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Last reviewed Mar 18, 2014

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  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • Uptime Guarantee
  • MySQL
  • Perl
  • cPanel

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I paid bounceweb lots of money in the last three years to host my site but their server's uptime and customer service sucks, their server(s) are down most of the time and when you contact them for help via their tech support (no phone support, just email/site) they reply after a couple of days with no help (LOL)! Actually I cancelled my service with bounceweb a year ago because of all issues I had with my server but they still charged my paypal account again and paypal said they had a contract with me which I wasn't aware of, man, I had no contract with them! Don't waste your money with bounceweb. Take care of your domain name's reputation and your site uptime. Just think, you will have no visitors when you site is down which is the case with bounceweb all the time, bounceweb servers are down most of the time and there is no real support. They host their own web site with single hub in Chicago, IL but your sites are hosted on some cheep old servers somewhere else! To save your money, domain name reputation and be stress free, just stay away from bounceweb. Good luck!


Having been a customer for three years i am terminating my account because of very poor customer service. Bounceweb failed to offer any meaningful help when i changed my email host and was subsequently unable to access email either through Outlook or from webmail. I was seriously inconvenienced over several weeks trying to sort it out, but it was only by abandoning Bounceweb and signing up with a new webhost that i got the advice and information i needed to sort it out.
Furthermore, like some others who have posted reviews here, i have had problems with their billing system through paypal. When my card number changed, they bombarded me with emails to say i had to pay NOW, so i paid by transfer, then updated the card number on paypal and they charged me again. Over several months i have still failed to get a refund for this double payment. I'm still trying, but their support is obtuse and completely unwilling to look up any of their own records.


Just wanted to share an incident I had with Bounceweb hosting...
I registered for their shared hosting plan and used a coupon that was supposed to give an almost free first month (7 cents) and later on $9.97.

When I registered I used PayPal for the payment and I haven't noticed that their default policy is to get you subscribed to a monthly PayPal subscription instead of making a payment manually on your own (The default with all other hosting providers I know)

less than a week after I registered I tried to login to my account and received a message that my account was terminated. Luckily I haven't started using the account actively to host a site, but I decided that I won't be doing business with a company that cancels my account without even sending me an e-mail notification about it.

My mistake was that I didn't cancel the PayPal subscription, but I wasn't aware of it unfortunately. So a month later I see that I am going to get charged for an account that was terminated by Bounceweb without me requesting it...crazy huh?!

Well... I thought that if i'll contact them they'll see that they made a mistake and refund me, but guess what... because it has been more than 30 days they weren't going to refund me (for an account that THEY CANCELLED)

PayPal buyer protection doesn't help in this case so I ended up paying for a service I didn't receive. Bounceweb's reply was that it's my fault I didn't cancel the PayPal subscription and they were willing to re-activate my account... what a joke!


When you create a website, you essentially put together a collection of files that you want to share with other people online.Bounceweb company do this work in secure way so that no damage of data can occure.


I have recently had a problem with users trying to access my website on bouncewebs server. I am unable to get any support other then auto reponders and maybe a very brief basic toddler level responsce from the help - Calling them is useless as their telephone number lead to nowhere and never answered- They claim to have help admins but aonly autoresponders with fake names attached eg Bon, della etc - I have 2 hosing accounts and only one is working ok - Very frustrating dealing with them.
There sevice is down a lot too and you always have to contact them to tell them that your sites are down
Bounce web sucks and will be closing my account with them today


I have been fighting with this guy for a week over the backups. He delays just as a previous reviews state. And if you say anything he doesn't like, he accuses you of being either rude or "verbally" abusive. If you try to address his refusal to do what he said he would do, he will delete your ticket. I just had it happen to me.

This company is not a company you want to do business with long term. I have been a customer with them for over two years. The service is getting much worse and the tech (there seems to be only one) will hold your site files hostage and try to force you to pay them 20 dollars to move your sites, when, if they would allow you to back up your site like most other companies allow, you could move them yourself without having to pay them. You cannot use another company to have them help you move your site because they need to be able to backup your site to move it. Bounceweb has turned that feature of cpanel off so you cannot move your site unless you download it by ftp which is much slower and they limit the download speed. I have been told that they would give me the backup of each of my sites, but then turned around and told me I have to wait another 72 hours. Very frustrating, when the server backs up a site in just a few minutes.

