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Advanced Hosters Introduction

Advanced Hosters is a Netherlands-based provider of private server hosting packages, collocation services, server management services, a content delivery network, and more. Founded in 2002, Advanced Hosters styles itself as a flexible provider of a range of personalized hosting services for customers seeking high bandwidth hosting for their websites, applications, and digital content with connections to a globally-optimized delivery network.

Services & Specializations

Dedicated servers are Advanced Hosters primary hosting product. They can be located in either of Advanced Hosters primary data center locations (Amsterdam, Netherlands or Ashburn, VA), and a wide range of configurable options are available:

  • Disk space ranging from from 600 GB to 48 TB.
  • CPU power from 1 Xeon E3 chip to 2 Xeon E5 chips.
  • DDR3 1333MHz RAM from 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) to 32 GB (4 x 8 GB).
  • Up to 200 TB monthly traffic.
  • Management service options including unmanaged, standard, and advanced.

Virtual private servers are not available from Advanced Hosters. A link to VPS products is included, but interested customers are referred to AH Names, a former sister-company of Advanced Hosters that is now independent, for virtual private server packages. Customers interested in domain name services are also referred to AH Names.

Advanced Hosters also offer the option to sublet a complete server cabinet in an Equinox data center located in Ashburn, VA to interested customers. Presumably a cabinet rental would also include some of the other add-on services offered by Advanced Hosters such as the sale of custom-built servers, colocation installation services, and optional server management.

Access to the content delivery network offered by Advanced Hosters can be purchased as a stand-alone service on a monthly basis or as an add on to a hosting package. If desired, the content delivery network can be purchased specifically for delivery of streaming video.

It is worth noting that the Advanced Hosters Dedicated Server Service Agreement explicitly states that the dedicated servers they offer should not be considered a “PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant environment.” Maintaining PCI compliance requires the involvement of the server provider, the ecommerce site itself, and the payment processor. While the lack of PCI compliance at the server level does not mean that you can’t use an Advanced Hosters server for ecommerce purposes, it does mean that they will not guarantee that they will do their part to take care of the server provider’s responsibilities in maintaining PCI compliance. If you plan to host an ecommerce site that processes credit card payments using the dedicated server, proceed with caution.


Advanced Hosters does not own and maintain their own datacenters. Instead, their network is made up of space contained within data centers owned by Equinix, Switch Datacenters, and Evoswitch. The primary data centers are located in Ashburn, VA (just outside of Washington DC) and Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The content delivery network includes the primary data center locations along with several additional delivery locations:

  • European locations: Frankfurt, London, Paris, Zurich
  • North American locations: New York, Washington, Seattle, Dallas, Los Angeles
  • Asia locations: Hong Kong

Advanced Hosters does not provide a lot of details about the hardware utilized. Servers appear to be either SuperMicro or Dell for the most part, but others may also be in use. A variety of hard drives appear to be in use from brands such as Western Digital and Seagate. Overall it appears that reputable hardware manufacturers are utilized by Advanced Hosters, but in the absence of concrete details it would be worth contacting customer service to inquire about specific details if they are critical to the success of your hosting project.

Tech Support and Customer Service

Advanced Hosters advertises 24/7 technical support. However, support details are hard to locate. What we were able to determine is that Advanced Hosters prefers to refer all technical support inquiries to the support ticketing system. If you need immediate attention support over Skype and email is also available, and Skype names for approximately 30 support personnel are listed at the website.

It’s worth pointing out that in-person support appears to be time-limited. Three different server administration levels are offered (unmanaged, standard, and advanced). No support is included in the unmanaged plan, while 2 hours and 5 hours of monthly support are respectively included in the standard and advanced plans.

Support in excess of the time allocations noted is invoiced at a rate of $25 per hour. Approximate time required for a range of typical administrative services is listed at the Advanced Hosters website to assist you in determining how many hours of monthly support you may need. All services are invoiced in 1 hour increments.

One other thing to be aware of is that the English-language version of the Advanced Hosters website contains many grammatical errors that would suggest that whoever created the translation was not a native English speaker. This does not mean that support services would be provided by non-English speakers, but it does raise that concern, and should be addressed prior to entering a service agreement with Advanced Hosters.

Uptime Guarantee

The home page for Advanced Hosters boasts 99.9% guaranteed uptime. However, no other reference to guaranteed uptime could be found anywhere on Advanced Hosters website, nor could any details be found in the terms of use or service agreement. If you are considering using Advanced Hosters we would recommend getting in touch with customer service to clarify the terms of the uptime guarantee prior to making a purchase.

Billing & Payment Policies

All products and services offered by Advanced Hosters are offered on a monthly basis with no discount for prepayment and no contract. The service agreement does not include any information about a money back guarantee or cancellation policy. It appears that all services are purchased on a monthly basis and that all fees are non-refundable.

It’s worth noting that Advanced Hosters does not offer any online-checkout options for new customers. If you want to purchase services from them you will need to contact them directly. You can configure dedicated servers online to get a sense of the cost, but to actually make a purchase you must contact them directly.


Advanced Hosters offers highly customizable dedicated server packages for customers with specific technical needs. Their network is housed in world-class datacenters, and is built on reputable hardware brands. If you are looking for a dedicated server option that can be packaged with a content delivery network and includes different levels of server management Advanced Hosters is worth considering. However, as you consider Advanced Hosters keep in mind some of the red flags we mentioned in this review:

  • Dedicated servers are not PCI compliant.
  • No money-back guarantee is mentioned in the agreement.
  • The terms of the uptime guarantee are not disclosed.
  • No online checkout is available.
Last updated: 2017-07-30

Advanced Hosters Hosting Plans

Hosting Plan Features Disk Space Bandwidth Price
Dedicated Servers Dedicated Server Colocation Unmanaged Managed 4TB 10TB $160.00/month
Usual price:

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