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What is RVSiteBuilder?

Created to provide hosting resellers with easy-to-use sitebuilding software for their customers, RVSiteBuilder combines the flexibility and power of a content management system (CMS) with the convenience of a drag-and-drop, browser-based Web design tool.

Website hosting resellers know the value of creating a robust toolset for their customers. The web is changing and many hosting customers are regular business owners rather than Web design experts, which is where RVSiteBuilder enters the fray.

RVSiteBuilder is an advanced site builder designed to take much of the effort out of website creation. It provides essentials such as easy email setup, one-click software installs and obviously an easy to use website builder.

This is what makes RVSiteBuilder such an attractive proposition for many businesses and individuals, as it can save a lot of time and money.

However, experienced designers and developers may also choose to use RVSiteBuilder, especially if it allows them to save time or employ less experienced (and cheaper) developers on their projects.

RVSiteBuilder requires a limited skill set

Since users do not necessarily have to learn new coding skills to build websites with RVSiteBuilder, much of the effort is focused on finding and tweaking a suitable templates. Numerous templates are widely available, ranging from free designs to more serious premium templates, which also tend to be affordable.

Modern templates are also designed to work with mobile devices, namely Android, iOS and Windows Phone phones and tablets. The templates can be customised and RVSiteBuilder 5.4, the latest version of the builder suite, also features a new WYSIWYG editor, suitable for flash and content rich designs.

Bottom line - if your hosting control panel of choice is either cPanel or DirectAdmin, then you may want to look into RVSiteBuilder as a low-cost, feature-rich solution to your site builder needs.

Seamless integration with cPane and DirectAdmin

RVSiteBuilder is designed to integrate seamlessly with your cPanel or DirectAdmin hosting control panel. It provides your customers with a template-driven, browser-based site building utility with integrated support for custom code, social media integration, and add-on components.

    Built-in RVSiteBuilder features include support for:

  • Guestbooks
  • Newsletters
  • Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Forums
  • Photo galleries
  • Image editor

The templates included with RVSiteBuilder allow your customers to create professional websites quickly, with many of the same features included in more complicated (and expensive) content management system (CMS) applications.

The latest versions of RVSiteBuilder offer a number of relatively features, which were reserved for more comprehensive CMS platforms just a few years ago. These include a modern and easy to follow user interface (UI), an easy to adjust design that takes makes tweaks for mobile platforms much easier, block-managed layouts with 'drag and drop' preview and of course support for responsive template designs.

If you're offering multilingual hosting or have customers who need to create sites in more than one language, RVSiteBuilder includes native support for multiple languages (for both customer support and user interfaces).

It also supports Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features such as keyword management and code embedding (for use with advertisements or other custom content).

Why hosts tend to like RVSiteBuilder

Due to its inherent ease of use, RVSiteBuilder appeals to a wide demographic, hence hosting companies eager to expand their user base tend to leverage RVSiteBuilder support as a selling point. RVSiteBuilder basically has the potential to get more customers through the door and hosts have already recognised the opportunity.

All this benefits you – the client – as hosts are eager to offer competitive plans tailored for RVSiteBuilder users with a wide range of requirements and skill sets.

Many hosts offer integrated access to RVSite via cPanel, allowing potential customers to try out RVSiteBuilder free of charge before buying a hosting plan, which is yet another incentive for unskilled developers who may be having second thoughts.

It is important to note that RVSiteBuilder is not a free application – licenses are available at various rates depending on the number of users and the length of the license term, so the RVSite trial tackles two issues at the same time.

Many hosting providers include RVSiteBuilder as a one-click install option with their hosting reseller packages. Bear in mind that RVSiteBuilder is compatible only with cPanel and DirectAdmin systems, so if your hosting provider doesn't offer it and you plan to install it yourself, make sure your package includes access to one or the other before you make a purchase.

RVSiteBuilder Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are some good reasons to use RVSiteBuilder?

    RVSiteBuilder provides website hosting resellers with a comprehensive package to provide their customers a modern website building experience. The current installation of RVSiteBuilder has over 500 templates and mobile device compatibility and a WYSIWYG editor starting at just $6 per month for a VPS installation. Unless you go 100% open source with your site builder, you may have a hard time finding a better deal!

  • Are there any reasons not to use RVSiteBuilder?

