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Ardeta Media Introduction

Ardeta Media is an Indonesian company, specialized in providing web hosting services for the local market. The company's infrastructure reflects this, as it employs datacenters based in Indonesia for many of its entry-level plans.

While the company technically could accommodate international users, the landing page is in Indonesian — as is its service and support.

The company offers shared and VPS hosting, along with dedicated servers and related services.

Services and Specializations

Ardeta Media offers a wide range of hosting plans, starting with inexpensive shared plans with unlimited storage and bandwidth, subject to fair use provisions of the Service Level Agreement (SLA).

The company currently offers three shared web hosting plans, for individuals, small professionals, and small businesses. The latter comes with support for SSL certificates. Shared plans with SSD storage cost a bit more and feature limited storage space, starting at 10 GB for the entry-level plan.

Five managed Virtual Private Server (VPS) plans are available as well. Ardeta Media allows users to choose the location of their VPS hardware.

Ardeta Media also offers ten managed dedicated server plans, with different storage, CPU, and RAM configurations. The dedicated servers are located in Indonesia and the US.

In addition to web hosting and dedicated servers, Ardeta Media offers email servers with solid state storage, domain registration, and a few other ancillary services.

Ardeta Media Infrastructure

Ardeta Media employs local datacenters for some of its hosting plans, but higher end plans such as managed and VPS servers, are available in multiple locations. The company relies on the Cyber Jakarta datacenter, and claims an uptime of 99.98%. This datacenter is reserved for shared plans, but a few dedicated servers located in Indonesia are available as well.

Users interested in VPS offerings can choose from different datacenters located in Singapore, Britain, continental Europe, and North America.

All currently available dedicated servers appear to be located in Indonesia or the United States.

Support and Customer Service

Information on Ardeta Media's support and customer service is limited, as the service is localized. Support appears to be available only in Indonesian.

Ardeta Media claims 24/7 support via email, live chat, and phone. The company is headquartered in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.


Ardeta Media offers a wide range of services, ranging from entry-level shared plans, to high-end dedicated servers. The company is focused solely on the local market, and leverages its use of the most popular datacenter in Indonesia as a selling point for users in Southeast Asia.

However, the company also offers several VPS and shared plans, which rely on hardware based in North America or Europe. In the technical sense, many of these services would work for international users, but lack of service in English and other languages would be a deal-breaker for many potential customers.

Ardeta Media's focus is clear: it's an Indonesian hosting company and it targets the domestic market, almost exclusively. This also explains why the most popular shared plans are hosted solely on hardware based in Indonesia.

Last updated: 2017-07-30

Ardeta Media Hosting Plans

Hosting Plan Features Disk Space Bandwidth Price
IIX JH-100 cPanel MySQL CloudLinux 24/7 Support phpMyAdmin IMAP Support 100MB 5000MB $0.73/month
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