When I signed up with this company on 08-29-2009, I signed up for a reseller account with unlimited amount of bandwidth and unlimited space. They assured me that they did not oversell their servers. They since have changed my account to their gold plan which is limited. They did not let me know of the change. When they disabled the cpanel back up option so a person or company can backup their sites periodically (which is what anyone in the computer field will tell you is a must to protect your data), they did not let me know. I just found out one day when I was looking for that option so I could backup my active site.

If you go with this company, be forewarned. You will receive the kind of treatment you are reading in the negative reviews. If you don't need help through their support system or you don't care if your site(s) are down then you will have a good experience. Their advertised up time is coming from somewhere, but I assure you, it isn't coming from the server or account I have had.

This company makes excuses for the problems they have (I have kept copies of my communication with them) and then if you become frustrated with the site having server side issues, you will be treated horribly.

James Willit is a name you will see often if you are in need of support. Watch out with this guy. He seems to have a distorted view of what rude and abusive is. Ignoring your problem, making excuses for the problem, or simply accusing you of being abusive or rude or unprofessional is common with this tech. He will tell you he will do something, then makes you wait for days and can't understand your frustration when you want your support ticket properly dealt with.

Forewarned is forearmed. This company should not be trusted in my opinion. I only have over two year experience with them and in the beginning they had great support. They had very professional techs. Now it isn't that way.

Now if James Willit gets upset with you, your ticket will be placed on hold. It says so in the support tickets. And you will sit and nothing will be done. Not the kind of company you would consider "professional". They will be happy to take your money though. So, if you have it to throw away, great.. if you don't, then maybe you should consider doing business somewhere else.

BounceWeb logo


Bounceweb Introduction

Bounceweb was founded in 1999 and originally offered free website hosting. It later switched entirely to a paid model, concentrating on shared hosting. There’s evidence of a move towards cloud VPS hosting in the future, although there are no cloud plans on offer yet.

The company’s mailing address is located in Houston, TX, but the company has a Brazilian office which is located in Santo Angelo. It’s not clear whether the host operates entirely from the Brazilian address and simply uses the US address for mail, although it should be noted that no telephone support is provided to customers of its US website.

Bounceweb comes across as an enthusiastic host. It stresses the quality of its support and servers and hosts 57,000 websites. Its plans are fairly standard for a shared hosting provider, although it does offer Windows and Linux dedicated servers too.

Bounceweb Hosting Plans

Bounceweb offers one shared hosting plan on Linux. This is the primary package that’s promoted prominently on its website. The specifics will be familiar to anyone who has purchased a shared web hosting plan. For one monthly fee, customers receive unlimited bandwidth, domains, parked domains, sub domains, FTP accounts, databases and email addresses.

Reseller hosting is split into three plans: Bronze, Silver and Gold. All are Linux reseller plans. The Bronze plan limits resellers to 25 GB storage and 250 GB bandwidth. The Silver plan doubles this. The Gold plan ups the limits to 75 GB and 750 GB respectively.

Dedicated servers are provided on Linux and Windows platforms, and there are four plans on each OS, giving buyers plenty of options. Cloud VPS hosting is mentioned on the website but wasn’t offered at the time of this review.

Tucked away in the Terms of Service, there’s a clause that states customers with more than 10,000 files in their account will have to pay an additional $10 per month. This would make Bounceweb unattractive for large websites that aren’t database-driven, but customers using scripts like WordPress are unlikely to be affected.

Bounceweb Uptime/Downtime

Bounceweb provides conflicting information about its data centres. On its Data Centers page, it says it uses two facilities called CCO and DFT. Both of these are located in Chicago; both are SAS 70 Type 1 certified facilities which are staffed around the clock. CCO appears to be a shared facility, but details about DFT are hard to come by. However, photographs are provided.

Delving deeper, I noticed that Bounceweb says its data centres are located in Houston and Dallas on its Contact page. There’s no further information provided, except for the address of each one. Presumably this is old information.

Bounceweb offers a standard 99.9% uptime guarantee, but this is measured over 12 months. It’s therefore fairly unlikely that customers would be successful in claiming a credit for downtime unless the problem was very severe. It likes to a third-party website to provide uptime statistics for its servers; many hosts don’t offer uptime information, so it was good to see this on the site.

Backups are made daily for all customers on shared and reseller hosting plans, which is a useful feature. The company is carbon neutral and proud of its green credentials - it purchases renewable energy credits (RECs) from 3Degrees to offset its emissions, making it a wind-powered hosting company.

Bounceweb Support

Bounceweb is keen to stress the importance of great support via email and chat.

