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How Big Data is Revolutionizing the Music and Movie Business

New round here? Be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed.The Internet age has created a phenomenon we call Big Data. With more and more people living more and more of our lives online, the sheer amount of information that can be collected, processed, and eventually used by any number of interested parties is staggering. [...]


4 Ways the Internet is Making Kids Smarter

Despite fueling an age of technological marvels, the Internet is often derided as being as harmful to humanity as it is helpful. But even if a steady diet of cat videos and Facebook posts isn’t a recipe for mental acuity, the Internet really is making the children of today smarter (as compared to their predecessors) [...]


Everything You Need to Know about Mobile Ads

Traditionally, advertising has been involved spending a lot of money in order to see significant results. But as our civilization moves more of its entertainment, business, and education into the virtual realm, old-school methods like print or even broadcast and cable television advertising are being supplanted by a new medium that’s far more flexible, and [...]


How Non-Sexy Businesses Rock on Social Media

The adage “sex sells” might be the oldest, dustiest piece of marketing advice still in existence, but it remains true. Sex is used to sell everything, it seems—from decidedly sexy products like lingerie to ostensibly non-sexy products like Web hosting. But even in an age of hypersexualized advertising, companies whose products and services are less [...]

Facebook Dislike

These Three Mistakes are Costing You Facebook Followers

Your Facebook fans and followers can “Unlike” you in just one click. When you’re competing with a news feed full of friends, family, and beloved causes, you need to make the space you take up count, and help, rather than hinder, your reputation on the social media platform. Facebook can seem like an environment of [...]


A Look Inside U.S. Data Centers

From Netflix to YouTube, and from Facebook to Twitter, people around the world enjoy content on the World Wide Web using sites that got their start—and make their electronic homes—in the United States. But few, if any, folks give serious consideration to the bustling, humming nerve centers that host this array of sites and content. [...]

One Simple Trick Will Transform The Way You Tweet

One Simple Trick Will Transform The Way You Tweet

The microblog Twitter is nothing if not fast-paced. While this characteristic makes it appealing as a source of up-to-the-minute news and popular topics, it also overwhelms some users. Finding your niche as a tweeter and follower can be challenging, and even seem impossible amidst the constant chatter of this social media platform. If you’re exhausting [...]


The Dark Side of Your Inbox [Video]

We’re all familiar with the irritating experience of opening our email and discovering that the vast majority of the messages we’ve received are either destined for the spam folder, or already in it. Spam is an increasingly serious problem for email users everywhere. As of 2013, spam emails accounted for nearly 71% of all email [...]

13 Sci-Fi Gadgets You Won’t Believe Already Exist

13 Sci-Fi Gadgets You Won’t Believe Already Exist

Space-age inventions and innovations have been a staple of futuristic entertainment since before The Jetsons. Flying cars and robot maids are still a ways off, but it might surprise you to learn that some of high-tech toys and tools from “the future” are actually already available today. If you’ve ever seen Disney’s Up, then you’re [...]

Ace in the Hole

Five Outrageous PR Stunts That Paid Off

Businesses and organizations began practicing formal Public Relations (PR) about one hundred years ago. Since then, the definitions and tactics of PR have changed, but the essence remains the same: Make a big impression, distribute it to a big crowd, get a big response. While 20th century marketers seemed to view PR as a one-way [...]

How to Create a Wildly Successful Travel Blog

How to Create a Wildly Successful Travel Blog

Travel has always been big business—in fact, the travel and tourism industry provides the number one service export in the United States—but it’s become a true juggernaut in recent years thanks to the ever-increasing popularity of travel blogging. The Internet has made armchair travel easier than ever before, and with thousands of bloggers making travel [...]

What Does Your Host Say About You? SiteGround

What Does Your Host Say About You? SiteGround

Even in a high-tech world, some people still appreciate the simple economy and beauty of things that are handcrafted, whether it’s homemade bread, a fancy table, or their hosting plan. For folks like these, SiteGround is the natural choice to provide a customized online home for their websites. Since 2004, SiteGround prides itself on its [...]

Creativity, passion, and an eye for detail.

Four Easy Ways to Supersize Your Blog

You have something to say, and your audience is out there, just waiting to soak it all up. For many bloggers, humble beginnings often snowball into impressive followings and page ranks, but you’ve got to be good, and you’ve got to be proactive. Let’s be honest: bloggers are a dime a dozen these days, and [...]

The APIs That Secretly Rule Your Life

The APIs That Secretly Rule Your Life

Modern life is, for many, an online one. And every click, every tweet, every Facebook like or product review, becomes part of a larger data pool (along with our emails, online purchases, GPS information and more) just waiting to be skimmed and sorted by a utility known as the application program interface (API). The ubiquity [...]

Do Interns Secretly Run the World’s Largest Tech Companies?

Do Interns Secretly Run the World’s Largest Tech Companies?

We’re all familiar with the narrative conventions surrounding the intern: long hours, little pay, and even less respect. Many of today’s tech and business leaders spent their early years competing for, and suffering in, internships where they gleaned bits of know-how and experience in between java runs and making copies. Modern internships, however, have undergone [...]

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