Gary McGath

Gary McGath

Gary McGath is a freelance writer with vast experience in software development. His book Files that Last: Digital Preservation for Everygeek is a complete guide for keeping digital documents usable for years. He is a lifelong resident of New Hampshire.

Outside of technology, he's an enthusiastic participant in the filk music (science-fiction folk music) community. Besides attending filk conventions in four countries, he's chaired a few himself and edited songbooks for others. He learned German just so he could enjoy German filk conventions more, and he's translated a few songs into German. He was named to the Filk Hall of Fame, and his e-book Tomorrow's Songs Today is the definitive history of filk.

Writing is something he regards as a learning experience. Software developers need to keep up with their own corner of the tech world, but writers need to stay aware of all the latest developments in order to keep their readers informed. In his Mad File Format Science blog, he keeps up with the latest developments in file formats and preservation. His Files that Last is an e-book that explains "digital preservation for everygeek."

In the open source world, he's known as the primary developer of JHOVE, an application widely used by archives and libraries to check if files are cleanly constructed and pull descriptive information out of them. It's still alive and active over a decade after its first release.

He lives in New Hampshire, far enough from Boston to be peaceful but close enough to be convenient.