What Does Your Host Say About You? SiteGround

Even in a high-tech world, some people still appreciate the simple economy and beauty of things that are handcrafted, whether it’s homemade bread, a fancy table, or their hosting plan. For folks like these, SiteGround is the natural choice to provide a customized online home for their websites.

Since 2004, SiteGround prides itself on its passion and personalized, ’round-the-clock service it provides to owners of more than a quarter of a million domains around the world. The company has plans designed for everyone from entry-level website owners to speed-craving supergeeks. SiteGround has built its business on the core values of craftsmanship, quality, passion, integrity, and fun, and it shows in their approach to customizing their hosting plans to meet the individual needs of their customers.

While their customers might be unique, they do share some common traits. For one, SiteGround users love to crunch the numbers. Nearly 90% of them use analytics and tracking tools to keep tabs on site traffic and other activity, with 51% relying on Google Analytics to get the nitty-gritty. Coming in at a distant second is WordPress stats, which gives the inside info to five percent of SiteGround’s users.

This host’s customers are big on monetizing, too. Nearly half use advertising to rake in cash, and once again, Google is the clear leader; 21% of SiteGrounders rely on Google AdSense to turn clicks into gold. Another 14% use another Google product, DoubleClick, to take their advertising global. Either way, they’re in good company, given that just under 13.9% of all websites use Google AdSense for advertising.

It’s not all about the digits and the Benjamins for SiteGround users, however. Fifty-seven percent use a content delivery network (CDN) to push the content they publish to their users as quickly as possible. And they love to create content: 63% of SiteGrounders are using a content management system to create and share content on their sites. WordPress leads the pack at 48%, but Joomla’s not far behind at 34%. Together, they’re part of a combined 14.2 million sites using these platforms.

And CMS isn’t the only way these users get creative; nearly three fourths use a development framework to enhance the design and development of their sites. The PHP Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) framework leads the way, at 59% of SiteGround users, but Shockwave and FrontPage combined makeup another 20%.

So what kind of person chooses SiteGround for their hosting provider? Their ambitions and audiences may differ, and they’re as likely to be a total neophyte as a gimlet-eyed geek. But whatever their purpose or needs, one thing is clear: creative and ambitious folks looking for handcrafted hosting with a personal touch are eager to call SiteGround home.

What Does Your Hosting Provider Say About You SiteGround

SiteGround: What Does Your Host Says About You?

At WhoIsHostingThis.com, we encounter hundreds of individuals hosting with different providers, and we wanted to better understand what drives that decision. What a host says about a user?

Now we take a look at SiteGround…

Number Fanatics

  • 87% of SiteGround users use Analytics and Tracking Tools to analyze their site’s traffic.
  • 51% of them use Google Analytics along with 10 million other website users around the world.
  • The runner up is WordPress Stats, which is used by 5% of SiteGround users.

Adsense Advertisers

  • 47% of SiteGround users use advertising as a monetization method.
  • The largest percentage goes to Google again, with 21% using Google AdSense.
    • They join the 13.9% of all websites that use Google AdSense for advertising.
  • They are followed by DoubleClick.net with 14%.

Speed Seekers

  • There are 2.8 million websites around the world that use Content Delivery Networks (CDN) to get their content to their users as quickly as possible.
  • SiteGround users help make up that number, with 57% of them using CDNs.
  • 29% of SiteGround users are using AJAX Libraries API, followed by 15% that use Akamai.

Content Creators

  • 63% of SiteGround users are using a Content Management System (CMS) to share their content.
  • Top three:
    • WordPress: 48%
      • 6 million sites worldwide are using WordPress as their CMS.
    • Joomla!: 34%
      • 6 million sites worldwide use Joomla!
    • Drupal: 4%
      • Around 600,000 sites use Drupal.


  • 74% of SiteGround users are using a framework to support their site development.
  • 59% of them like the ease and flexibility of the PHP framework.
    • Around 80% of all websites are currently using PHP as their framework.
  • SiteGround users are also using Shockwave Flash Embed (15%) and Frontpage Extensions (5%).


There are more than 19 million sites around the world using RSS Feeds to syndicate their content, and SiteGround users are part of that number:

  • 48% of SiteGround users are using RSS feeds.
  • They are also using Pingback Support (26%) and Live Writer Support (25%).

Wild About Widgets

Majority of SiteGround users are using widgets.

  • 40% use Facebook related widgets, including Facebook Like, Facebook Like Button, Facebook Like Box and Facebook Sharer.
  • 27% of them use WordPress Plugins.
  • 16% use Google+ Widgets, including the Google Plus One Platform, Google Plus One Button and Google Plus One Share Button.
  • 13% use Twitter widgets, they include Twitter Timeline, Twitter Tweet Button and Twitter Follow Button.


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  1. I switched to SiteGround , the service and the hosting are very fast, with the chats they answer in seconds, and with the tickets only in minutes. Great hosting for the blog and wordpress.

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