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What is phpCOIN Hosting?

phpCOIN can help you manage an e-commerce or hosting reseller site with streamlined features for both administrative and client uses. As its name suggests, phpCOIN does have to do with money, but perhaps not in the way you think. The name is actually an abbreviation, the second half of which stands for Clients, Order, Invoices, and Notes. It is, in essence a Content Management System (CMS), which means that it is a portal of information for a web site on a number of fronts.

The software's purpose is to assist with the collection of client and order information for billing, making it an ideal choice for e-commerce sites, and for hosting resellers. Critical to a CMS being useful and well adopted is not only a thorough set of features, but an easy to use interface for smooth maintenance. phpCOIN is well-known for its well-developed and refined interface that makes administration a simple affair for the small to mid-sized organization to use.

Once phpCOIN was released and hit the market, it has had great success – a testament to its specialized features, simplicity and performance. phpCOIN reports that more than 35,000 sites have implemented it around the world. It is used by more than just hosting resellers and is reported to be in use by accountant, lawyers and consultants.

What makes phpCOIN especially helpful is that it creates a fully integrated environment for both client and administrative tasks, all of which can be performed by using a single interface. Customers can place orders and access billing information, and site publishers can collect payment and manage accounts

In addition to these basic purchasing and account management features, phpCOIN also allows you to add a frequently asked questions (FAQ) module to further help your customers. You can also create an easy-to-use menu, and manage your site's pages right from the admin interface. The focus on customer experience is critical as a CMS and phpCOIN shows its flexibility through these various options.

phpCOIN Features

A lot of people focus on the benefit of ‘free’. Indeed it is one of the most critical features of phpCOIN and there is never a charge to utilize it. The only requirement is that to use this free software, you will have to keep the ‘Powered by phpCOIN’ line in the footer area. If for some reason you wish to remove that line, you have to purchase a fairly low cost license.

As it is open source software that also means you are free to modify the code to suit your requirements. The software enjoys a rich base of participation in the user community. This is critical as there is no official support, but there is a support forum that is known to respond quickly and a number of online manuals. The community also freely shares custom modules and themes.

Some of the most compelling features of phpCOIN include:

  • Easy content creation through the admin module
  • Easy content management through the admin module
  • Searchable content
  • Easy modification of customer order forms, making it easy to improve the customer’s buying experience
  • phpCOIN provides all in one solutions at one place for the clients and for the admins
  • Simple client invoice management and generation
  • One-time invoicing or recurring invoicing options
  • PhpCOIN also provides integrated helpdesk support system
  • Rapid client contact options
  • Searchable support tickets for administrators
  • By no means is that a complete list, but it shows how flexible and powerful phpCOIN really is. It enjoys many installations and support and that is due to its many features and functionality.

    phpCOIN is designed to work with custom skins and themes, so you can fully integrate it into your site's design and branding. The software can be added to your site as a domain add-on or subdirectory, or as a standalone on its own domain, depending on how your site is set up and what works best for you.

    To run phpCOIN, you need to have a server which runs MySQL version 3.x.x and php version 4.1 or higher. Check with your hosting provider to make sure they support phpCOIN, or look into hosting plans that will allow you to upload and customize your own software.

    phpCOIN Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is the primary purpose of phpCOIN?

      phpCOIN provides a variety of features and benefits, with a primary purpose of streamlining the process of collecting order information for billing. This has made the software popular among hosting resellers, e-commerce sites, and anybody else who sells products or services via the internet.

    • What has allowed phpCOIN to become so popular in such a crowded space?

      Despite the competition, phpCOIN continues to impress thanks to its powerful set of features, speed, efficiency, and easy to use and understand interface. It has a long-standing reputation for being one of the most well developed and maintained software applications in this space.

    • How much success has phpCOIN achieved in terms of reach?

      Since being released to the public, phpCOIN reports it has been implemented on approximately 35,000 websites. It is used by a variety of companies and individuals, including but not limited to hosting resellers, consultants, e-commerce stores, accounts, and attorneys. Furthermore, support for multiple languages ensures that the software can be used by people all over the globe.

    • What are the best hosting companies for those who want to use phpCOIN?

      If you plan on using phpCOIN, you must choose a hosting company and plan that can support the software. Here is a list of some of the top companies for phpCOIN hosting: HostGator, A2 Hosting, MochaHost,, Heart Internet, Resellers Panel, Host Excellence, and Blacknight.

    • How much does it cost to use phpCOIN?

      Many programs that provide the features of phpCOIN charge a monthly fee or one-time use fee. This is not the case with phpCOIN, as it is free to use at all times. There is no charge to download the software or to use it to power your website. The only requirement from the publisher is that you leave the "Powered by phpCOIN" line in the footer of your website. If you are interested in removing this, you can pay for a license.

    • Do users have the option to modify phpCOIN to better suit their needs?

      As open source software, you are not required to use phpCOIN "out of the box." You have the option to modify the code in any way you see fit.

    • Is support available for phpCOIN?

      If you are having issues with installation, it is best to contact your hosting company. They may be able to walk you through the process and help you understand if your server is properly configured. Additionally, phpCOIN has a large user community that is more than willing to share information and advice through a support forum. Others often times share themes and custom modules so you don't have to create your own.

    • Are there any features that allow phpCOIN to stand out from the competition?

      It is best to read through the entire list of phpCOIN features before making a decision for or against this software, but here are some of those that are most talked about by users: searchable content, ease of content creation, variety of modules and themes, helpdesk support system, simple to setup, easy to modify forms, and access to multiple invoicing options.

    • Does phpCOIN have a support ticket system built in?

      For those who want to give customers the ability to request support, phpCOIN has a built in, searchable support ticket system.

    • How has phpCOIN evolved over the years?

      In the early days of phpCOIN, the software was used primarily for small and mid-size web hosting resellers. Over time, more and more businesses began to use the program for everything from client management to order tracking to invoices and billing. This growth is what has allowed the company to provide service to roughly 35,000 websites.

    • What type of invoicing features does phpCOIN provide?

      With phpCOIN, users can invoice clients for services or products as a recurring invoice or one-off. For ease of use, the software offers the ability to search for transactions and invoices.

    • Does phpCOIN do anything to help with the client management process?

      Client management is key to success in the business world. For this reason, phpCOIN provides users with a variety of client management tools, such as the ability to search for clients and related information, support helpdesk search, invoice and payment history, and order history.

    • Can you provide clients with more than one contact method via phpCOIN?

      While most people use the ticket system, as it provides an avenue for contact and support, phpCOIN also supports the option to create contact forms. Conversely, administrators also have the ability to contact clients.

    • How does phpCOIN simplify the order process?

      Users can customize forms for collecting client information while placing an order. It is also possible to add a payment link at the end of the form, pointing the person toward a third party billing provider, such as PayPal. phpCOIN also makes it simple for users to search past orders.

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