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Bitstop Network Services Introduction

Bitstop Network Services (BNS) started out in 1989 as an individually owned business selling computer parts in the Philippines. Since then, it has grown tremendously and partnered with major corporations such as Microsoft and Cisco. As a result, the company has been a major leader in providing reliable and low-cost hosting and computer services.

Services and Specializations

Bitstop Network Services provides a wide variety of hosting plans including shared, VPS, and dedicated servers. Along with hosting plans, the company provides a wide range of consulting services ranging from search engine marketing to router configuration. The company targets individuals and small businesses in the Philippines looking quality hosting plans and computer services at an affordable price.

One of the hosting plans provided by Bitstop Network Services includes shared hosting for either Linux or Windows that includes varying amounts of bandwidth and disk space. The plans allow customers to have email accounts and a file manager. Windows hosting plans run on Microsoft IIS while Linux hosting plans run on Apache. Though both plans support multiple scripting languages including PHP, Perl, CGI, and Python, Windows hosting plans also feature support for ASP.NET.

Customers needing more computing power for their hosting needs should take a look at Bitstop Network Services' VPS plans. The company's VPS plans provide much greater bandwidth and disk space compared to shared plans. The VPS plans also provide a performance guarantee on resources such as RAM and the number of CPU cores. Besides the standard VPS plans, customers concerned about the environment can select Green VPS plans which utilize servers with low-power processors such as the Intel Xeon. Customers who need even more resources should consider getting dedicated server plans. These plans allow the customer to choose from multiple versions of Linux or Windows. Dedicated servers have at least a single dedicated IP running an Intel processor with a certain amount of RAM, disk space, and bandwidth.

Besides featuring standard hosting plans, Bitstop Network Services has options for rack hosting and colocation. Rack hosting allows customers to rent a quarter, half, or full rack for monthly fees. Colocation plans allow customers to bring in their own servers and host them inside Bitstop Network Services' datacenters within the Philippines.

In addition to hosting plans, BNS offers many different consulting services. Customers needing more information about their visitors such as keywords used or country of origin can request a website traffic analysis. Those needing to rank better in Google can take advantage of "white hat" SEO services that includes link building, keyword research, and social media optimization. The company also offers website vulnerability services which test your website against known exploits and monitors it for attacks 24/7. Networking services are also offered and include Cisco router setup, monitoring, and vulnerability testing.

Infrastructure and Uptime

Though the company does not provide much detail on its infrastructure, it appears that the company has datacenters in the Philippines with servers using various Intel processors and featuring high-speed fiber, copper, and microwave network links. Despite having datacenters, the company does not guarantee an uptime for any of its plans.


Customers concerned about their data being lost should consider backup services. Fortunately, Bitstop Network Services has an offsite backup service which allows customers to backup as much as one petabyte of data.

Support and Customer Service

Customers needing assistance with their websites can get help from Bitstop Network Services in multiple ways including email, live chat, and telephone. In addition, the company regularly posts articles on its blog with topics ranging from hosting tutorials to news about upcoming training events.


Bitstop Network Services provides different billing options for different plans. Some plans such as shared hosting bills on a yearly basis while other plans allow customers to pay at least a quarter upfront and get a discount. Many other plans are quoted on a monthly basis. Since customers must contact BNS to order service and get a quote for all plans, the payment methods accepted are unknown.


Starting with its humble origins selling computer parts back in 1989, Bitstop Network Services has grown to provide a wide variety of hosting packages and consulting services for clients in the Philippines. Customers looking for a one-stop shop for hosting and related web and computer services will enjoy the wide range of selections BNS offers.

Last updated: 2017-06-26

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