One Simple Trick Will Transform The Way You Tweet

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One Simple Trick Will Transform The Way You Tweet

The microblog Twitter is nothing if not fast-paced. While this characteristic makes it appealing as a source of up-to-the-minute news and popular topics, it also overwhelms some users. Finding your niche as a tweeter and follower can be challenging, and even seem impossible amidst the constant chatter of this social media platform.

If you’re exhausting yourself, trying to amass followers who will enjoy your posts and share them with others, take a step back and look at your strategy. If you don’t have a strategy, develop one. Twitter strategies are perfect examples of working smarter, but not harder. In fact, one simple step helps you focus on gathering the followers you want, while actually allowing you to tweet less often.

Time Your Tweets

Your followers observe certain patterns of habit in their Twitter use. Some keep Twitter up while working; others only check it in the morning and the evening. No matter when they’re on the site, typical users only read the most recent tweets, or those posted in the last few hours. You’ll likely connect naturally with specific people based on your own Twitter habits.

When you can detect your primary audience, and determine when they spend time on Twitter, it becomes easier to cater to their interests and loyalties. To your followers, this offers a consistent source of appreciated information, and a representation of your brand. Transform the way you tweet by maximizing on this mutually beneficial relationship.

You can approach the timing aspect of your strategy in one of two ways.

Structured Timing

The first option is to pick times of day that make the most sense for your tweets. For example, if you like to share daily New York Stock Exchange news, tweet in the minutes and hours after close at 4 p.m. If you want to attract traffic to a lunch-themed poetry blog, tweet between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Bear in mind that a huge portion of Twitter users live in the United States, and keep schedules in one of the U.S. time zones. Also consider searching for users in particular cities.

Organic Timing

The second option nurtures a more organic Twitter timing strategy. Tweet as the mood moves you, and note the timing of your most popular posts. While replies and retweets will give some indication of popularity, tools designed for Twitter tracking make the job a whole lot easier, not to mention more effective. Look into using systems like Buffer and Hootsuite, which feature records and analytics on the performance of your tweets.

However you construct your tweeting schedule, adhere to it. Twitter users have numerous sources from which to choose, and can quickly forget and replace you if you disappear for too long. If remembering to tweet on time is tough, check out one of the services for scheduling your posts, or syncing them with Facebook and blog updates.

Your timed tweets mean you don’t have to think about tweeting every hour you’re awake. Make them a fixture in your daily routine, and let that consistency do some of the work or you. Whether your strategy involves 2 tweets a day or 20, sticking to the general schedule is key.

Make the Most of Timed Tweets

Once your timing strategy and tweet quantity are set in place, continue to concentrate on tweet quality. Regular posts won’t mean much if they offer no value to your followers. Creating clear, original, and intriguing tweets is essential to the success of a Twitter timing strategy.

Maybe you’d like to incorporate themes into timed posts, such as news headlines in the morning and recipe ideas in the afternoon. Or perhaps you share a daily quote or image. As with the tweets themselves, observe consistency in the content of your posts. Indicate your themes with hashtags, which are always great for highlighting ideas and connecting with others.

If you use analytic tools, find your most popular tweets and repeat them about eight or 12 hours later. This increases the chance of them becoming popular with an entirely different crowd.

Feel free to tweet more often than your strategy dictates, though be mindful of not coming off as spammy, or bombarding people’s feeds with useless information. On the other hand, do interact with your followers, and respond positively when they acknowledge your activity.

To keep your tweets viewable to all of your followers, never start with an @ mention. This renders the post invisible to anyone who doesn’t follow both of you. Although it’s great for tidying up feeds, it can negatively impact the strategies of those unaware. Instead, reword the tweet, or simply put a period before the @ symbol.

You are the master of your Twitter account. Make it work for you with thoughtfully timed, well crafted posts, and transform the way you tweet.

Do you have a secret for wildly popular Twitter posts? Share it with us in the comments!

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