Zero to 10K Website Visits a Month


Your website is one of the most important investments you can make in your business. A well-designed site that speaks to your target audience, provides rich and useful content, and is built (and designed to grow) using SEO best practices can provide an astoundingly firm foundation for your online success.

Before you worry about total website visits or type out your first line of code, it’s a good idea to review your niche, your angle, and your target market. Is your niche a profitable one, with adequate demand? What makes your company more attractive/useful/compelling than your soon-to-be competition? What avenues of marketing and service have been overlooked? How can you speak directly to, and meet the needs of, your audience? These are just some of the questions you’ll want to have firm, and thorough, answers to before you create the framework and code for your site.

Your domain name is another critical part of building a successful site. With nearly 113 million .com domains in use today, choosing one that’s memorable and on-brand has become more important than ever. One quick and easy way to gauge your domain’s effectiveness is to subject it to “the radio test.” If you heard your domain read aloud on the radio, could you (and all your potential visitors) spell it correctly the first time?

Two other components—content and analytics—come into play once you’ve got your site up and running. Your customers may come to your site the first time to read about your products, or to browse your wares and services, but to keep them coming back, high-quality content is essential. Blog posts, pages, and other onsite content should provide value, support your brand, and evoke a response from the reader, or they’ll quickly move on to greener—and more useful—pastures.

Analytics are another must-have for your online toolkit. Monitoring website visits, user activity, and emerging browsing patterns helps you develop an overview of your site. Using an application such as Google Analytics or KISSmetrics helps you monitor traffic, develop more useful content, and, most importantly, develop an understanding of what’s working on your site—and what isn’t.

You don’t need to be an Internet wunderkind to create a successful site, but you do need to invest the time, energy, and effort in building your online presence, content, and reputation. Follow our checklist, and you just might find your site traffic—and your online success—zooming to heights you never imagined.

Zero to 10K Website visits

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Zero to 10K Website Visits a Month by
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