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Last reviewed Jun 9, 2016

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Excellent service and customer support , we moved over last year after an issue with our last web host and found out via word of month that offered a good service and was not one of those web hosts who would simply disappear, so since I have a good fast speedy Alpha reseller and all managed, very impressed with the service, so when I was contacted and invited to write a review I jumped at the chance.

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Build & Publish Introduction

Build & Publish is a web-hosting firm based out of the United Kingdom. The company offers basic shared hosting services primarily targeted towards budget conscious individuals and small businesses with limited IT resources. For a moderate fee, Build & Publish will register your chosen domain name, set up your hosting account, and deploy your internet-ready website.

Services and Specializations

Build & Publish offers an all-in-one hosting service designed to make building and launching a professional grade website as easy and affordable as possible. All of the firm's shared hosting packages include access to the company's free website builder, which allows clients to choose from a large selection of template-based website designs. This is a popular feature, particularly for those with little or no coding or web-hosting experience, and it makes it easier for clients to create, edit and maintain their own website. All of the firm's hosting plans also include access to a wide variety of preinstalled scripts, allowing for the 1-click installation of widely used software applications like WordPress and Zen Cart.

All of Build & Publish's hosting plans are modestly priced, providing shared hosting via virtual private server (VPS). The company's entry level hosting plans offer adequate web space and bandwidth for static websites and blogs, but customers with more data intensive websites might be better served by opting for the firm's business or unlimited service packages. All hosting accounts feature cPanel control access (available in multiple languages), allowing clients to easily manage and edit their websites from any available internet connection. Build & Publish also offers free server configuration and virus protection for all of their web-hosting clients. While the firm's hosting plans are moderately priced, it is worth noting that domain registration is not included in the final price tag, and does demand a separate fee.

Build & Publish also caters to customers with existing websites who are looking to switch to a more affordable hosting service. To that end, the company offers free database and script transfers, and for a small fee with handle the transfer of existing domains.

Reseller Services

In addition to their web-hosting services, Build & Publish partners with independent web-hosting providers via their reseller programs. Resellers are given access to the firm's server infrastructure, along with basic customer support features.

Service and Support

Build & Publish promises a 99.9% uptime for all of their customers, regardless of service plan. Their website design and hosting services are also backed-up with a 30-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.

Service and support is available 24/7 via phone, email, and online chat.

Billing and Payment

Build & Publish accepts most major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, and Solo. Payment for services can also be made via PayPal and authorized bank transfer.

What We Didn't Find

Build & Publish primarily markets their services to clients with limited web-hosting experience, and as such they provide scant details concerning their server hardware and overall infrastructure. We could find no specifics concerning the location of their datacenters, or the nature of their server hardware. It is unclear whether the firm owns and operates their own datacenters, or merely rents space and services from another company. Build & Publish also fails to provide details concerning their datacenters' security features, specifically in regards to onsite or remote monitoring of facilities and the presence of experienced IT staff.


Build & Publish's web-hosting services are well suited to small businesses and individuals looking to establish a viable presence on the web. The firm's free website builder is a particularly attractive add-on feature, and coupled with the company's low-cost service plans offers real value for those with limited web-hosting experience and strict budgetary concerns. However, large scale enterprises with data intensive workloads may find the firm's services somewhat lacking. Still, Build & Publish is a good fit for start-ups and small-to-mid sized operations, and their competitively priced service plans are an easy fit for any budget.

Last updated: 2017-07-30

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