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What is Kentico CMS?

Kentico is a blogging platform or content management system (CMS) with strong enterprise level tools, which is ideal for large companies needing big solutions for product control, team management, internal process flow, and external communication.

About Kentico

Kentico CMS is a Microsoft ASP.NET hosted web application, with deeply rooted international support, and strong feature support functionality for both a Free Edition, and a paid Proprietary version. Being one of the more strongly developed ASP.NET CMS platforms, Kentico has a full suite of enterprise level integrations for common business needs - including Sharepoint support.

In many respects, Kentico is a full fledged Enterprise Resource Planning tool - but with more authoring capabilities at the content level. Kentico CMS is run by Kentico Softare, a company headquartered in the Czech Republic, with offices in the US and UK. This makes for an emphasis on internationalization, the platform itself is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Slovak, Czech, and Polish - while the hosted content can cover any language and has strong multi-lingual site support.

Features of Kentico

The capabilities of this platform are highly robust - the Kentico platform is used for many high profile clients around the world, numbering above 25,000 customers in over 90 different countries. Large companies like Sony, Suburu, ESPN, Ford, international banks, and airlines - all find ways to utilize the Kentico platform.

Kentico software offers full-time staffed technical support, platform training, and can be hired for custom projects for enterprise clients. Kentico Software is a Microsoft Partner, rated as a Gold Level "Independent Software Vendor" and Gold "Web Development" provider. They were named a 2012 Partner of the Year Finalist by the partner network - and have deep ties to many of the internal organizations within Microsoft. Simply put, Kentico is one of the premier enterprise solutions available.

User functionality:

Content Management

  • Media storage & organization
  • WYSIWYG Editor & Visual Workflow Designer
  • Versioning, Drafting, Archiving
  • Widget creation and control
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools
  • Multi-lingual site support
  • Built in Image Editor and Document Manager
  • Linked Documents, Contrent Locking, Workflow tools
  • Tag & Category systems with multiple languages
  • WebDAV file transfer Support
  • Microsoft Office Integration.


  • On-line payment processing
  • Shipping provider integration
  • Tax, VAT and shipping calculation
  • Product options and Product Bundles
  • Downloadable goods and Paid Memberships
  • Multiple Currency Support
  • Donations, and complex Discounts

Social Networking

  • Site blogs, user blogs
  • Message Boards and Forums
  • Groups and Friends system
  • Private & Group Messaging
  • User Generated Content
  • Abuse Reporting and Bad Word supression
  • Wiki pages & User Profiles
  • Data Integration with big Social Media sites

On-Line Marketing

  • Online Forms & Newsletters
  • Web Analystics and user tracking
  • Marketing Automation
  • A/B and Multivariate Testing
  • Content Personalization
  • Connection
  • Customer Segmentation and Personas
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Live Tiles Dashboard

Project Management

  • Intranet hosting support & company portals
  • Collaborative Tracking Tools
  • Department Silo Sites
  • SharePoint Integration
  • Enterprise 2.0 Features
  • Cloud Support for Azure, Amazon
  • Content Staging & Calendar Synchronization

Beyond these five areas of functional features, the technical specs and security measures are very comprehensive. Behind the scenes, there is a lot going on to ensure the smooth operation of a large, organizational tiered platform, with high extensibility.

Development & Security

  • In-Browser Development Tools
  • Extensible & Open API
  • Visual Studio Integration
  • Detailed Documentation
  • Integration Data Bus
  • Security and User Membership
  • Multi-step Authentication
  • Tiered Permissions and Customizable Roles
  • Windows Live ID & Windows OS Authentication

Installation & Hosting

The Free version of Kentico is extremely limited in functionality, and has support for just one site administrator and 100 members. There also exists a 30 day trial of the premium application, but after that the cost is $3,499 for a base license, and $7,499 for a premium license. These costs are very high for an individual or small company, but are very standard for an enterprise scale company in need of a website which as full technical support and constant development.

There are actually discounted prices for other members of the Microsoft Preferred Vendor ecosystem, as well as a variety of additional resources and documentation for working on Microsoft internal clients. Installation happens in the ASP.NET environment - and with Azure as a preferred host, an installation can happen directly to a cloud provider through spinning up a machine instance with Kentico already installed. In the case that hosting will be down off the cloud, the files and support necessary to setup the site can be facilitated by Kentico Software.

Who should use Kentico? 
Kentico CMS is an amazing collection of software which provides tremendous value to companies that can afford it.  The high price tag comes with enterprise solutions that not all teams or site administrators need. With thousands of free CMS platforms available, finding one that fits basic needs without cost usually isn't an issue.

However, for a medium to large business trying to manage inventory or web traffic trends - Kentico is a great value and extremely functional platform to meet any business need. Great alternatives for individuals or small groups in the ASP.NET space include Orchard CMS, DotNetNuke CMS, and SiteCore.

Is the Value worth the License Cost? How much will be paid in Hosting?  The value gained depends entirely on the use case. For any group hoping to do internet commerce - a full scale enterprise option like Kentico is necessary to be able to scale performance and pricing campaigns.

Hosting is also scalable, with the price depending on the network demand. Enterprise customers can expect to pay several hundred a month at a minimum to be able to handle millions of users.

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