If you’re confused about where to start, sites such as JustDelete.Me offer links and tips to help you review your existing presence and get the process moving (and whether it is actually possible to delete your account at all).

To remove information that’s been gathered about you (as compared to information posted by you), you may want to consider the similarly-named DeleteMe. This service promises to review popular data collection sites and remove your personal contact information and photos, generating a report every three months to keep you updated on what’s been removed.

Pulling the plug on social media and removing any compromising or personal data is a great start, but unless you’re planning on abandoning the Internet altogether, these steps are just the beginning.

In order to maintain your new-found anonymity, you must master reputation management, learn to use dummy accounts, and take advantage of anonymous searching. This might seem like a lot of effort, but it sure beats waiting for the Eraser.

Disappearing from the Internet isn’t for everyone. But if you’re serious about your privacy, your security, and your reputation, taking the time to make yourself invisible online is worth the time and trouble.

How to Disappear Online

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8 Comments to “How to Disappear Online”

  1. Does anybody know a good attorney that can delete my onlin profile?

  2. […] This one we get from whoishostingthis […]

  3. Attorneys do not delete your online profile. You contact an attorney when it comes down to legal action regarding another individual defaming you on the internet.

  4. This website recomend to use this portal to hide your ip,,wich is googd too…

  5. One more tip to add to the contacting the phone company advice:

    You can have an unlisted number yes but the number will still be available if someone asks for it by calling 411 (or whatever info line your phone company uses).
    Instead, pay for an unpublished number. That way it won’t get printed in public phone books (like an unlisted number) but it also won’t be available from the company’s information line.

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