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What is AccountLab Plus?

For hosting resellers who need a robust billing automation application as well as customer service support and domain registration, AccountLab Plus provides a flexible and free solution. If you are a Web hosting reseller, you’re sure to need an onsite billing and account management application to give your customers a quick and easy way to register for hosting and domains. One increasingly popular application is AccountLab Plus.


AccountLab plus is a flexible and highly customizable turnkey sales and customer service solution for managing your hosting or hosting reseller businesses. It is developed and sold by Netenberg, the company behind one-click installation wizard Fantastico.

AccountLab Plus supports more than 180 top-level domains and gives you customizable storefronts (complete with handling for coupons, sales tax processing, promo pricing and return credits) and full user account management. It supports custom shop and pricing plan templates (including unlimited hosting), multiple currencies, six languages and more than a score of payment options (including not only credit cards and online check authorizations but Internet favorites Paypal and Worldpay). It also supports offline payment options like checks and wire transfers.

Customers can purchase hosting for both domains and, if your company offers them, associated sub-domains. For first-level support, users can consult the fully-customizable Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) module. For more detailed questions or concerns, customers can request a trouble ticket via the robust help desk ticket generation and tracking system included with the application.

Beyond hosting, AccountLab Plus also handles domain registration, with interface support for Directi, Enom, OpenSRS, Planetdomain and ResellerOne domain registrars. And with integrated account management, customers can register for a domain and purchase hosting for it using the same account. Behind the scenes, the reporting module gives you real-time reports on server status, customer activity, and financial data.

Key AccountLab Plus Features

  • Automatically sets up hosting accounts on servers that use Plesk, CPanel, DirectAdmin control panels
  • Detailed tax calculation system, with support for multiple tax categories and any combination of countries, states, counties, or regions.
  • Subdomain management and hosting.
  • Discounts of all kinds, including special deals, coupons, and time-bound sales. Also handles account credit.
  • Full suite of graphic reports and stats
  • Customer-facing FAQ and help documentation
  • Multiple admin users, with individualized permission settings.
  • Multiple currency support for purchases, with the ability to have exchange rates calculated in real-time based on the price set for the default currency.
  • Offline payment support, to handle checks, wire transfers, purchase orders or invoicing.
  • Support desk and help ticketing system.
  • Server monitoring and performance reporting.
  • See who is currently online.
  • Automatic updates triggered by a cron job
  • Modifications and config settings saved and restored during update process
  • Templating system allows for customizable user experience. Four templates included, and you can add your own.
  • Support for add-on payment plugins.
  • Supports Arabic, Hebrew, and other RTL (right to left) languages
  • Currently supports the following domain registrars:
    • Directi
    • Enom
    • OpenSRS
    • Planetdomain
    • ResellerOne
    • Additional domain registrars can be supported via plugins or custom APIs.
  • Currently supports the following payment methods and gateways:
    • 2Checkout
    • Asianpay
    • Bank Transfer
    • Cashu
    • Chronopay
    • Clickbank
    • Credit Card
    • e-Gold
    • LinkPoint
    • Moneybookers
    • NOCHEX
    • Offline
    • Paymate
    • PayPal
    • Paypal Subscriptions
    • ProxyPay
    • Stormpay
    • WebMoney Transfer
    • Worldpay
    • Additional payment gateways can be supported via plugins or custom APIs.
  • Internationalization and localization. Currently supports the following languages:
    • Dutch
    • English
    • French
    • German
    • Portuguese
    • Spanish
    • Additional languages can be added by translating a single string-replace file.

AccountLab Plus Requirements

The requirements for AccountLab plus are fairly minimal, easily supported on almost all servers.

  • PHP 4.2+
  • MySQL 3+

AccountLab Plus also has the following dependencies:

  • allow_url_fopen must be set to On in your php.ini file
  • cURL is needed for:
    • Whois
    • Account Creation
    • Domain Registration
    • some Payment Methods
  • mhash is needed for
  • iconv and mbstring are both needed for non UTF-8 characters, especially if your reselling account will cater to non-English speakers.
  • OpenSSL is needed for OpenSRS
  • GD2 and FreeType are needed for graphical reporting

AccountLab Plus Hosting

Given the critical role AccountLab Plus plays in the configuration of your hosting reseller site, you’ll want to make sure the service you select as your host supports it. Many hosts include support for AccountLab Plus automatically, but you can install it if it’s not already available on your hosted server.

The software is compatible with servers using Plesk, Cpanel, DirectAdmin and lxadmin for server administration. Support for installation of AccountLab Plus via Fantastico De Luxe is restricted to Cpanel servers.