The company claims to offer 24/7 support, although when I tried the Live Chat tool, nobody was available to answer my query. The company says that all email tickets receive a response within 30 minutes and uses this as a marketing tool on the site. However, support is not offered via telephone, and this might be off-putting for non-technical customers.

The Bounceweb Knowledgebase includes a clutch of fairly basic topics, including a Getting Started guide. Most of the entries are short, just a few sentences, and cover to Frequently Asked Questions rather than full-on technical support subjects.

There’s no forum for customer interaction, and the company doesn’t advertise any social media presence on its website.

Bounceweb in the News

I checked out major technology news websites for stories about Bounceweb, but I didn’t find any high-profile articles about the company. It appears that its services haven’t received any notable negative press.

Bounceweb Control Panel

Experienced hosting customers will be pleased to see that Bounceweb offers Cpanel on reseller and shared plans. On its features page, it specifically mentions that it provides the latest version (v11 at the time of writing this review). Dedicated server customers are provided with free Cpanel (Linux) or Plesk (Windows) to manage the features of their hosting accounts.

Customers also have access to a client area where they can manage their account information. This is separate from Cpanel or Plesk and accessed via a login page on the site.

Bounceweb Extras

With a focus on shared hosting, it’s unsurprising that Bounceweb offers a slew of free marketing credits to tempt new customers to sign up. Free gifts include a catalogue of ebooks (reportedly worth $500), Miva credits, Yahoo! ad credits, Google Adword credits, search engine submission software and directory submission tools.

The host makes a point of promoting of its FFMpeg support which allows all clients to offer video streaming. This is an important feature which could be a deal-breaker for clients looking to provide multimedia content without relying on YouTube.

Fantastico is offered on shared and reseller plans, and more than 52 scripts are provided. These include WordPress, Joomla, phpBB, phpCOIN, Drupal, CubeCart and osCommerce.

Bounceweb Money Back Guarantee / Cancellation Policy

The host offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. After this time has elapsed, no refunds can be given.

Additionally, the money-back guarantee only applies to the first hosting plan you cancel; additional hosting plans are non-refundable.

As you might expect, the money-back guarantee doesn’t cover free domain names which are charged at the usual rate if the plan is cancelled.

If you’re ready to sign up, bear in mind that Bounceweb hosting plans are set to automatically renew at the end of each year. Should you fail to cancel more than 10 days before your renewal date, you must cancel your next year’s service within three days of the renewal. Otherwise, you’ll be charged a $50 cancellation fee.

Bounceweb Summary

My first impression of Bounceweb wasn’t great because the standard of English on the site is poor. This gives the content a slightly unprofessional appearance.

However, its plans are solid and offer good value for money. There’s often little to separate shared hosting providers, and Bounceweb is no different, but it is clearly proud of its technical knowledge, features and FFMpeg support, all of which are commendable.

I was a little concerned about the lack of information regarding the physical location of the company and its data centres. However, the main downside to Bounceweb is the lack of telephone or social media support.

BounceWeb Hosting Plans

Hosting Plan Features Disk Space Bandwidth Price
Unlimited Shared cPanel Web Hosting WordPress PHP Anonymous FTP Shell Access Python Linux Unlimited Unlimited $7.67/month
Usual price:
Linux Reseller Bronze Plan WordPress PHP Anonymous FTP Shell Access WHM Python 25000MB 250000MB $17.97/month
Usual price:
Linux Reseller Silver Plan WordPress PHP Anonymous FTP Shell Access WHM Python 50000MB 500000MB $27.97/month
Usual price:
Linux Reseller Platinum Plan PHP Anonymous FTP Shell Access Python cPanel Perl $0.00/month
Usual price:
Linux Reseller Gold Plan PHP Anonymous FTP WHM cPanel Perl MySQL 75000MB 750000MB $39.97/month
Usual price:
Linux Basic Dedicated Server Plan PHP Firewall Protection WHM Dedicated IP CentOS Python 500GB 10TB $171.08/month
Usual price:
Linux Standard Dedicated Server Plan PHP Firewall Protection WHM Dedicated IP CentOS Python 500GB 10TB $215.33/month
Usual price:
Linux Elite Dedicated Server Plan PHP Firewall Protection WHM Dedicated IP CentOS Python 1000GB 10TB $274.33/month
Usual price:
Linux Pro Dedicated Server Plan PHP Firewall Protection WHM Dedicated IP CentOS Python 1000GB 10TB $367.75/month
Usual price:
Windows Basic Dedicated Server Plan ASP ASP.NET PHP Windows 2008 Firewall Protection Plesk 500GB 10TB $171.08/month
Usual price:
Windows Standard Dedicated Server Plan ASP ASP.NET PHP Firewall Protection Plesk MSSQL 500GB 10TB $215.33/month
Usual price:
Windows Elite Dedicated Server Plan ASP ASP.NET PHP Windows 2008 Firewall Protection Plesk 1000GB 10TB $274.33/month
Usual price:
Windows Pro Dedicated Server Plan ASP ASP.NET PHP Windows 2008 Firewall Protection Plesk 1000MB 10TB $367.75/month
Usual price:

BounceWeb Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does BounceWeb provide both Linux and Windows hosting?

