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ArexHost Introduction

ArexHost is a web-hosting company located in Turkey with a wide-range of services. These include shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting. In addition to its regular plans, the company offers reseller plans. ArexHost offers a simple set of plans suitable for individuals and small businesses seeking out low-cost hosting.

Services and Specializations

The company has multiple plans for its various hosting services. In addition, ArexHost offers reseller plans and targets individuals and businesses needing to setup a website at budget prices.

ArexHost has some simple choices for its shared hosting plans. Most of the plans limit the amount of disk space and bandwidth while some plans offer unlimited amounts. All plans offer unlimited POP3 e-mail, sub-domains, and sub-features with a choice of Linux or Windows-based hosting. All shared plans have additional options including firewall protection, ID protection, and e-mail forwarding.

Besides shared hosting, ArexHost offers VPS and dedicated server plans. All the VPS plans vary on the amount of RAM and disk space but feature unlimited bandwidth and a high-speed port. The company offers a choice of operating systems including Linux and Windows. ArexHost's dedicated servers are customizable. The customer chooses a base configuration and adds features to it. Unfortunately, an interface for plan selection and customization is unavailable and the customer must request a dedicated server via contact form.

Besides standard hosting plans, ArexHost also offers reseller hosting. Most of the reseller plans limit the disk space, bandwidth, and number of websites though some plans offer unlimited amounts of these. Like the shared hosting plans, all plans have unlimited e-mail accounts, MySQL accounts, sub-domains, and other features along with a choice of Linux or Windows-based hosting.


Though ArexHost offers VPS and dedicated hosting, it does not give details on the hardware or network infrastructure used. Based on plan details provided, it appears that ArexHost's datacenters are located in Turkey.

Support and Customer Service

ArexHost's mainly provides customer service via a support ticket system. The customer simply fills out basic information such as name, e-mail address, problem description, and priority. Even though e-mail contact is available, ArexHost does not provide a guaranteed response time.

Uptime Guarantee

ArexHost offers a 99.8% uptime guarantee for most of its plans. Since information on server and network infrastructure is mostly unavailable, it is unclear how this uptime is achieved. Also, ArexHost does not clarify compensation when downtime occurs.


ArexHost bills customers on a monthly basis for most plans while domain registration is billed yearly. Also, the company does not provide an option to pay up-front for hosting nor does it give discounts for doing so. ArexHost does not list pricing for its dedicated servers and customer service must be contacted for server configuration and order placement. To pay for the plans, customers must use either PayPal or major credit cards.


ArexHost is a web-hosting company based in Turkey that offers a variety of services including shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers as well as reseller plans. Customers in Turkey looking for hosting suitable for a small budget will find ArexHost to be a good choice.

Last updated: 2017-07-30

Arex Host Hosting Plans

Hosting Plan Features Disk Space Bandwidth Price
Packet 1 PHP MySQL POP3 Support 5GB 50GB $5.00/month
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