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  • WordPress
  • MySQL
  • Linux
  • POP3 Support
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Founded:2000 Introduction

ALL-INKL is a German hosting company for small and medium sized businesses and enterprise-level companies. Founded in 2000 in Dresden, they've won multiple hosting awards over the years. Today, they host over 1.5 million websites and offer their customers shared, dedicated, and reseller hosting as well as enterprise system solutions.

Services & Specializations

ALL-INKL offers a wide range of shared, dedicated, reseller, and system solutions for businesses and enterprises.

Their shared hosting plans all include most of the standard features that you'd expect in a shared host. Things like email services, major programming language compatibility, 1-click software installer, and FTP and SSH access. Add-ons like SSL certificates and DNS and dynamic DNS access are included in more expensive plans. (They can also be added on to less expensive ones to get the optimal product.) More comprehensive plans also include more domains, storage space, Cron jobs, and MySQL databases. All ALL-INKL shared plans are accessed with their own proprietary KAS-Web user interface.

For larger websites with a little more traffic, ALL-INKL has managed dedicated server plans. All of their plans are run on Linux servers, but do not include root access. Each dedicated server has at least and Intel i3 2100 processor and 1TB SATA RAID1 hard drive. Of course, if you need more there are a number of bigger servers available with more processing power, more storage, and solid state drives (SSDs) for improved speed.

ALL-INKL also have a number of reseller packages available. Again, these are Linux servers and all customer billing and administration is run through their own KAS-Web user interface.

Finally, for enterprise companies ALL-INKL has a number of large scale solutions. They have the ability to build and maintain multiple servers for massive computing power. A custom solution might include:

  • Load balancers
  • Web servers
  • File servers
  • Databank servers
  • Large scale storage systems

Infrastructure and Datacentres

ALL-INKL runs all of their services out of one datacentre in Dresden, Germany. Their datacentre is capable of having over 15,000 servers in it due to a custom built racking system. It's connected to multiple internet providers for improved website redundancy. Of course, their datacentre also has a number of security and safety measures on the site itself. This includes 24/7 technical staff, fire protection, climate control, and redundant power. Their datacentre is 100 percent carbon neutral, run mostly from Scandinavian hydroelectric plants. One thing worth noting is that because their servers are in Germany, they're subject to German privacy laws, which are exceptionally strict.

Support and Customer Service

ALL-INKL has a number of support channels for all of their clients. They have 24/7 email support, and phone-based technical support most of the time. Their more expensive plans include a 24/7 hotline number, should you need something when their technical support isn't available. They don't have any live chat. They do however have Business Priority Support, which is a special number and email clients are issued that they can use to contact priority support. Business Priority Support is included in most of the ALL-INKL packages (but not all).

Security, Backups & Server Monitoring

ALL-INKL does not offer very much security, backups, or server monitoring. All of their client some anti-viral protection for their email services. However, that's the only protection that they extend to everyone. They do include some free anti-viral tools on their website like AVG and Trend Micro, but that's all.

They do offer backups for all of their clients - general backups, FTP backups, and MySQL backups. FTP backups happen every 14 days and are kept for up to four weeks. Larger files like .zip's are not covered. MySQL backups are made and secured regularly, and are guaranteed for 5-8 days, and can be kept for up to 12 days. They recommend that you make your own backups locally on a regular basis, since theirs come with no guarantee for successful restoration should something go wrong.

Finally, when it comes to server monitoring, only some of their more dedicated server plans include it. But again it is by no means comprehensive compared to some of their competitors.

Billing & Payment Policies

ALL-INKL invoices and accepts payments via direct debit only on a monthly basis. The do off some discounts for longer contracts, with contracts ranging from one month up to 36 months.


ALL-INKL is a standard server host that clearly caters to medium and large German businesses. While they have some excellent services and plenty of customization options their lack of a money back guarantee might make you think twice about signing a longer contract with them. That said, they offer especially comprehensive service solutions for larger companies looking more for a partner than an out-of-the box shared hosting solution.

Last updated: 2017-07-30

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Privat WordPress Linux MySQL POP3 Support $5.42/month
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