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Last reviewed Aug 13, 2016

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I personally want give AplexHost 5 stars for the simple reason that they care about their customers. My experience with them was amazing from the start to the end when they set up my website. I keep using AplexHost services and I love the way they threat me. AplexHost rocks! Period.

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AplexHost Introduction

AplexHost was started in 2013 to provide stable web hosting services for its customers. Since its founding, the company has experienced a great deal of growth and is "constantly innovating and upgrading" to help customers experience excellent service "at the best possible price."

Services and Specializations

AplexHost has been providing its customers with a wide variety of hosting services including shared and VPS plans in addition to other services. The plans are ideal for individuals and small to medium sized businesses looking for plans that are simple to setup and cost less.

In some cases, customers just need to launch a simple website with a few pages like a portfolio site or a small blog. In such situations, shared hosting plans from AplexHost provide the right mix of features and value. Customers selecting shared plans from AplexHost will enjoy enough disk space to host a few pages along with varying amounts of bandwidth. They will also enjoy numerous other features including FTP accounts, hosting additional domains, and email along with quick installation of popular scripts such as WordPress and Joomla through QuickInstall. The plans also support MySQL databases and popular scripting languages such as PHP 5 and Ruby on Rails. Similar to shared plans, reseller plans are also available to customers needing to host client websites and include much greater amounts of disk space and bandwidth allowances.

Besides offering shared hosting services, AplexHost provides its customers with a number of options for VPS hosting. Customers anticipating needing additional resources to accommodate more traffic can choose from a set of VPS plans that have 2 dedicated IP addresses along with varying amounts of CPU cores, RAM, diskspace, and bandwidth. The servers, which can be white labeled, are hosted on Linux and support many features including MySQL databases, FTP accounts, and cPanel.

In addition to offering standard shared and VPS hosting plans, AplexHost provides specialized plans focused on providing hosting services for church and ecommerce websites. Its ecommerce plans include Level 1 PCI compliance, a requirement for ecommerce sites to be able to store sensitive customer data. Besides these specialized plans, AplexHost provides customers with SSL certificates to encrypt sensitive data transfers and facilitate online financial transactions.

Infrastructure and Uptime

AplexHost's network and server infrastructure is powered by a collaboration with SoftLayer. As a result of this partnership, AplexHost has access to powerful servers with redundant network and power connections as well as high quality systems to protect servers against fire and overheating. This helps AplexHost guarantee a 99.9% uptime for many of its plans.

Support and Customer Service

Customers needing help with issues can get in touch with AplexHost by filling out a contact form or submitting a support ticket. AplexHost strives to answer all customer queries within 24 hours. Customers can also contact AplexHost through live chat and phone which is available only on the weekdays from 10 am in the morning to 6 pm in the evening.


Most of AplexHost's plans bill customers on a monthly basis though some plans allow customers to pay up to a year upfront. The company gives discounts through promotional codes or for customers that pay upfront for some of the plans. AplexHost allows for many different payment methods including major credit cards or PayPal.


Based in Tampa, Florida, AplexHost has been providing hosting services to its customers since 2013. The company has a number of shared and VPS hosting plans as well as plans specialized for ecommerce and church hosting. AplexHost is a company that continuously strives to improve services so it can provide its customers with reliable hosting. Customers looking for a hosting partner that focuses on constant innovation and provides hosting at the "best possible price" will find much value with AplexHost.

Last updated: 2017-07-30

AplexHost Hosting Plans

Hosting Plan Features Disk Space Bandwidth Price
Economy Shared WordPress MySQL Crontabs Ruby on Rails 1GB 10GB $5.95/month
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