Double Your Facebook Likes in Just Five Minutes a Day

Despite recent concerns over a decrease in organic reach for its business users, Facebook remains a powerful and relevant part of effective online marketing and social interaction for many companies. With more than 1.3 billion active users (680 million of whom access the site from mobile devices) the social media giant is a potential goldmine for brands who can leverage its capabilities—even if they’re not interested in paying to promote their posts. Garnering a greater number of Facebook likes takes dedicated effort and promotion, but may prove to be worth the effort for companies willing to invest the time and energy to build real relationships with their followers.

Active and regular sharing of content on your page is a great way to interact with the people who follow you (and also boosts your Edgerank, the metric Facebook uses to determine reach). As with your company’s own page, the quality of the content you share on your Facebook page matters. To encourage interaction and sharing, make sure your content is high-quality and relevant to your audience’s interests and needs.

Photos and other visual content are one of the most powerful ways to share on Facebook, generating 53 percent more likes and 104 greater engagement when compared to the average text post. Again, relevance is key—when a post is related to a user’s personal identity or causes they support, their sharing rates climb as high as 84 percent.

It’s not just about broadcasting and sharing, however. To maximize your reach (and likes) on Facebook, you’ll need to interact frequently (and genuinely) with other pages, your followers, and potential partners. Liking pages, commenting on posts, and contributing your expertise and insights to ongoing conversations can work wonders, as can addressing any feedback, questions, or concerns from your followers in a timely fashion. You can also connect your Facebook account to Twitter for automatic reposts and shares, but remember that Twitter is a very different environment, and its users have different expectations and behaviors.

Facebook may be moving to a more aggressive pay-for-play model for its business users, but dedicated and savvy users can still take advantage of the site’s potential to review and share content, build an audience, and connect with their social media fanbase to boost their likes as they work toward social media success.

Double your Facebook Likes

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