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Last reviewed May 22, 2016

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I was facing lots of spamming issues with my server. I tried lots of other management company but they are unable to fix it. Then one day, I was visiting some site and see their post. I decided I will give them a chance. I contacted their sales chart and told my issue. He/She was very helpful. Now, spamming completely stops and I am very happy with the service. Thank you Very use-full service, fast and good response!

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24x7 Server Support Introduction

24x7 Server Support is an Indian tech support company founded in 2011 that offers server management for Linux and Windows servers, with a variety of configuration options.

They also offer unmanaged dedicated server hosting, support services for hosting companies who want to outsource server security and hardening, virtualization and cloud management, and expert sysadmin emergency services for Linux and Windows server issues.

Server Management

24x7 Server Support’s main focus, as their name implies, is on providing server management to businesses and hosting companies.

Management and support services include initial server setup and software installation, basic security hardening, server migrations, performance optimization, upgrades, and support for any issues that arise.

Server management is available for Windows servers, Linux servers with cPanel or Plesk. They also offer Microsoft Exchange Server, Direct Admin, Kloxo, and Webmin server management.

Dedicated Server Hosting

24x7 Server Support offers a variety of unmanaged dedicated server hosting plans, including preconfigured servers and custom configurations. Preconfigured servers are available within 4 to 6 hours, while custom servers can be provisioned within 24 to 48 hours. All the servers are located in a datacenter in Kansas City, MO.

Outsourced Hosting Support

For hosting companies who want to outsource their support, 24x7 Server Support offers 3 different packages. Startup Hosting Support is an affordable option for new hosting businesses that don’t have a large volume of support requests from their customers yet. At the high end is Dedicated Hosting Support, which includes a team dedicated to providing support to just your customers. In the middle of the two options is Semi-Dedicated Support, where you share a dedicated team with just one other hosting company.

Server Security and Hardening

Server Security and Hardening is a one-time service that configures your server in a variety of ways to protect it against viruses, spyware, malware, and brute force attacks. The service can be completed within 8 to 10 hours, and 24×7 Server Support provides 3 free days of support following the completion of the security service.

Emergency Services

If your server is having issues such as repeatedly going down, having load spikes, or abuse investigations, and you’re not sure how to troubleshoot or resolve the problem, 24x7 Server Support offers emergency server support services as well. If you need an expert sysadmin on short notice, they offer a 15-minute response time and 3 days of support after your issue is fixed.

Support and Customer Service

24x7 Server Support offers customer support via a ticket system or email. They don’t offer phone support.

Billing and Payment Policies

All services must be paid in advance at the time of your order. 24x7 Server Support does not offer refunds generally. However, they do offer a 15 day money back guarantee for new Server Management plans only, but the policy says that you must have a good reason to ask for a refund.


24x7 Server Support is ideal for businesses and web hosting companies that need to outsource their server management or support services. They offer fast response times and reasonable prices.

Last updated: 2017-07-30

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Dedicated Server WordPress PHP Windows 2008 Windows 2003 Fedora Ubuntu 1TB Unlimited $79.99/month
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InMotion Hosting$2.95
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