How to Create a Wildly Successful Travel Blog

Travel has always been big business—in fact, the travel and tourism industry provides the number one service export in the United States—but it’s become a true juggernaut in recent years thanks to the ever-increasing popularity of travel blogging. The Internet has made armchair travel easier than ever before, and with thousands of bloggers making travel not just a hobby, but a lifestyle and career, the potential audience for an exceptional travel blog is enormous.

Cashing in on the bounty offered by the travel industry requires more than slapping up a quick prefab website and shopping for sponsors. For starters, it’s not all free plane tickets and comped margaritas; your eyes must be wide open to the significant challenges that accompany building a successful travel blog. In addition, it’s critical to invest time and research in discovering the right niche for your new blog. Whether it’s focused on a specific region, age group, or other category, finding the right niche can make all the difference between a blog that soars and one that falls flat on its face.

Your blog needs a home on the Web, and researching the right hosting provider is very important. Travel blogs often feature lots of photos and videos, so make sure you carefully evaluate potential hosts to make sure they’ve got the bandwidth, storage, and other features your new blog requires.

As with any other blog, creating your own original content will be an another essential part of your success. High-quality content that’s useful, actionable, and interesting to your target audience will go a long way toward building an following that can provide lucrative ad revenue or even be converted into customers for your inevitable travel book. And don’t forget the photos! Investing in quality photography gear (and training, if necessary) can have a big impact on your blog’s readership and shareability.

In addition to the original content you’ll be sharing on your blog, smart use of social media in your promotional efforts can pay off handsomely. Engaging your audience and participating in discussions, as well as sharing a variety of content (rather than simply broadcasting your own) will go far in building and growing your online following and fandom.

Ready to chase your dreams and document your globe-trotting adventures for the masses? Before you grab your laptop and your camera, remember that focusing your vision and audience, choosing the right tools, and creating compelling content are the first steps on the journey to travel blogging success.

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