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What is Soholaunch?

Soholaunch is a web site building application designed to allow those with minimal familiarity and experience with web site design to quickly and easily create sites with robust features. This template-driven application supports full social media, multimedia and ecommerce integration.

If you’re looking to build a web site, but don’t have the time or know-how to code one yourself, chances are you can take advantage of your hosting provider’s web site building application. These easy-to-navigate, drag-and-drop applications allow even the greenest novice on the ‘Net to build a professional web site in just a short time.

As with any web site builder you will see a number of advantages that you may not have access to if you have a developer-built site. For example, your website can be something you can edit at any time from any computer. This gives the organization the ability to change the site when required. Also, as long as the software is capable of laying the site out the way you want, you could actually end up with more control over how your web site looks than if you were to go through a designer.

Meet Soholaunch

One of the most popular web site building applications is Soholaunch. The Soholaunch web site builder acts is like a toolbox that holds everything you need to create and manage a web site. SohoLaunch is a great solution for people looking to make their web site project quicker and easier. It is packed with features that suit both beginners, seasoned web masters and everyone in between.

Sites can be deployed in four simple steps in the site wizard, they can be edited through an easy editing interface, pages can be quickly modified through the web form builder and it’s all done with easy navigation. Users build their sites via a combination of drag-and-drop webforms (e.g., order forms, comment boxes for posts, etc.) and whole-page templates. It supports ecommerce and social media integration, and you can purchase additional plug-ins to add extra features to your site such as media players, ad banner support, and more.

The takeaway is that you can not only create, you can also maintain your web site, add to your web site, and manage your web site with one feature-rich tool that delivers professional results for anyone who is using it. Soholaunch aims to make having and maintaining a web site a tangible and achievable tasks for any business or individual running a site.


  • SitePal
  • Photo Album
  • Database Table Manager
  • Edit Page Content
  • Web site Navigation Menus
  • Plugins
  • Blog Manager
  • Secure Users Feature Overview
  • eNewsletter Campaign Manager
  • Event Calendars
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Quickstart Wizard
  • Web site Traffic Statistics
  • Web site Backup and Restore
  • Soholaunch provides a free downloadable auto-installation script, so that the Soholaunch Web site builder and content management system can be installed by end users to any domain hosted on virtually any hosting company. Soholaunch also offers round-the-clock support for its software, so if you’ve a question about the particulars of adding a shopping cart or installing a plug-in, the company promises swift and thorough assistance. In addition to live support, they also offer video tutorials, extensive support documentation and webinars to get you up to speed.

    Hosting Considerations

    While many hosts offer some variety of web site building application as part of their hosting packages, Soholaunch is one of the few application creators who also sell hosting for their own product; you can expect to pay about $10 a month for hosting and app support if you pre-pay annually. The Soholaunch application is also supported by other hosts, and may be included in the price of your hosting if you choose one with an existing installation.

    If your host doesn’t offer an existing installation of Soholaunch, or you have your own equipment and want to host and build your own site locally, Soholaunch is available for lease or purchase as well.

    Leasing for web sites starts at around $20 a month for a single web site, or you can purchase a permanent license for your site for $200 (this limits free updates to one year and “premium support” to three tickets, however). If you’re a reseller looking to offer Soholaunch to your clients, you can lease a server license starting at around $100 a month, with support for up to 50 web sites hosted on your server.

    Soholaunch Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is it about Soholaunch that makes it different from other website building applications?

      Soholaunch shares many features with other programs, but the primary advantage is its usefulness to those who do not have any experience or knowledge with the website design process.

    • Does Soholaunch have any special features that allow it to compete with other similar applications?

      While simple in form and function, Soholaunch has advanced features that allow it to provide users with the ability to do everything they want. This includes support for all social media integration, e-commerce compatibility, and multimedia compatibility.

    • What are the basic features of Soholaunch that users typically become involved with early in the design process?

      Every user is different, but these features are among the most commonly used: search engine optimization tools, blog manager, content editor, photo album, SitePal, event calendars, website traffic statistics, and website navigation menus.

    • How much coding knowledge does it take to get involved with Soholaunch?

      Many website builders require users to have coding knowledge, but Soholaunch is not one of them. With this application, no coding experience is required. With the easy to use navigation, you can drag and drop applications to ensure that your website has the look and feel you are most interested in. In short, the application allows you to build a professional website in a fraction of the time, all with no prior experience.

    • Can I edit my Soholaunch website at any time?

      Another benefit of Soholaunch is the ability to quickly and efficiently edit your website, such as if you want to add a new feature. This can be done from any computer, as long as you have access to the internet.

    • How much does Soholaunch cost?

      While some website design applications charge a one-time or ongoing fee, this is not the case with Soholaunch. With a free script, you can get started as quickly as the application is installed on your server. The ability to get started free of cost is one of the many reasons why people start with this application, as opposed to a competitor. Even if they find that they are unable to use Soholaunch to build a website, they did not lose any money along the way.

    • Is there any support available for Soholaunch?

      If you have trouble downloading or installing Soholaunch, your hosting company may be able to answer your questions and help you decide what to do next. Furthermore, Soholaunch itself provides 24/7 support. This allows you to have all your questions answered in a timely manner. Best yet, the support team can help with a variety of questions regarding the software, from how to install a plugin to the best way to implement a shopping cart.

    • What types of support are available to users?

      In addition to live chat, Soholaunch makes it simple for users to find answers on their own, thanks to various support documents and video tutorials. These are perfect for people who like to learn on their own.

    • Are there any hosting requirements for the use of Soholaunch?

      Not typically. Most people find they can download and install the Soholaunch application on any type of server. Even so, it is a good idea to check with your hosting company before doing so. This will help you avoid trouble during the installation process.

    • Which hosting companies have the best reputation for working with Soholaunch?

      Some of the best include HostGator, MochaHost, GlowHost, HostRocket, and Awardspace.

    • Can you use Soholaunch to build your site locally?

      While most people opt to install Soholaunch through their hosting account, it is possible to build your site locally. If you are interested in this option, you will have to lease or purchase a license. Prices start at approximately $20 per month.

    • Is Soholaunch a good solution for online selling?

      Many e-commerce stores have been built on the Soholaunch platform, thanks to its full list of features. This includes the ability to quickly add products, categories, and coupons. Also, you can setup a variety of payment methods, including but not limited to PayPal and credit card.

    • Is Soholaunch a competitive blogging platform?

      There are many blogging applications available, with WordPress being the most popular. Soholaunch has a lot to offer bloggers, thanks to drag and drop functionality, automatic archiving, and the ability to create an unlimited number of blogs.

    • What can you do with the built in statistics provided by Soholaunch?

      Soholaunch realizes there is more to a website than a visually appealing design. This is why it provides a variety of tools that make it simple to track and understand visitors. The Site Statistics feature allows you to see who is visiting your site, where they are coming from, and what they do when they arrive. This information can then be used to edit your website accordingly.

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