The software itself is free and open-source, but always be sure to check with your host regarding additional fees (if any) associated with adding AccountLab Plus to your server.

AccountLab Plus Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is AccountLab Plus?

    AccountLab Plus is an application designed for hosting resellers. It supports automated billing, domain registration functionality, as well as customer service support. It is basically a platform designed for hosting resellers who want to easily manage their business, and provide automated services to their customers.

  • Is AccountLab Plus secure and reliable?

    The application has not seen a major update since 2009 when it was released by the developer as an open source application. While there have been a few efforts by the community to modernize and update AccountLab Plus, they have not achieved very much success. At this point, anyone considering AccountLab Plus should proceed with a great deal of caution and anticipate investing quite a bit of time modernizing and securing the application code base.

  • Is AccountLab Plus free?

    Yes. In 2009, the original developer, Nettenberg, rescinded the proprietary license and released the project as free and open-source software. Unfortunately, the community did not rally around the application and continue ongoing development. As a result, AccountLab Plus is badly outdated at this point.

  • Does the developer offer support for AccountLab Plus?

    AccountLab Plus is an open source application. Therefore, support will have to come from the community of AccountLab Plus users and the documentation you are able to find online. In addition, it's worth pointing out that community support for the product is negligible at best, and you should really consider some alternatives.

  • What are some alternatives to AccountLab Plus?

    There are a number of alternative billing solutions like Blesta, AgileBill, and WHMCS, and there are a few cloud-based accounting applications like Quickbooks and Freshbooks. Of course, some of the more feature-packed alternatives are not free like AccountLabs Plus.

  • What are the installation requirements?

    You don't really need much — any windows or Unix-like server with PHP and MySQL should suffice. You need to have PHP 4.2 (or above) installed, as well as MySQL 3 or above. In addition, you will need to tweak the configuration and install cURL, mhash, iconv, OpenSSL and a few other add-ons if you want to tap all available functions.

  • Is AccountLab Plus available as a one-click install?

    No, at one time AccountLab Plus was available as a one-click install from Fantastico. However, the application was released as open-source software in 2009 and has since fallen out of date. As a result, it is no longer included as an available application by any commercial script library.

  • Is AccountLab Plus difficult to install manually?

    You should have no trouble installing AccountLab Plus on your own. You need to make sure your server meets the requirements, and then you need to install the necessary software and configure the dependencies. The process is straightforward and a number of guides are available online. However, considering that the application has not been updated since 2009, any number of PHP errors can be expected.

  • What control panels are supported?

    cPanel is the most popular option. However, DirectAdmin and Ixadmin are supported as well and AccountLab Plus will work with Plesk in admin mode.

  • Which top-level domains (TLDs) and domain name registrars are supported?

    AccountLab Plus supports more than 180 TLDs registered with Directi, OpenSRS, Planetdomain, Enom, and ResselerOne. Clients are also able to register domains which are currently not supported by AccountLab Plus, but the process is not automated.

  • How many customers can I support with AccountLab Plus?

    AccountLab Plus supports an unlimited number of hosting plans, customers, and servers. You should have no trouble configuring AccountLab Plus to cover your needs.

  • Which payment methods and gateways are supported by AccountLab Plus?

    AccountLab Plus supports 2Checkout, Asianpay,, bank transfers, Cashu, Chronopay, Clickbank, standard credit card payments, e-Gold, LinkPoint, Moneybookers, NOCHEX, offline payments, Paymate, PayPal, Paypal Subscriptions, ProxyPay, Stormpay WebMoney Transfer and Worldpay. If that's not enough, you can add support for additional payment gateways via plugins or custom APIs.

  • Can I customize the look of AccountLab Plus?

    Yes, AccountLab Plus can be easily customized with different shop templates and pricing plan templates.

  • Does AccountLab Plus offer support for different currencies and languages?

    AccountLab Plus currently supports six languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish. If you need another language, that is possible too. You simply need to translate a single string-replace file. There is also a chance that someone else has already localized it for your region, so it's a good idea to reach out to the community before you start translating. You can also list your prices in multiple currencies should you choose to do so.

  • What types of support can I offer my customers through AccountLab Plus?

    A customizable Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) module is available. In addition to FAQs, AccountLab Plus supports ticketing and has a good helpdesk ticket generation and ticket tracking system.

  • What licensing restrictions apply to AccountLab Plus?

    Since AccountLab is open source, you are free to modify and redistribute the software as you please. The only requirement you must abide by is to include the original developer's copyright notice within the derivative work. Take a look at the license that ships with the application for more details.

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