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Last reviewed Jun 22, 2016

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CuroWeb is very simple to get setup, has excellent customer service and free CPanel for a very competitive price. The server itself has never gone down over the last 12 months and it is very quick. We also make use of the WordPress tools and security additions. We are very happy.

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CuroWeb Introduction

Based out of the United Kingdom, CuroWeb is a web development and web-hosting firm specializing in the deployment and maintenance of commercial grade websites. The company is focused on providing simple and effective web-hosting solutions for clients running personal or business websites built on the popular WordPress CMS platform. In addition to basic web-hosting, CuroWeb also offers affordable security and support services designed to keep small business websites performing at optimal levels.

Services and Specializations

CuroWeb's slate of services are primarily targeted to budget conscious bloggers and small business owners who may lack the IT experience or resources to actively maintain a commercial class website. To that end, the firm offers a selection of hosting plans specifically tailored to websites running WordPress. For a modest monthly fee, CuroWeb will set up and deploy the client's static or ecommerce website, providing the back-end support and maintenance necessary for optimal online performance. CuroWeb provides regular WordPress core updates for all account holders, along with routine virus scans and backups.

All of CuroWeb's hosting plans include free cPanel management tools, multiple mailboxes, and up to 20GB of storage. The firm's business class hosting plans also come with unlimited bandwidth, making them a good fit for growing businesses whose websites need to be prepared to handle sudden boosts in online traffic. CuroWeb relies on solid state hard drives with enhanced security plug-ins to provide fast and reliable online performance and a guaranteed 99.9% uptime.

Additional Services

In addition to their basic web-hosting service plans, CuroWeb also offers dedicated WordPress hosting with enhanced support and security features. For an additional fee, clients are paired with a dedicated support representative who overseas the maintenance and support of their active websites. This includes daily database backups, weekly virus scans and monthly security audits. CuroWeb will also review the client's websites, giving free advice on possible improvements to its overall structure and performance.

Customer Support

CuroWeb provides 24/7 customer support, available via telephone, email, or online chat.

Payment Policies

CuroWeb does not require their clients to sign long term contracts, and all web-hosting services are billed on a monthly cycle. Domain registration and additional support and development services are billed separately, with payment due at start of service. CuroWeb only accepts PayPal and authorized bank transfer for payment.

What We Didn't Find

We could find little in the way of concrete information concerning the technical specs of CuroWeb's services. It is unclear if the firm owns and operates their own datacenters, or rents space from a partnering hosting firm. No specific information is available concerning server hardware and maintenance, nor does the company provide details regarding their datacenter's support staff or on-site security measures.


CuroWeb offers a cost effective web-hosting service for bloggers and small business owners running websites built on the WordPress content management system. The firm's service plans are competitively priced, making them a good fit for individual bloggers and small business owners operating on a strict budget. The availability of advanced support and security features should also appeal to those customers with limited IT and web management experience. Larger enterprises with more data intensive workloads will likely find CuroWeb's services somewhat lacking, but they are not really the company's target market. But for independent bloggers, ecommerce start-ups, and small businesses CuroWeb offers solid web-hosting service plans with enough support features to deliver fast and reliable performance at a cost that will suit even the most modest operational budgets.

Last updated: 2017-07-30

CuroWeb Hosting Plans

Hosting Plan Features Disk Space Bandwidth Price
WordPress Bronze Firewall Protection Secure Managed WordPress CDN 24/7 Support 5GB Unlimited $18.75/month
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