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Argentina is famous for its history and nightlife. Along with soccer and tango, Argentina wows tourists with fine food, stunning landscapes, comic and cartoon art, and a unique mix of Spanish and Italian culture.

If you’re visiting Argentina, or planning to relocate to Latin America, here are some websites to inform and guide you.

Sunset over the Rio Parana in Argentina - Oljabo

Expatriates in Argentina

Experts believe that more than 40 languages are spoken in Argentina, although most expatriates must learn Argentine Spanish to get by. These websites document the experiences that English-speaking ex-pats have had in the country.

  • Notes From a Broad: personal journal written by an anonymous US citizen who lived in Buenos Aires with her husband. Her blog is rich with observations about her pets, her life, and the hidden Argentinian gems that reveals what Argentina has in store for ex-pats.
  • Seashells and Sunflowers: Katie Alley moved from Philadelphia to Necochea, Argentina to be with her partner. Her engaging blog is packed with information and lengthy posts about Argentinian life. You’ll find extremely valuable information about customs and cuisine, along with Katie’s own recipes. She also writes helpfully about the practical issues she has faced when dealing with Argentine bureaucracy.
  • La Vida Con Deby: in 2004, Deby Novitz sold every possession she had, and moved to Buenos Aires to pursue her love of tango and the Argentinian lifestyle. She documents her experiences in the dating scene, the political situation in the country, and the process of buying real estate. She regularly attends the milonga, so this blog is a must for anyone who wants to know more about Argentinan dance. Over 11 years of interesting updates, Deby’s blog is a goldmine of information, but written like a letter from a friend.
  • Romancing Argentina: American psychology coach Gayle Scroggs blogs about her life in the Pampas — specifically Buenos Aires — and her American homeland. Gayle writes thoughtfully about the political situation in Argentina, the local cuisine, and the culture shock of being removed from the US. Even though this blog hasn’t been updated in some time, it remains an interesting read.
  • My Beautiful Air: food, art, and travel, with a nod to the ex-pat community. This slick website reads like a glossy, professional guide to the creative arts in Buenos Aires.
  • Discover Buenos Aires: Dave McComb moved from New York City to Buenos Aires. Despite initially planning to spend a couple of years in Argentina, he lived there permanently until 2016. His blog is an enlightening guide to the cultural differences between the two countries, and it was accompanied by a popular Twitter account. Posts ceased when Dave’s family left Argentina, but the archives remain.
  • Gay American in Argentina: Jorge Juarez-Bagdigian is an American writer with Argentinian parents, who is now living in Cordoba with his husband Zach. His blog contains some extremely valuable information about attending university in Argentina. He writes eloquently about Argentinian culture and language, and the way Argentinians view the world — specifically the UK and USA.
  • Moving to Argentina: Laura Zurro moved to Argentina in 2005 with her husband Stephane, who is French. She focuses on the practical side of living in Buenos Aires. This website has not been updated in some time, but contains some useful guidance in its archives. Use the PayPal link to purchase Laura’s well-researched ebook.
  • Noruega en Argentina: informative and interesting blog by Eirin Kallestad, who lives in Buenos Aires. Includes information on living in Buenos Aires, Chacarera music, and the cultural differences between Argentina and Norway. Eirin writes about her road trip experience (including a journey through Noroeste Argentino), and provides lots of essential guidance on health insurance and housing for ex-pats.
  • Expose Buenos Aires: travel and culture in Buenos Aires, documented by a Canadian ex-pat. Covering attractions, language, finance, and local listings, this site serves a great one-stop-shop for tourists and newcomers.
  • BA Ex-Pats: online community for ex-pats in Argentina. Includes forums, news, classified ads, and events. The discussion on the site is lively, and there are English-language chats about everything from rock concerts to rentals.
  • Expatriates in Rosario: a blog by, and for, ex-pats in South America, by Spanish teacher Stephanie. She says that she “threw everything to the wind, quit my job, [and] bought a one way ticket”. Stephanie writes passionately about her own local community in Rosario, and publishes short and revealing interviews with other ex-pats. She also reveals what it’s like to be a yanqui away from home.

Food and Drink

Argentina is known for its fondness for barbecued steaks, dulce de leche, and chimichurri. There’s certainly no shortage of interesting blogs about food and fine dining in Argentina.