    Because it is primarily a website builder platform for hosting resellers to package into their site hosting deals, RVSiteBuilder may not be the best website building solution for an individual webmaster or blogger. There are many alternatives to RVSiteBuilder for individual site owners looking to run a multisite content management system that are available through a 1-click installation. Consider RVSiteBuilder only if you are looking to resell hosting plans and need it as a feature to close your deals.

  • What are the alternatives to RVSiteBuilder?

    Taking the reseller options out of the equation and simply evaluating RVSiteBuilder as a solution for a website builder, the major alternatives are Soholaunch, Website Builder Plus, and DynamicSiteCreator. When you are using a site builder program, however, there is also merit to considering major content management systems as alternatives. When comparing RVSiteBuilder to the major content management systems, WordPress MU may be a decent option if your intention is to resell webspace on one dedicated or shared web server.

  • Do I have to know how to program to use RVSiteBuilder?

    No. The website builder and content management system are fairly easy to use and require no HTML coding or anything more advanced. In fact, even if you are comfortable doing a little programming, RVSiteBuilder does not offer this to you as an option in the page management admin. RVSiteBuilder is designed to be friendly for novice users and lives up to that promise.

  • What are the requirements for RVSiteBuilder web hosting?

    In order to install RVSiteBuilder, you will need to already have a control panel platform installed. Nearly all hosting providers offer some type of control panel to their hosting customers as a way to access different features and functions of their server. The two most recommended applications for this are cPanel and DirectAdmin. If you are a single website owner or blogger, RVSiteBuilder may already be available from your hosting provider if you have a control panel like cPanel or DirectAdmin in your package. Consult with your hosting provider if you want to find out if RVSiteBuilder is available in your package.

  • Do I need to be concerned about installation?

    When it comes to installing RVSiteBuilder, a novice webmaster should leave the process to the experts at their chosen hosting provider. Whether your hosting provider is adding RVSiteBuilder to a cPanel or a DirectAdmin control panel, login over ssh is required. Because of how protected ssh logins are by most hosting providers, you will need to be able to install RVSiteBuilder via the command line. Where there are detailed step by step instructions for installing RVSiteBuilder on the software's website, it is probably a lot easier for a novice webmaster to trust installation to the expert support team provided by their hosting company.

  • Is there any reason not to use a one-click installation wizard?

    If RVSiteBuilder is available from your current hosting provider, it likely is even easier to run than a website builder available via one-click install. Instead, you simply navigate through the dashboard of your control panel until you see the icon of RVSiteBuilder, click to start, and get to building your website. Otherwise, hosting providers looking to resell RVSiteBuilder will not find it available as a one-click install because it is a commercial product.

  • What does self-hosted mean? I don’t have to run a server myself, do I?

    Self-hosted websites do not require YOU to personally own a server and manage it to host your site. Instead, self-hosted simply means that hosting is not provided directly by the development team that created your website builder. In order to use a self-hosted website builder, you will need to contract a hosting provider before building your website. In the specific case of RVSiteBuilder, it is probably available directly inside your control panel because it can be resold by hosting providers.

  • Do I need managed hosting in order to use RVSiteBuilder as my site builder?

    The answer to this question depends on your answer to the question "how much responsibility are you willing to accept for the maintenance of your website?" The more complex your site becomes with modules, features, and streaming applications, the greater your need will be for professionally managed website hosting. Shared hosting often comes with some managed services included. If you have a dedicated hosting solution, however, managed services are likely required as part of your agreement. This is the case with any self-hosted website builder - not just RVSiteBuilder.

  • Can I host RVSiteBuilder on a shared hosting plan?

    Yes. Shared hosting is actually very friendly to hosting RVSiteBuilder - that is if you want to use it as your website builder. If you are a hosting reseller looking to use a shared hosting platform to host your website builder platform for all of your customers, well, you probably need your brain checked! A website builder is going to be an essential tool to your customers as they make their websites live on the web. RVSiteBuilder is priced per server or per virtual private server, so hosting resellers should set it up to be available as an option accordingly in their control panels.

  • How does RVSiteBuilder compare to Soholaunch as a site builder?

    Taking the reseller option out of the equation and simply evaluating RVSiteBuilder and Soholaunch against one another is a pretty difficult comparison. Soholaunch is an open source website builder available as a 1-click installation on many hosting platforms. While they have many of the same features, both are likely available to single site webmasters as a free site builder. For bloggers and webmasters that have absolutely no interest in database or server management, RVSiteBuilder may save them a few steps in the long run.

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