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Armor Founded: 2009

Armor Introduction

Armor, formerly known as FireHost, is an independently owned and operated cloud-hosting service with branches in North America and Europe. Founded in 2009 by Chris Drake, FireHost set themselves apart from many of their competitors by focusing on delivering enhanced security in the cloud.

Over the years Drake and his team have enjoyed a number of firsts within the industry. In 2011 FireHost was the first to launch a fully PCI compliant cloud hosting platform, and in 2014 Drake's firm was the first in their field to be certified HITRUST compliant. In 2015 FireHost changed their name to Armor, to better reflect an expansion beyond the borders of secured cloud hosting and into security-as-a-service for third party cloud hosting environments and business IT infrastructures.

Today, Armor continues to offer secured cloud hosting for new and existing clients, as well as providing data security and state of the art cyber defense for a wider market.

A Proactive Approach to Cyber Defense

Armor's proactive approach to cyber defense is squarely focused on outcome, with the ultimate goals of blocking cyber threats, defeating attacks, and mitigating the security risk of their clients. For Armor, it's about more than simply supplying customers with a suite of security tools to be pressed into service after a breach.

To enjoy the highest level of security in the cloud, enterprises (both public and private) need a team of experienced security professionals to analyze threat data, identify attack vectors, and implement security measures in real time. Unfortunately, it is not always possible, or practical, for businesses to employ an IT staff whose sole purpose is to maintain data security. With that in mind, Armor developed their three pronged approach to cyber security:

  1. Keeping Ahead of the Kill Chain — Analyzing data from more than 50 global sources allows Armor's team to identify new threat vectors, test new security measures, and reduce incident response times.
  2. Reducing Dwell Time — Hackers need time to work, and the longer they can remain unobserved in a cloud environment the greater opportunity they have to effect a breach. Armor employs multiple layers of security protocols, combined with real time intelligence and defense measures, to achieve dwell time averages that are 100 time lower than the industry average.
  3. Maintaining a Secure Posture — Every user that interacts with a cloud environment influences it, and those changes can lead to vulnerabilities which can be exploited by hackers and cyber criminals. Armor's real time monitoring and management ensures that security configurations remain at peak performance levels.

Service and Specs

Armor offers two basic service options for their customers. The first, Armor Complete, is an all-in-one turn-key hosting solution for enterprises handling critical and sensitive data. The second service package, Armor Anywhere, is designed to provide state of the art security solutions for third-party cloud environments and customer-owned IT infrastructures. The one factor common to both is Armor's emphasis on cloud security, which is backed by a 200+ staff of former military and IT security professionals.

  • Armor Complete — This all-in-one hosting platform delivers enhanced security via Armor's proprietary closed loop Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). Armor Complete is a fully managed hosting service, employing multiple security levels to keep critical data safe from cyber threats. While the emphasis is squarely on cloud security, there is no sacrifice of performance. Armor Complete promises 100% guaranteed up-time and network speeds of 20Gbps. Data centers in Dallas, Phoenix, Amsterdam, London, and Singapore allow Armor to offer industry leading services on a global scale.
  • Armor Anywhere — In addition to offering managed cloud hosting services, Armor now provides security-as-a-service for third-party clouds and privately owned IT infrastructures. 24/7 security is provided through Armor's Security Operations Center, focusing on malware protection, log and event management, patch monitoring, file integrity monitoring, and custom external vulnerability scans. Armor Anywhere is designed to supplement the customer's raw IT and/or cloud infrastructure, creating a more secure environment for critical data workloads. Armor Anywhere supports a variety of operating systems, including Windows Server 2012, Amazon Linux, Ubuntu, and CentOS.

Expert Support 24/7

Armor's support staff consists of more than 200 experts in the field of cyber security. Clients are paired with a dedicated systems manager, ensuring that future contact and concerns can be handled by a representative with first hand knowledge of the account and its specifics. In addition to the routine management and monitoring of all accounts, technical support is available 24/7 via ticket, phone, or live online chat. Clients with unique security objectives can call on Armor's in-house staff to receive additional advice and support.

A Secure Cloud for All

Chris Drake's mission has remained largely unchanged since he first founded FireHost in 2009, and that is to establish a more secure data environment for his company's clients and the customers they serve. Armor takes the FireHost team's experience managing a secure VPC network and makes it available to a wider market. The firm continues to offer cloud hosting services that not only meet, but exceed, current industry standards. Now, as Armor moves into the security-as-a-service arena they are offering their defense expertise to business owners with privately owned IT infrastructures, as well as those who are relying on third-party clouds to manage their critical data workloads.

With a consistent track record of 250 million successfully blocked cyber attacks per month and a confirmed 35:1 strike ratio, Armor continues to fulfill Drake's original mission statement — to effectively stand between his company's clients and all active cyber threats.

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