  • SaltShaker: Dan Perlman is a travel junkie, chef, and baker who’s currently living in Recoleta. SaltShaker is his closed door restaurant. His restaurant reviews reveal hidden gems in the Buenos Aires dining scene, from fine dining to great take-away options. He also posts write-ups of his own mouth-watering menus.
  • Asado Argentina: information about Argentinian cuisine by an American writer living in Tierra Del Fuego. This site is no longer updated, but includes some excellent Argentinian recipes and tips, including various takes on the Argentinian classic chimichurri.
  • La Panza Porteña: food writing with humor from Paige Nichols, an American living in Buenos Aires. She writes wry and engaging blog posts about her love of the local food scene. Her descriptive comments about her favorite dishes will certainly get your mouth watering.
  • Pick Up the Fork: a guide to Argentinian cuisine, sumptuous pastries, and international dining in Buenos Aires. The author of this blog, Allie Lazar, calls herself a ‘freelance eater’ and packs every post with clever wordplay and stunning photography.
  • The Real Argentina: food and wine picks from across Argentina, by the team at Bodega Argento wines. Many food blogs focus on write-ups about grilled meat, so it’s great to see organic produce and vegan dining get some love here.
  • Wander Argentina: restaurants and eateries reviewed, from the classic British pub to a bar with stock market-style pricing. This website reveals a cool and quirky side to Duenos Aires and beyond.

Lifestyle and Culture

Food and dance are at the core of many Argentinian lifestyle websites, and the striking scenery also features heavily.

  • Patagonia Living: Christie Pashby is a journalist who has been traveling in South America for more than 15 years. She lives in Patagonia and arranges adventure tours around Chile and Argentina. Her blog covers all kinds of cultural aspects of living in Patagonia, from the breathtaking vistas and wildlife, to the abundant local cuisine.
  • The Buenos Aires Podcast: informative podcast co-hosted by an Argentinian and a US ex-pat, who discuss popular culture and sports. The podcast is no longer in production, but old episodes still can be downloaded from the site.
  • Tango Cherie: Cherie Magnus is a dancer and author from Los Angeles who lived in Buenos Aires from 2003-2014. With Ruben Aybar, she ran tango classes that were held in high regard. Her blog documents eight years of living and working in Buenos Aires, focusing on learning and practising dance.
  • Hasta el Gol Siempre: Sam Kelly is a British soccer fanatic who lives in Buenos Aires. He covers Argentine football fixtures in admirably nerdy detail, and with a definite nod to his British readership. Andrew hosts the Hand of Pod podcast, and also writes for The Bubble.
  • Sallycat’s Adventures: Sally Catway blogs about her experiences learning to dance in Buenos Aires. When she first arrived, she didn’t speak the language, and knew almost nobody. From 2007-2014, she documents her experiences getting to know Argentina, and blogs breathlessly and passionately about her love of each milonga.
  • Patagonia: My Place in the World: photo blog by Patricia Sgrignuoli, documenting the natural beauty of Patagonia. Her photography reveals the wide, yawning lakes and delicate fauna of the region’s national parks.
  • Tango 2 the Moon: thoughts about the culture and lifestyle in Argentina from Canadian travel writer Angelia Khoo, covering food, dance, and wildlife around Buenos Aires. Angelia writes with honesty about cross-cultural relationships, and overcoming challenges of learning a new language.
  • Frugal Buenos Aires: learn how to explore Buenos Aires for less. While not frequently updated, this blog still contains very useful tips about free tours, cut-price concerts, recipes, and festivals.
  • Argentina Independent: news and current affairs. On July 4, 2017, the editors announced that they would not be publishing new journalism. But the site will remain and new content will likely continue to appear.
  • The Bubble: politics, news, and pop culture from across Latin America, aimed at international readers. The Bubble is a definitive and highly respected guide to current affairs in Argentina and beyond.

Tourism and Landmarks

Visitors to Argentina can take advantage of a wealth of attractions, tours, and historical sites. These websites offer information and guidance, and some also organize tours for visitors.

  • La Recoleta Cemetery: facts and photos about this notable cemetery in Buenos Aires, where Eva Perón’s grave is located. Take a virtual stroll through the cemetery on this website, and see fascinating vintage photos of celebrities who have paid a visit.
  • Landing Pad BA: boutique travel company that offers activities, sports tickets, travel guides, and custom day trip itineraries. There’s a hugely diverse range of options and packages to suit any tourist and budget.
  • Buenos Aires Street Art: documenting the plentiful graffiti and urban art in Buenos Aires, and championing the artists that create it. BA Street Art is truly dedicated to preserving this cultural phenomenon. It schools artists in aerosol painting, and organizes walking tours of some of the most important murals in the city.
  • Good Morning Buenos Aires: a huge array of guides and tips to help you get the most out of your visit to Buenos Aires. This website covers a huge range of cultural, social, and historical events, from English language church services to important history about Argentina’s Dirty War.
  • Travel and Argentina: things to do and places to see in Argentina and Patagonia. Learn about the regions massively diverse landscapes, from vast glaciers to dense forests. Run by the low-cost travel experts at Say Hueque Travel.
  • Rosario Connection: this blog claims to be the only English-language guide to the bars, attractions, and nightlife of Rosario. Explore handy attraction guides, sample itineraries, and a 3 hour plan designed for DIY walking tours.

If you are looking to visit, move to, or just research Argentina, these websites provide great resources.

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