Is SiteGround’s Migration Deal for Real…?

Is SiteGround's Amazing Migration Deal for Real?

For the next week, SiteGround is offering a hosting deal that a lot of us have been waiting for.

Many website owners and webmasters are unhappy with their current hosts. That’s not surprising. Not all web hosting companies are the same. Just look at our hosting reviews.

Even a hosting company that is great can lose its luster after a while. If you started with a hosting company three years ago, there’s a good chance your website is still hosted on that same hardware. And there is also a good chance that there are a lot more websites being hosted on that hardware.

To make matters worse, your hosting needs have probably gone way up during that time.

SiteGround Makes It Easy to Migrate Your Site

But changing hosts can be painful and expensive. So SiteGround is offering a deal that allows you to move hosts quickly, easily — and for free.

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Most of us just grumble and think about how some day we’ll change hosts. Years ago, we discussed this very issue, 5 Bad Reasons to Stick With a Bad Host. Those reasons will probably sound very familiar to you:

  1. The Hosting Contract
  2. Too Much Hassle
  3. No Better Option
  4. Fear of Downtime
  5. Stuck in a Rut.

SiteGround seems to be keenly aware that we all tend to be this way, because the deal they’re offering addresses all these concerns.

What Is SiteGround Offering?

Put simply, SiteGround will buy out your old contract and move your site.

#1. Buy Out Your Old Contract

Many website owners pay well in advance for their hosting. SiteGround will compensate you for the money you’ve spent for future hosting at your current hosting company. So you won’t be out any money.

#2. Free Website Migration

One of the biggest concerns that website owners have is that if they move hosts, it will be a technical nightmare. It might even lead to their sites being down. SiteGround will take care of this by having their techs do the move for you so that the migration from your old host is seamless.

#3. Free Domain Name Transfer

If you like, they will also transfer your domain name. And to spice up the deal, they will add an extra year to your registration.

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The Small Print

This is a solid deal. But there are a couple of details you should know:

  • Limited Time Offer: this deal is only available from September 1st, 2016 through September 8th, 2016. So you need to act now.
  • Compensation: this is limited to SiteGround’s three shared hosting programs and for a maximum of six months of hosting. What’s more, you will have to provide some proof of payment, like a credit card statement or a document showing the starting date of your old contract.

Take Action Now

With this migration deal, SiteGround has addressed all the standard concerns about changing hosting companies.

First, they will compensate you for whatever you’ve pre-paided your current hosting provider. Second, they will move your site for you. Third, SiteGround is a great host — the top rated hosting company in our hosting reviews. Fourth, their techs will make sure the transition is seamless — making sure it works properly before taking it live on the new server. And fifth, this is a limited time offer, which should help you snap out of your resigned discontent and make a positive change.

If you’re happy with your web hosting company, that’s great! But if you aren’t, you owe it to yourself to check out this deal. There really is nothing to lose, much to gain — and it couldn’t be easier.

Remember, this deal is only available through September 8th. So check out SiteGround’s great deal today!

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