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Last reviewed Oct 27, 2015

Key features

  • Uptime Guarantee
  • Dedicated IP
  • Phone Support
  • Support Forum
  • Live Chat Support

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Great web hosting site, ive used a bunch but only a few suited my taste including this one.
Fantastic support who answers all your question really fast, couldnt be better.

I really think more people should use this site as it's really cheap and their service if fast and viable - couldnt get any better at all..

There is not really much more to tell other than I enjoy using their services and that I will keep using them to support the site.

Great job by the owners - I must admit that.

Sorry for my English not being the best but yeah, I hope you understand what I mean.

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123Together Hosting 

Powerful email and collaboration software hosting in the cloud is offered by 123Together in affordable monthly plans. They also offer on-demand virtual cloud servers, with three tiers of service, as well as fully customized servers.


You can access an extensive knowledge base for self-help and tutorials. A handful of how-to videos and setup guides will also help you if you run into simple problems. You may contact tech support by submitting a request through their ticketing system 24/7.


123Together facilities house the hardware that delivers their services to you.

  • Tier 4 facility
  • Co-located
  • Four major backbones
  • Double power grid
  • Diesel generator power backup
  • Security monitoring
  • 99.999 percent uptime guarantee for shared servers
  • 100 percent uptime guarantee for dedicated servers
  • Spam filters
  • Anti-virus software updated hourly
  • Optional server management for a fee
  • Standalone services available: desktop backup, email archiving, and McAffee Message Continuity

Microsoft Exchange 2010

Hosting for your Exchange email in sizes suitable for small to large businesses.

  • Choice of shared or dedicated servers
  • Three pricing tiers: Mail Bundle, Collaboration Bundle, or Security Bundle
  • 25 gigabyte (GB) hosted Exchange
  • Spam filtering
  • Up to 1 GB SharePoint, depending on tier selected
  • Microsoft Lync, except with Mail Bundle
  • 200 megabyte (MB) SharePoint site
  • Email encryption and complaint archiving with Security Bundle
  • No setup fees
  • No contracts with fewer than 100 users
  • Add-ons available, such as Blackberry support and email encryption

SharePoint Foundation 2010

Collaboration software hosting for organizations of any size with any budget.

  • Five pricing tiers: 2010 Basic, Starter, Pro, Enhanced, Premium
  • Up to 50 GB storage, depending on tier chosen
  • Subsites
  • Daily backups
  • Microsoft Office integration
  • Document change tracking
  • Alerts
  • Templates
  • Browser-based customization

CloudSHIFT Server

Scalable virtual server in three sizes or customized for your business.

  • Three tiers: Standard, Advanced, and Premium
  • Windows 2008 R2 64-bit
  • Up to 4 GB of memory, depending on tier chosen
  • Up to 3 central processing unit (CPU) cores
  • 150 GB hard drive
  • One public IP
  • Accessible via Windows or Mac from any Web browser


  • Customizable plans so you’re not locked into pre-packaged solution
  • Uptime guarantee
  • Redundant facilities
  • Choice between shared and dedicated


  • No choice in operating systems; everything is Windows-based
  • Limited features
  • No software installers included

The Verdict

123Together is not a typical Web hosting provider offering loads of hosting plans and site building software. They specialize in email server hosting for Exchange and collaboration software hosting for SharePoint. 

The cloud hosting available would be useful if you need quick, on-demand cloud hosting for app testing or a simple website. It is not the type of hosting you would want for a huge corporate website, media streaming site, or a large e-commerce site. 

If your business uses Microsoft products for email, documents, and collaboration already and you want to take the next step by getting a server, 123Together probably has a solution that’s right for you.

123Together Hosting Plans

Hosting Plan Features Disk Space Bandwidth Price
Standard Server Dedicated IP Uptime Guarantee Live Chat Support Phone Support Support Forum 50GB Unlimited $89.00/month
Usual price:
Advanced Server Dedicated IP Uptime Guarantee Live Chat Support Phone Support Support Forum 100GB Unlimited $160.00/month
Usual price:
Premium Server Dedicated IP 150GB Unlimited $0.00/month
Usual price:

123Together Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does 123Together offer Windows and Linux hosting plans?

    No. The company specializes in Windows plans, namely cloud services and shared Exchange Servers.

  • Are there any hidden fees I should look out for?

    No, but additional resources in cloud hosting packages have to be purchased separately, so the list price does not paint the full picture.

  • Can I get a dedicated server or managed server?

    Dedicated servers for most services are no longer available. They have been replaced by on-demand cloud servers. As a division of mindSHIFT Technologies, the company offers server management services. Dedicated Exchange hosting servers are still available.

  • Will they provide me with free domain?

