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What is AspUpload Hosting?

AspUpload is a clever way of utilising HTML to reduce RAM and CPU load while uploading files to your server. AspUpload is a server component developed by Persits Software. More specifically it is a COM+ component, designed to enable ASP applications to upload files to your server from a browser window. The added convenience of using the HTML/browser approach also saves time.

The component allows you to upload files to your site while using a tiny amount of server resources. In some cases, as little as two lines of ASP script will suffice. Files are selected via an HTML tag. The component also includes a range of file management functions, such as saving files in databases, encryption, attribute management, image size extraction and so on.

Hassle-free browser uploads

AspUpload 3.x features include support for multiple simultaneous uploads, suport for large files (2GB to 4GB depending on platform), an HTML-based progress bar, directory creation and deletion, directory listing with sorting and more.

The latest version also introduces Unicode support, a new single Save method, additional object properties and of course performance tweaks aimed to reduce CPU and RAM load.

AspUpload also takes security into account, offering secure file downloading and encryption support. AspUpload is designed for Windows environments and runs on a wide range of current and obsolete Windows operating systems. IIS is another requirement and it should be noted that IIS 7 or later is necessary to support the latest features offered by AspUpload 3.x.

What about availability?

Most Microsoft hosting plans come with AspUpload support, so chances are you won't have anything to worry about if you decide to take the plunge. This is understandable as AspUpload does not impose any additional requirements on the platform. In fact, its primary goal is to reduce load rather than increase it - therefore hosts tend to like it.

Should you decide to purchase and install AspUpload, it shouldn't take up a lot of your time. The setup executable (aspupload.exe) will install the component (aspupload.dll) and all the documentation you will need to properly configure the component.

A comprehensive step by step guide is available online, so while you are downloading the installer, you may as well walk through the installation process. There is a catch though - AspUpload is not free, nor cheap. Most hosts support it though, on every plan, so you can add this popular component on your own, or have the host take care of everything, which depends on what sort of plan you choose (e.g. you can get AspUpload bundled in reseller offers, often at a substantial discount).

AspUpload security considerations

In a Web hosting environment, the administrator can disable certain features of the AspUpload component in an effort to bolster security.

It is important to note that all of these features are enabled by default, ranging from directory listings, file downloading, manipulating ACLs and so on. The features are disabled in the system registry by changing the corresponding values for each feature from 0 to 1.

    Parsits Software lists the following features as the riskiest ones:

  • ActiveX registration. Using this feature, a malicious user can place a trojan-horse ActiveX DLL on the server, register and invoke it with simple ASP script.
  • Directory Listing. This feature allows users to browser around the entire web server's hard drive and download any files.
  • Account impersonation.
  • File deletion and directory removal.

It should be noted that AspUpload relies on a numbef of different Perits Software components to unlock more functionality. For example, the AspEncrypt component must be installed to use file encryption.

Some of these components, such as AspEmail, are free, while others are not, so it is a good idea to check pricing and availability of other Persits components. Hosts usually tend to support all of them, but there could be some exceptions.

AspUpload Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is AspUpload helpful to its users?

    There are many features that make AspUpload a popular server component, including its ability to use HTML as a means of reducing RAM and CPU load during file upload.

  • Who is responsible for the development and updates associated with AspUpload?

    AspUpload was developed by Persits Software and has long been a popular server component used by those who want to speed up load times and improve efficiency.

  • Is AspUpload the only solution to this problem?

    AspUpload is not required, but many people install the server component because they are looking for a better way to upload files to their server. The ability to upload files from a browser window, as opposed to a more conventional manner, is the primary reason why this solution is preferred over many others.

  • How much time can you save by using AspUpload?

    This all depends on the server components you have used in the past, as well as the number and size of the files you need to upload. For those who regularly upload files to their server, the use of AspUpload could save them many hours over the course of a week or month.

  • Is there anything that is important to know about AspUpload before getting started?

    It is a good idea to become familiar with the many features of the server component, including but not limited to: directory creation, directory listing, support for files as large as 4GB, and support for simultaneous uploads.

  • Is the latest version of AspUpload better than those that came before it?

    Persits Software has updated AspUpload many times over the years, each time improving on the previous version. There are many new features available in the most recent version including single save capability, Unicode support, and a variety of performance tweaks that reduce load and increase time savings.

  • Is AspUpload known for its security?

    Any server component used to upload files needs to be 100 percent safe and secure at all times. AspUpload has a good reputation for being just that. This server component has many security features, including encryption support. Those who want to get the highest level of security should opt for the most recent version of AspUpload.

  • How simple is it to install AspUpload?

    If you choose a Microsoft hosting plan, you will find it simple to get started. The reason for this is that most of these hosting packages have AspUpload support built in. All you have to do is begin using the server component. Those who have to purchase and install AspUpload will find the process to be relatively simple. In addition to the installation itself, you are provided with the necessary documentation for proper configuration and use.

  • Is support available for AspUpload?

    Despite the ease of use, there are times when users face trouble. You can start your search for support with your hosting company, especially if AspUpload was pre-installed. For more detailed advice, a step by step guide is available for those who need assistance with everything from downloading the server component to how it is best used.

  • Which hosting companies are best for using AspUpload?

    Some of the top hosting providers that are compatible with AspUpload include MochaHost,, Heart Internet,, Dotster, Daily Razor, and Easy ASP Hosting.

  • Is a live demo available?

    If you visit the official AspUpload website you will find a variety of live demos, all of which are meant to teach you about a particular aspect this server component. For many users, it is easier to see AspUpload in action than to figure out how it works on their own.

  • What are the most recent updates to AspUpload?

    In February 2014, AspUpload was released with a progress bar fix. In January of the same year, a fix for the "Missing Application-Name manifest attribute" error was released.

  • How much does it cost to use AspUpload?

    If AspUpload is available through your web hosting plan, you should be able to use it free of cost. This is a benefit of opting for a hosting company that provides support out of the box. Those who want to purchase AspUpload can do so for $200 for a single server license. A five server license is also available at a cost of $450.

  • Does AspUpload provide any support to users?

    Yes. Those who need help with AspUpload can receive direct support from the developer through its website. The developer has published a knowledge base online, complete with answers to frequently asked questions. In the event that an answer is not available, users can reach out to the AspUpload team for specific advice. Doing so is as simple as sending an email to [email protected] While the company strives to provide a response as quickly as possible, it can take up to several days.

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