Double Your AdSense Earnings in Five Minutes a Day

Since its creation in 2003, Google’s AdSense program has given millions of would-be Web titans the opportunity to make money through advertising. The program once known as “Ads by Google” has grown far beyond the simple text ads of its early days, with an increasingly sophisticated approach that has evolved to meet the changing needs of the Internet community.

Mobile, multi-format, and made for interest-based targeting, the program has become a staple of monetization on the Web. And as of 2011, daily transactions made via Google AdSense outstripped those made on all of the world’s major stock exchanges.

It can be tempting (especially for beginners) to throw up a few websites, slap on some ads (which may or may not be properly placed or even relevant when compared to the content on the page where they’re displayed), and wait for the money to come rolling in. Yet making real money with AdSense requires a nuanced understanding of the way it is affected by Google’s algorithm updates, and then crafting and placing your ads accordingly.

The program remains a major moneymaker, but not everyone who uses it is getting the biggest possible bang for their advertising buck. Whether it’s due to poor placement, low content relevance, or insufficient testing, some folks are not reaching their full AdSense potential.

The Internet is overflowing with tips and tricks for improving the performance of your ads, but some of the best ways to do so are also the simplest (if not necessarily the fastest). As with many other endeavors, improving your AdSense earnings takes sustained and concerted effort.

Well-designed, relevant ads (that are clearly marked as such) that catch the eye and are placed on the most active parts of your page are likely to outperform those that blend in with your text and images or have low relevance to the content on the page. And once you have an ad that works, taking the time to review its performance (through several iterations) and making careful use of analytics can tell you what’s working and, more importantly, what isn’t.

Double Your AdSense

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