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What is ClientExec?

Client Exec is a hosting business management tool that allows web hosting companies and hosting resellers to easily keep track of billing, setup, and other web hosting account tasks.

Client Exec handles the business of running a web hosting company. It automates tasks like billing, invoicing, account setup, domain name registration, and other details you might otherwise have to handle manually. It is, in essence, ecommerce for your web hosting service.

Key Client Exec Features

Task Automation
Automatically bill, send invoices, register domains, launch installation scripts, provision virtual servers, send emails, and create notifications.

In the case of tasks that can't be handled automatically, Client Exec can be instructed to create a help desk ticket for you, so you remember to take care of it.

Actions can be automated based on schedules (recurring billing), shopping cart action (create hosting upon receiving payment), or via specialized controls.

Billing and Invoicing
Send simple online invoices via email and get paid faster. Invoices can link directly to Credit Card payment forms.

Integrate with one or more payment gateways and credit card processors, including Paypal,, and WorldPay

Create coupon codes and gift certificates. Coupons, sales, and discounts can be set for a percentage or fixed amount, and can include an expiration date.

Provide account credit to existing customers.

Generate guaranteed ongoing revenue with subscription payments and recurring billing.

Highly Customizable for your business
Set up product pricing, hosting plans, and other offerings. You have complete control over pricing structure, payment cycle, discounts, bundles, and product packages.

Tie the purchase of certain packages and products to automated server processes.

Brand or re-skin the customer experience with 22 different color options and a custom header.

Fraud Protection
Verify your customers are real customers with MaxMind protection and phone verification (without you personally having to call every phone number).

Customer Support (You supporting your customers)
Help desk ticketing system for your staff.

Integrated live chat to connect potential customers with your sales and support team.

Email can be automatically converted into help desk tickets.

Support for a custom written knowledge base, to provide documentation and help information directly to your customers before they crowd your phone line.

Customer Support (Client Exec supporting you)
Client Exec provides a number of free support mechanisms, including complete and detailed documentation and user support forums.

Premium support can be purchased as an add-on to your account.

Development API
The Client Exec Support API allows you to integrate support features, such as help desk ticketing, with third party or custom-built support systems.

The Client Exec Users API provides user management and reporting capabilities.

Hosting Reseller Support
Complete integration with a number of control panels, including Softaculous and Installatron.

One click installation and easy setup for reseller accounts. : Reseller API provides methods for Viewing, Adding, and Deleting licenses.

Client Exec Integrations and Partners

Client Exec has full support for a wide range of web hosting control panels, including: - cPanel - Cast Control - DirectAdmin - GameCP - HyperVM - interworx - ISPmanager - onapp - SolusVM - TCAdmin - Virtualmin - WHMPHP - WHMSonic

Client Exec integrates with a number of payment gateways, including: - Paypal - 2Checkout - - BluePay - CCAvenue - Chronopay - eWay - Internet Secure - Onebip - Paysystems - Payza - eProcessing Network - PSiGate - Quantum and Quantum Vault - Stripe - WorldPay

Client Exec can manage domain registration, renewal, WHOIS information, and any other domain registrar tasks through its plugin integrations with several different web registrar companies, including: - eNom - OpenSRS - Reseller Club - Realtime Registry - Online NIC - Netim -

Client Exec Available Plans

Client Exec is available for self-hosting or in a subscription-based SaaS model. The self-hosted version can be leased on an ongoing payment or purchased outright in a one-time payment. The Hosted SaaS option has Basic and Pro versions, with varying levels of support and number of allowed users. Paid support plans are also available.

For those looking at switching to Client Exec from another web hosting management tool (like WHMCS), Client Exec offers “refugee pricing.”

Client Exec licenses can also be purchased in bulk and resold to your hosting reseller customers. Management of license allocation and verification is done through the Client Exec License API, so provisioning can be done programatically from anywhere inside your process flow.

