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Introduction to Crisolution

Crisolution is a Canada-based web-hosting service provider headquartered out of Brampton, Ontario. Founded in 2005, the firm originally specialized in website design for small to medium-sized enterprises. However, when many of their customers found it difficult to secure affordable and reliable web-hosting services, Crisolution transitioned into web-hosting to better serve their growing list of clients. Today, Crisolution offers basic shared hosting plans in addition to complete website design and app building services.

Services and Specializations

Crisolution's services are primarily targeted to smaller enterprises with limited IT resources who want to expand their online presence. To that end the firm offers bundled service plans that include website design, domain registration, and shared VPS (virtual private server) web-hosting all in one moderately priced package. All of Crisolution's design and hosting packages include custom designed web pages (from 3 to 15 depending on the bundle), dedicated email accounts (1 to unlimited), and a full year of shared VPS web-hosting. Crisolution's website design incorporates the latest in mobile design features, and is compatible with most popular CMS systems including WordPress, Drupal, Roundcube, and Magento. Initial design and set-up costs must be paid in full at time of website launch, with domain and hosting fees recurring annually.

For those customers with an existing or self-designed website, Crisolutions offers web-hosting services independent of their prepackaged bundles. Again, this is shared hosting via virtual private server, so the services are probably best suited for small to medium-sized operations. All of Crisolutions hosting plans offer free setup, DDoS protection, and VIP support. Customers looking for more extensive hosting solutions are encouraged to contact Crisolutions directly to inquire about customized web-hosting packages.

Finally, in addition to website design and hosting services, Crisolution offers custom app building for their clients. This is a valuable additional service, particularly for local businesses, and ties in nicely with the company's emphasis on Google approved mobile website design.

Customer Support and Service

All of Crisolution's web-hosting packages include 'VIP support' via email and service ticket. It is unclear if support is available 24/7 or just during office hours, though the company does promise to resolve any technical issues within 24 hours of initial customer contact.

Payment Policies

Crisolution accepts PayPal as the primary payment option for their services. Fees are calculated in Canadian dollars, so US residents should take current exchange rates into consideration.

What We Didn't Find

Crisolution offers basic web-hosting for businesses and individuals with limited IT experience or resources. As such, they provide little information concerning the more technical aspects of their services. For example:

  • No information is provided concerning Crisolution's datacenters, specifically where they are located and whether or not they are owned and operated by the firm itself;
  • No specific information is available concerning the company's server hardware beyond a brief mention of SSD processors;
  • Crisolution does not provide any concrete information concerning their on-site security measures;
  • No uptime guarantees are provided, and no specifics are given concerning refund or compensation policies in the event of service interruptions or customer dissatisfaction.


Crisolution offers simple, and cost effective, website design and hosting services for businesses and individuals looking to establish a presence on the world wide web. Their service bundles, combining both website design and shared VPS hosting, should prove attractive to customers with limited IT resources of their own as well as those operating on a strict budget. However, they are probably not the ideal solution for larger enterprises with more data intensive demands, and their lack of hosting options beyond shared VPS places some limitations on what Crisolution can effectively offer their clients. That being said, for smaller businesses and independent entrepreneurs Crisolution offers a cost efficient solution to their web-hosting needs.

Last updated: 2017-07-30

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