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Crucial WebHosting Introduction

For any business, organization or individual looking for a web host with strong support for platform redundancy and failover rerouting, Crucial Webhosting has the products needed to ensure uninterrupted service without sacrificing application performance.

Company and Services

Crucial Webhosting is a hosting service provider based out of Pheonix Arizona, and has been in operation since May 2006. With highly technical expertise, and around-the-clock professional support, Crucial Webhosting is able to offer deeply customized hosting plans, paying detailed attention to the needs of their customers. Two Split Platforms:

  • Split-Shared Partial ownership of a server for running web applications, powered by CloudLinux and featuring cPanel access.
  • Split-Dedicated A fully managed dedicated Virtual Private Server (VPS) running on a solid state disk (SSD) for great performance.

The split-shared option is far more cost effective, but runs on less memory. What separates Split-Shared hosting from traditional hosting though, is that it uses virtualization as a means create isolation between individual websites. Split-shared hosting is ideal for bloggers, small businesses, and other low-traffic websites.

The Split-Dedicated service runs a Virtual Private Server on the hosting cluster, such that memory and bandwidth resource is always available and efficient. This is the preferred option for high-traffic websites which have lots of customer interaction and purchasing, or that might require setting up complex data structures.

Server Locations

The physical data center is run on a private server cluster cage at the PheonixNap data center facility. The information held in these servers is extremely secure digitally and physically. The network itself has a redundant and uninterrupted power supply, and the cluster is setup in such a way that applications can scale quickly as higher traffic demands occur.

Optimizations & Magneto Focus

Most web hosts have a standard installation of core technologies which are supported the strongest. For Crucial Webhosting, the following technologies are used:

  • LiteSpeed Enterprise web server, with SSL hardware accelaration, output compression, and "Smart KeepAlives"
  • MySQL - using Percona MySQL to ensure that querires run faster, data sharding is delayed more often, and servers have higher uptime.
  • Security - extra services and ports are disabled by default. For strong user control, ConfigServer Server & Firewall is used, in a PCI compliant hosting environment.
  • Hosting Evolved - by making intelligent use of web containers, the maximum number of users in a virtual cluster is hard-set. Resource competition for HTTP, MySQL, and PHP is thereby managed far more efficiently than traditional methods.

With these core technology paradigms in place, Crucial Webhosting has optimized themselves for the Magneto Platform. They don't just meet the minimum requirements to run Magneto, they have engineered the hardware and hosting software of their platform to run Magneto and the maximum possible benchmark.

They've been working with Magneto since it was in beta, and have strong internal knowledge on how it operates. With such strong support, this makes Crucial Webhosting an ideal candidate for eCommerce service hosting.

Who is using Crucial Webhosting?

Featured on their customer showcase are liquidation websites for retail industry giants Walmart and Sam's Club. Proving to offer fast transactional service support for those websites allows for live auctions to take place. 

Last updated: 2017-07-30

Crucial Web Hosting Plans

Hosting Plan Features Disk Space Bandwidth Price
Split-Shared WordPress PHP cPanel MySQL CloudLinux LiteSpeed 10GB Unlimited $8.33/month
Usual price:
Split-Dedicated VPS WordPress PHP VPS cPanel MySQL LiteSpeed 144GB 2TB $125.00/month
Usual price:

Crucial WebHosting Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Crucial Webhosting a reseller or do they run their own server hardware?

    They 100% own their own servers, they simply rent space at the PheonixNap Data service site.

  • In what ways am I am able to gain remote access to a server?

    The level of root control depends on which hosting plan is selected, however, all plans allow for SSH access, remote MySQL access, SFTP, SCP and webmail access.

  • Can I register a domain name with Crucial Webhosting?

    No, Crucial is not a domain name registrar. Domains will need to be purchased externally and pointed via their DNS nameservers.

  • Does Crucial offer discounted rates for non-profits or open source projects?

    Crucial can be contacted for further inquiries, individual projects would need to solicite for sponsorship.

  • What version of PHP is used on Crucial?

    The most current stable versions are used, covering PHP 5.2, 5.3, 5.4 and 5.5, all of which can be run from a single account.

  • Can Mailing lists be sent out from Crucial mail servers?

    Yes, but this is dependent on the site application used to perform the mailing. For mass mailings, a third party service is recommended instead.

  • How does Split-Dedicated hosting differ from share hosting?

    From a technical perspective, it involves the use of server containers managed by CloudLinux. For a simple explanation, it means that website server "overcrowding" never occurs, every site is guarenteed to have a significant fraction of resource available at all times.

  • How does Split-dedicated hosting differ from a dedicated server?

    Split-dedicated servers are virtualized, but resources are protected. Dedicated servers have protected resources as well, but often don't come with full-service server managment tools like cPanel and other applications. Additionally, a split-dedicated server is already hardened for security and setup for performance.

Crucial WebHosting Features

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