How to Get the Silicon Valley Billionaire Lifestyle

They might be only a handful of individuals compared to the total population, but the billionaires of Silicon Valley have certainly know how to live large. These darlings of the Forbes 400 are all about making—and spending—enormous amounts of money every single year.

Thoreau once wrote, “Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.” The man who wrote Civil Disobedience might have had a certain standard for a life fully experienced, but chances are it didn’t include scooting around the globe in one’s $50 million Gulfstream jet. Yet Silicon Valley’s wealthiest citizens have certainly embraced the letter, if not the spirit, of Thoreau’s dictum, and in doing so they create a sort of micro-economy based on their personal fortunes.

For example, the average billionaire is far too consumed with their next big business idea or trip around the globe to bother with such quotidian matters as shopping or food preparation. Fortunately, they can call on services such as Private Chefs, Inc. or International Services Agency (ISA) to staff their homes, yachts, or, yes, their personal jet. For just $60,000 to $140,000 a year (plus relevant fees), you can hire a private chef who will shop for, cook, and serve fresh (and even organic, on request) food for you and your family. Sure beats reheating a microwave burrito, eh?

It’s not all about luxury homes, jets, and food, however. Bringing home a kingdom’s worth of bacon means you also need someone to help you keep track of it—and protect it. That’s where hiring a wealth manager (or an entire personal financial team) comes into play. These professionals will manage all of your wealth, review and handle your expenses, and take care of your tax needs, all while making sure your total assets are protected and ensuring your overall worth continues to grow. Since these professionals usually collect around one percent of the money they manage as a fee, chances are more than a few have wealth managers of their own.

Beyond fine food, fun, and wealth management, the richest of the rich also have the cash to pay for personal matchmaking, family planning, and domestic services. Money may not buy happiness, it seems, but it sure goes a long way toward everything else.

Think you’ve got what it takes to become the next titan of tech, with the billions to match? Better start filling out that budget now (or better yet, have your personal financial manager do it). Just don’t let it interrupt your meeting with the Gulfstream dealer.

Silicon Valley Billionaire

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