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Last reviewed Aug 16, 2016

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  • Linux
  • VPS
  • SSD

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This is a very-very reliable service. They offers pure SSD servers as well as budget servers, which provides very good value for money. The server's performance are absolutely correct and fast, the most common used cloud programs or scripts runs without errors. All plans include: Custom Enterprise-grade hardware, Scalable on demand, without any downtime, Full Root Access, 30 day money guarantee (you can get your money back) and additional features includes the following: Simple & Easy Control Panel, DNS Management, Gigabit Powered Network (guaranteed powerfull network), IPv6, Your choice of Linux OS, No Contracts. Need more??? In a word, it's a really good service. If you have any problem feel free to turn to for customer service, they help. I highly recommend it to everyone!

4.5 stars
4 stars
5 stars
5 stars
4 stars

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Great uptime, fast servers and awesome control panel
I had never experienced any troubles with their servers.

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CheapVPS Introduction

CheapVPS specializes in unmanaged, virtual private server (VPS) hosting. As such, they provide limited support with their basic accounts. However, they do offer two levels of management with extensive support options. CheapVPS is owned and operated by U.K.-based Simply Virtual Servers, Ltd.


Because they specialize in unmanaged servers, CheapVPS offers limited technical assistance. You may submit support tickets within your account Support Portal. You also have access to a knowledge base and live infrastructure status information. Per-Incident Support is available for an hourly rate, or with a per-request fee. Fully managed service and semi-managed service include 24/7 tech support for any issue, plus third-party software “best effort” support.


CheapVPS gives you the choice between four different virtualization platforms: KVM, Xen, OpenVZ, and SSD.

  • Free setup
  • Free 24/7 ticketing support
  • 10 GB backup included
  • Root and Secure Shell (SSH) access
  • Choice of distributions
  • IPv6 ready

Virtual Private Servers

Choose from four pricing tiers for each virtualization platform. All have comparable features, so you may need to consult customer service to choose the right fit for your company.

  • KVM, Xen, OpenVZ, or SSD virtual servers
  • Up to 4 GB guaranteed RAM, depending on choice of tier
  • Up to a 4 GB swap file with KVM or Xen
  • Up to 8 GB burst RAM with OpenVZ or SSD
  • Up to 128 GB RAID 10 storage, depending on choice of tier (except SSD)
  • Up to 48 GB RAID 10 SSD
  • Up to 6 TB monthly bandwidth, depending on choice of tier
  • Up to 2 IP addresses, depending on choice of tier (subject to justification)
  • cPanel or DirectAdmin available; monthly fee applies

Managed Server Support

For an additional monthly fee, you can access increased levels of support and server maintenance.

  • Managed, Semi-managed, or Per-Incident Support
  • Per-Incident support is billed per request or hourly, depending on the issue
  • Semi-managed
    • Installation and configuration of cPanel or DirectAdmin
    • 24/7 monitoring
    • Instant notifications
    • Third-party software “best effort” support
    • 24/7 tech support
  • Managed
    • Includes all the features of semi-managed
    • System securing and hardening
    • Installation and configuration of necessary software
    • Software upgrades and updates
    • Proactive monitoring
    • Remote backup configuration
    • Consultancy and improvement advising

NOTE: CheapVPS also offers a few other services via its sister company, PoundHost, including dedicated servers and Windows VPS. A quick search on the CheapVPS site will direct you to PoundHost for plan details and purchasing options.


  • Managed options for more support
  • Setup and backups included
  • Multiple virtualization platform choices


  • No shared hosting or dedicated serves
  • Premium control panels cost extra

The Verdict
If you’re in the market for unmanaged, inexpensive VPS hosting, Cheap VPS probably has a plan to fit your business. The service tiers are best for those who have a limited need for assistance, and come in sizes that suit customers from individuals up to medium-sized businesses. The managed hosting option is a good choice for those who want affordable VPS, but might require an extra helping hand from experienced engineers now and then.

Last updated: 2017-07-30

CheapVPS Hosting Plans

Hosting Plan Features Disk Space Bandwidth Price
SSD1 VPS Linux SSD 6GB 500GB $3.60/month
Usual price:

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Overall 4.5 stars
4.5 stars
4.5 stars
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4 stars
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Overall3.5 stars

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