    No free domains are included in cloud hosting plans.

  • Do they offer domain registrations?

    No. The company caters to enterprise users and does not act as a registrar.

  • Is there a money-back guarantee?

    The company has some money-back policies for specific services, but there is no overall money-back guarantee. However, you can sign up for a 30-day trial.

  • Does 123Together offer VPS plans?

    No VPS plans are available, only cloud hosting plans for Microsoft services.

  • Do they have a phone support hotline?

    Yes, the company has toll-free hotlines in the US and UK, available 24/7. Email and online chat support is available as well.

  • What languages is their service available in?

    English appears to be the only supported language.

  • Where is the company headquartered?

    123Together is headquartered in Waverley, Massachusetts.

  • Where is their data center located?

    The 123Together data center is located in the US and the company guarantees 45ms max latency.

  • What programming languages and scripting languages does 123Together?

    Support is limited to Microsoft platforms and the host does not provide traditional web hosting.

  • Do they offer reseller plans?

    Due to the specific nature of 123Together’s business, no reseller web hosting plans are available. However, hosted Exchange reseller programs are available.

  • Does 123Together have an affiliate program?

    Yes, 123Together has an affiliate program for Exchange, SharePoint and other plans.

  • I already have a website and my own domain name, so will they help me transfer my site and domain?

    No. The company does not specialize in web hosting.

  • I am just getting started and I am about to create my first WordPress blog. Is 123Together worth considering?

    No, the company does not provide services suitable to your needs.

  • Can I host multiple IPs on their cloud servers?

    No. Cloud plans are powered by VMware and offer a single public IP address for your Microsoft services.

  • Are Exchange services vital to having a good business email system?

    Many big organizations rely on a number of Microsoft enterprise solutions, including Exchange. However, depending on the size of your company and your needs, you can consider a number of alternatives.

  • What about security?

    The company offers enterprise-grade security, backed by redundant facilities.

  • Do have any e-commerce plans I could find useful?

    No, this is not the type of hosting necessary for e-commerce sites.

  • What about Joomla and Wordpress sites?

    123Together does not deal with Wordpress and Joomla sites, it specializes in Microsoft email and collaboration solutions.

  • How can I migrate to 123Together? Will they help me?

    It all depends on what sort of platform you are coming from and what you plan to do. Support is available, but your IT will have to deal with the transition.

  • I need SLL certificates for added security. Do they offer them?

    No, SSL certificates are not something 123Together offers.

  • Do they offer other services aside from Microsoft email and collaboration hosting?

    Yes. Premium spam filtering is available, along with email archiving and various mobile sync plans.

  • What mobile platforms can be synced?

    All leading mobile platforms are supported, including iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

  • Do they offer Office 365 services?

    Yes, a number of Office 365 business and enterprise plans are available.

  • Can I use PayPal? What forms of payment does 123Together accept?

    123Together is a business-to-business (B2B) operation and does not cater to the average consumer.

  • What sort of up-time guarantee do they have? Is there a prorate policy?

    The company guarantees 99.999% uptime and will issue a prorated credit for each hour of failure beyond 99.999%.

  • Do they offer any special security features?

    Yes, a number of advanced security features are available, along with standard Tier 4 data center security.

  • What about SharePoint plans?

    There are a few SharePoint cloud hosting plans, as well as dedicated server options.

  • What’s the minimum contract? What sort of billing cycles can I expect?

    It all depends on the type of service you choose, but there is a 30-day trial for some services.

  • Why should I choose Exchange over POP3?

    It depends on your organization’s needs – this is not a decision that can be made lightly.

  • Do they offer back-ups and data protection?

    Yes, a multiple failsafe and backup policies are in place.

  • I have a several small websites and need email addresses on a few domains. Is this a good option?

    Not really. Exchange email is all about speed and high-volume, so if you are dealing with a few emails to a few addresses a day, there are cheaper options out there.

  • How much storage is available for email and how many addresses can I use?

    A few different Exchange plans are available, for small, medium and big businesses. The entry level plan should be sufficient for 50 users.

  • Are bandwidth and storage on cloud servers unlimited?

    No, on-demand servers have a set storage limit and you are unlikely to need a lot of bandwidth given the nature of the service.

  • Are any discounts available for non-profits or educational institutions?

    There is no word on possible discounts for big non-profits or educational institutions, so you will have to inquire directly.

  • What about setting up Exchange services on multiple platforms? Is there a guide?

    Yes, you can set up Exchange services on various platforms and 123Together has comprehensive guides for every scenario.

  • So, I can sync my company phones, but what about desktop backups?

    Yes, the company offers Iron Mountain solutions for desktop data backups.

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