    BounceWeb offers customers Linux-based web hosting services only and their product and service lines are focused on that platform only.

  • Will the renewal price be higher than the intro price?

    The company does not change their pricing on renewal, so you won’t find any unexpected pricing surprises that are different from their introductory prices.

  • How about dedicated servers or managed services, do they have those?

    With a wide variety of dedicated systems options, they have four dedicated only platforms for performance and four managed service offerings for easy operations.

  • Do their hosting plans come with a free domain?

    You won’t get a free domain on their plans, their options only offer unlimited domain hosting on domains that you already own or purchase through them.

  • Does BounceWeb provide domain registration services and how much does that cost?

    With their hosting plans, you can register domains through their website and they feature all the Top Level Domain (TLD) levels.

  • Does BounceWeb have a money back guarantee?

    The company stands behind their customer by offering a 30 day money back guarantee on their hosting services. This guarantee only applies however to the first hosting plan that is canceled. You also will not get a refund on domains or other additional non-hosting services.

  • Do they provide Virtual Private Server (VPS) services?

    The company does not currently offer VPS services, but they do have a landing page that announces VPS services are coming soon. There is no word on when that might be however and it appears that the page has been out there for a while.

  • Does BounceWeb offer phone support?

    All of their support is carried out in email or chat. There is no support via phone service.

  • In what languages is their customer support available?

    The company only offers support in English whether in chat or in email.

  • Where is BounceWeb’s headquarters?

    The United States headquarters for this company is out of Houston, Texas.

  • Where do they have their datacenters?

    They have two high-end state of the art data centers based out of Chicago, IL. Staffed 24 x 7, they are shared SAS 70 Type 1 certified data centers, which is a standard that was technically retired in 2010 by ISAE and SSAE. However, many of these standards still apply today.

  • What Programming Languages are supported by their services?

    Their shared web hosting platforms support a number of programming languages such as PHP, Perl, and Python.

  • Does BounceWeb offer reseller options?

    The company offers reseller programs that feature their Linux products, which are available at 4 different levels.

  • Is there an affiliate program available?

    Information on their site makes it appear as though the affiliate program is rather simple to work with. It also features banners, textual links and other branded materials to assist in the program.

  • Do they provide help with transferring an existing site/domain name?

    They don’t exactly offer a migration service, but they do state that they will help with transferring from another host for free. It appears that since they don’t have phone support that this would be through chat or email. Note that they do not have extensive documentation on these topics on their public site.

  • Could I host WordPress on their services?

    The company proudly boasts that they are 110% compatible with WordPress and surely, many such sites probably run on their platforms as they feature all the technical requirements you would need to run that software.

  • Can I have more than one domain per account on their service?

    One of the features that the company touts is that unlimited domains are allowed, with unlimited parked domains, sub domains and FTP accounts.

  • Does BounceWeb have software available to help build a website easily?

    The company's plans feature SiteBuilder, which is an easy to use, build and launch tool that doesn’t require any HTML knowledge.

  • How is the security on their hosting products?

    Their website doesn’t feature much in the way of security, other than various blog topics. However with 24 x 7 operations and support, security issues are part of the spectrum of issues they are likely on the lookout for.

  • Is their platform suitable for a Prestashop installation?

    They don’t specifically provide or mention PrestaShop, but you will find mentions of customers using their platform for this on the web.

  • Could I auto-transfer Joomla installs with their services?

    Joomla is one of the software offerings they state they are 110% compatible with, so it is highly supported.

  • Would it be easy to migrate WordPress installations to their services?

    WordPress migrations can be executed with their free help and most likely consists of using scripts as well as native file transport and database tools.

  • Are they and e-commerce site provider with features like SSL?

    The company offers a stack of e-commerce features including Shared and Private SSL, osCommerce Suite, and the shopping cart options of Agora, ZenCart and Cube Cart.

  • Could I host an image-heavy site on their services?

