Five Greatest Web Hosting Disasters of All Time


It was a freezing cold morning at my first Internet Service Provider job. I was the first one to the tiny office, and I plugged in the space heater under my boss’s desk.

I went to my folding table, just a few feet away in our one-room office, and began to read email. Suddenly the room erupted in alarms and flashing lights. Everything was down!

My boss arrived to find the office in uproar, and since I had just started and knew almost nothing, I had nothing to do. I watched as he quickly determined the source of the problem: I had plugged the space heater into a power strip which was plugged into a UPS. It had quickly depleted the UPS’s battery and turned the unit off, taking down the main servers also plugged into it.

This kind of thing happens all the time at startup ISPs. During my career there, I took down the servers not once, not twice, but three times with my unmitigated boneheadedness. As I was reflecting on this recently, a thought hit me: what was the biggest Web Hosting disaster in history?

In the following pages, I’ve summarized the Five Greatest Web Hosting Disasters of All Time. Please understand that these numbers are “educated guesses,” as companies tend to play their cards pretty close to the vest when it comes to colossal foul-ups. Here’s what I was able to track down.

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