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The Digital Millennium Copyright Act - often called 'the DMCA' - is a law which helps copyright holders have their stolen content removed fast. The DMCA Act provides web hosts, search engines and other internet services "safe harbor" from copyright infringement claims. In return, these companies are required to act quickly to remove infringing material when properly notified.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions about the Digital Millenium Copyright Act and DMCA takedowns answered. answered.

What is the DMCA?

The Digital Millenium Copyright Act is a US law intended to protect the rights of copyright holders whose work is being infringed online.

What a 'DMCA takedown notice' (AKA a DMCA request)?

A DMCA takedown notice is a notification to a company, usually a web host or a search engine, that they are either hosting or linking to copyright-infringing material.

It provides them notice to remove the copyrighted works. Web hosts are required to remove or disable access to the material, while search engines have to stop linking to it.

Can I issue a DMCA takedown myself?

Yes, you can. However, DMCA has strict requirements that must be met for the notice to be valid, such as making sure the notice is sent to the correct party to be actioned.

This usually means the hosts' abuse department. Most big hosts will explain on their contact page where to route abuse enquiries.

Can somebody do my DMCA for me?

Yes, you can hire a DMCA agent. We suggest you use to handle your DMCA request for you.

How long does the process take after my DMCA report?

It depends on how responsive the host in question is. Search engines, especially Google, can take up to 10 working days to respond to DMCA complaints, but many web hosts respond within 24 hours.

What copyrighted material can be removed with a DMCA notice?

All types of copyrighted content can be removed, including:

  • Text (including Word. Doc documents, plain text etc)
  • Video (including MPG, AVI, RM, MOV, Quicktime, Windows Media Player, RealPlayer)
  • Music & audio (including MP3, MP4, MIDI, WMA, WAV)
  • Images, pictures & photos (Including JPG / JPEG, GIF, PNG, PSD & more)
  • MySpace / FaceBook pictures
  • Software

Provided the content can be copyrighted and that copyright is infringed online, it can be removed using a DMCA request.

Can I remove content from filesharing sites?

Most file sharing websites do respect DMCA notices and takedown procedure, even if they are not hosted in the US. This includes Rapidshare.

I'm not based in the US. Can I still use a DMCA notice?

Absolutely. What's important is where the server is located, rather than where you are based. So long as the server is in a country that has a notice and takedown system, including the United States and any EU country, you can file a DMCA notice.

When does a DMCA notice not help?

Sadly, there are some cases where the DMCA can not help. The most common are:

  • - Copyright is not being infringed
  • - The site infringing your copyright is not hosted in a notice and takedown country

In the second case, you can filea DMCA takedown with search engines instead.

More Questions?

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