    Given that their plans feature unlimited bandwidth and disk space, you could easily run an image-based site.

  • Do they support Magento and can they help migrate existing Magento installations?

    Their site doesn’t explicitly mention Magento, but they are compatible with it, and there are many web references to their services being used for this platform.

  • Do they provide a control panel, and if so which one?

    The company provides the cPanel control panel, which is widely used on many Linux web hosting services because of its simplicity and power.

  • What payment options does BounceWeb offer like American Express, Visa and PayPal?

    You can pay with major credit cards like MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover or with your PayPal account.

  • Does BounceWeb have an uptime guarantee and do they pro-rate for downtime?

    The company offers a 99.9% service Uptime Guarantee and will credit service back to customer accounts.

  • Are there any special security features that come with their services?

    There are currently no optional security features to be added to your service. If you are looking for features like SiteGard, anti-malware or detection, you are left to rely on their default security.

  • Do they offer CDN services on their platform?

    The company does not offer CDN services, but they do pride themselves on fast and reliable servers so you may want to consider how they actually perform before going to a CDN on your own.

  • Does BounceWeb offer monthly services or is there a minimum contract?

    They only feature monthly pricing on their hosting plans at one steady, low price.

  • Can I get whois domain privacy with them and what is the cost?

    Whois domain privacy services are available on their site on accounts tied to their plan. However you will not find standalone domain services at all .

  • What is the backup policy at BounceWeb?

    The company makes backups daily for all their shared web hosting customer’s sites as well as their reseller plans, but if you read the fine print, there are no guarantees on availability of this data at all. It is recommended that customers back up their own information.

  • Which package is most appropriate for my five websites?

    Since their shared web hosting plan is unlimited in domains, disk space and bandwidth, their platforms could easily support five sites under one account.

  • How many email addresses do I get how much storage do they allow for email?

    Email accounts are described on their site features as unlimited, however terms disclose that there are limits to email attachments of 100MB.

  • Do I get unlimited bandwidth and space?

    The company states that their accounts are unlimited in amount of disk and bandwidth, but upon closer review, the terms show that there is a limit of 10,000 files per account and overages incur additional charges.

  • Does they offer discounts for students non-profits or schools?

    The company is highly promotional, yet they do not feature any specialized non-profit or student discounts.

  • Does BounceWeb provide Google AdWords credit with signups?

    Their features include a package of promotional credits for Google, Yahoo and Miva.

  • Is there an available plan that is suitable for video streaming?

    Video streaming is supported through their implementation of ffmpeg technology. They offer a collection of pre-installed video software and plug-ins for whatever software you plan to implement.

BounceWeb Features

All Features

  • 4images
  • Access Logs
  • AccountLab Plus
  • Advanced Poll
  • Analog
  • AWStats
  • Catch-all email
  • CGI Access
  • Chili!Soft ASP
  • Coppermine
  • Crafty Syntax Live Help
  • Crontabs
  • CubeCart
  • cURL
  • Custom Error Pages
  • Dew-NewPHPLinks
  • dotProject
  • Drupal
  • Email Forwarding
  • Fantastico
  • FAQMasterFlex
  • FFmpeg
  • File Manager
  • FormMail
  • FrontPage Extensions
  • Gallery
  • GD Support
  • Geeklog
  • Help Center Live
  • Hotlink Protection
  • ImageMagick
  • IMAP Support
  • IP Deny Manager
  • Joomla
  • Live Chat Support
  • Mailing Lists
  • Mambo
  • Moodle
  • Noah's Classifieds
  • Nucleus
  • Open-Realty
  • osCommerce
  • osTicket
  • Password Protected Directories
  • PerlDesk
  • Phone Support
  • PHP Auction
  • PHP Support Tickets
  • PHP-Nuke
  • phpAdsNew
  • phpBB
  • phpCOIN
  • phpESP
  • phpFormGenerator
  • phpList
  • phpMyAdmin
  • PHProjekt
  • PHPSurveyor
  • phpwcms
  • phpWebSite
  • PhpWiki
  • pMachine
  • POP3 Support
  • PostNuke
  • Private SSL
  • Raw Files
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Server Side Includes
  • Shared Hosting
  • Shared SSL
  • SMTP
  • Soholaunch
  • SpamAssassin
  • SSH Access
  • Streaming Audio/Video
  • Support Forum
  • Support Logic Helpdesk
  • Support Services Manager
  • Tiki Wiki
  • TYPO3
  • Webalizer
  • Webmail
  • Zen Cart

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