Client Exec Hosting Requirements

  • PHP 5.3.x +
  • MySQL 4.1.x +
  • GD PHP Extension integration with PHP for report graphs support
  • ionCube loader (v4.4.1+)
  • mcrypt PHP Extension for credit card transactions
  • cURL with SSL PHP Extension
  • Multibyte String PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension

Recommended by Client Exec

  • IMAP PHP Extension for email routing
  • Memory limit of 128M recommended

ClientExec Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you apply your own brand color scheme, or are you restricted to the 22 color options provided?

    ClientExec comes with 22 color options, but you are not limited to those. Starting from any of the provided themes, you can modify the header, body, or footer of your theme using HTML code. Provided you know your company’s color palette, you should have no problem fully-branding your ClientExec portal and invoices.

  • What types of plugins are available?

    The plugins are used to provide support for payment processors, domain registration, web hosting control panels, and fraud protection. They provide integration with such services as PayPal, BluePay, Stripe, cPanel, GameCP, SHOUTcast, eNom, Netim, and MaxMin web services.

  • Can ClientExec handle international currencies?

    Yes. When you set up ClientExec, you will select a default currency, which you assume most of your clients will pay with. However, for international clients, you can select the appropriate currency simply by altering the ISO code to the billing URL provided in your invoice. Full instructions and a list of ISO codes are available on the ClientExec website.

  • Does ClientExec support multiple languages?

    Yes. You can adjust the default language through your company settings tab. You can create different language versions of your site by adding translations to the language directory. Additional information for creating translations are available in the support documentation.

  • Can I test ClientExec before I install it?

    Yes. Online demos are available for the admin panel, client panel, and order page. They allow you to log into a test installation and get a feel for the user interface. You can create invoices, set up payments, view reports, and more.

  • Can I contribute to the development of ClientExec?

    Being proprietary software, the only way to directly contribute to the development of ClientExec is to get a job with the company. However, they are very open to user feedback and suggestions. There are a number of discussion threads available as well as a “Suggest a Feature” page, where the community can provide their insight and make requests for future developments.

  • How can I migrate my ClientExec installation to another server?

    Provided you’re keeping the same domain name, it shouldn’t be hard. First you’ll want to transfer the database. Simply back up your current database, create a new database on the new server, and import the backed up database. Then you’ll need to upload the ClientExec files to your new server and restore the old config.php. Last, change the upload dir and subdirs permissions to 666. After that, you should be ready to go on your new server. If you’re changing your domain name, additional changes will be required for Clientexec to function properly. You should fully review the documentation available on their website before attempting the move.

  • Does ClientExec provide installation services?

    Yes. For an additional fee, ClientExec can perform the installation for you. You will need to provide them with all relevant details, such as your FTP or control panel address, database name and login credentials, domain information, and administrator information.

  • Do clients have to access their client portal in order to view support topics or place a helpdesk ticket?

    No. You can place the support widget in a public location, such as your own website. Placing your knowledge base on a public site, without requiring users to log in to their client portal, can be a useful way to divert traffic away from your support staff. To do this, you will need to follow the available support documentation for placing the widget on your website and customizing the helpdesk for public questions.

  • What email clients are supported?

    Nearly any email client should work with ClientExec, provided they allow POP3 and SMTP routing. Additionally, if IMAP PHP Extension is enabled, you can utilize any email that permits IMAP routing.

  • I already have a helpdesk system. Can I use it with ClientExec?

    Yes. You can update the Submit Ticket button in your client portal to direct the user to your current helpdesk system. This will require some editing to the HTML, but specific directions are available in ClientExec’s knowledgebase.

  • How do I make sure helpdesk tickets get to the correct support staff?

    Similar to setting up rules in your favorite email program, you can set rules for your ClientExec helpdesk to automatically assign tickets to certain individuals or teams based on the source or content of the request.

  • Does the helpdesk support auto-response?

    Yes. You can create message rules to send automated response messages to users based on the source or content of their helpdesk ticket.

  • Does ClientExec support offline payment methods?

    Yes. ClientExec can be configured to allow your customers the option to utilize offline payments, including bank transfer, check, and money order. You can specify the availability and options for offline payment, including one-time payments, invoicing, etc. If offline billing is enabled, you will be responsible for handling the receipt of these payments and entering them into the member’s account manually.

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