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Datapipe Introduction

Datapipe is an industry leading IT firm specializing in managed web-hosting and cloud computing services for mid-sized to large scale public and private sector enterprises. Founded in 1998 by Robb Allen, the New Jersey based company started out as a basic website design and web-hosting service provider for small to mid-sized businesses. As the company grew, Allen shifted its focus to fully managed hosting solutions and began expanding into the burgeoning spheres of cloud computing and managed data storage.

Eventually, the firm expanded into the global market, opening offices and datacenters throughout Europe and Asia. Today, Datapipe provides services to clients around the world including high profile retail operations, media and entertainment companies, financial institutions, and major healthcare and pharmaceutical enterprises.

Services and Specializations

Datapipe takes a very hands on approach to their data storage and web-hosting services. Working closely with their clients, Datapipe's team of highly trained experts closely evaluate the customer's business goals and technical requirements in order to design and develop an ideal web-hosting or data storage solution.

The firm's primary goals are performance and reliability, and to that end they concentrate on providing managed hosting and data storage solutions for security conscious enterprises with data intensive workloads. The company custom tailors all of their managed hosting architectures, whether cloud-based or built on a dedicated server, to meet the specific needs of the client.

  • Managed Cloud — Datapipe offers private, public, and hybrid cloud hosting services for their clients. The firm's cloud-based hosting plans are designed from the outset to be highly scalable, giving clients the foundation they need to expand their IT operations. Datapipe's cloud hosting services support a variety of web platforms including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and VMWare. All of Datapipe's managed cloud offerings are designed and built by the firm's in-house team of experienced cloud and security engineers.
  • Managed Dedicated Servers — Datapipe owns and operates a global network of datacenters which provides the resources they need to offer state of the art web-hosting via dedicated server. Working closely with their clients, the firm's team of engineers will custom design a high performance server infrastructure and then maintain all aspects of the client's network, storage, and server resources.

Whether opting for managed cloud or dedicated server hosting, Datapipe's customers will benefit from the firm's extensive support structure. The company provides customized migration services for all new accounts, ensuring a smooth transfer and deployment of all applications, databases, and documentation. Full monitoring and operating system management is also included, freeing up the client's own IT team so that they can better concentrate on business operations.

Additional Services

In addition to their primary managed hosting services, Datapipe also provides an invaluable slate of support elements that allow clients to depend upon the firm as their "single point of accountability and IT infrastructure." Combining these elements with Datapipe's managed hosting plans allows client's to reduce their overall in-house IT costs while delivering the performance they depend on for continued success. The availability of these additional services sets Datapipe ahead of many of their competitors, and has brought the company recognition and awards from within the web-hosting industry.

  • Application Management — Datapipe's team of global experts will manage all of the client's day to day operations, including monitoring, diagnostics, and real time problem solving.
  • Security Management — large enterprises, especially those handling sensitive data, demand state-of-the-art security strategies. Datapipe's managed security feature combines a core defense strategy with proactive response to ensure data and infrastructure security.
  • Compliance Management — compliance is crucial for organizations working in the financial, healthcare, and government sectors. Datapipe's compliant hosting plans ensure that their client's meet the most rigorous standards as set by HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOX, and FISMA.
  • Storage Management — data storage and security is critical to any organization's success. Datapipe offers storage management services for equipment owned by the client or provided by Datapipe.
  • Database Management — Database management can be resource intensive, and demands the constant attention of a highly trained IT team. Datapipe offers complete database management services that include initial set up, monitoring and maintenance, and 24/7 expert support.

Datacenters and Technical Information

Datapipe owns and operates more than 20 datacenters across the globe, with locations throughout North and South America, Europe and Asia. All of the firm's datacenters are staffed by full time engineers and security personnel. Datapipe observes strict security protocols requiring all on-site personnel and visitors to provide photo ID and submit to biometric screening before accessing the facilities. All of Datapipe's datacenters are climate controlled, and feature power and network redundancies to ensure optimal performance and minimal downtime.

Specific technical specs regarding server hardware is not available, and some potential clients may find this lack of information somewhat troubling. However, it is presumed that this technical information should be available upon request.

Customer Support and Service

Datapipe owns and operates multiple datacenters throughout the world, and they promise a 100% uptime for all of their clients. Daily operations are monitored, both remotely and on-site, 24/7. Technical support is available 24/7 via telephone or email.

Payment Policies

Unfortunately, Datapipe does not clearly state their billing structures or their payment policies. Quotes for services are available upon request, and it is assumed that the firm's SLA outlining any user restrictions and company guarantees would be provided to the client prior to the contracting of any services.


Datapipe is a global web-hosting and data storage service provider operating state-of-the-art datacenters in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. They specialize in managed cloud and dedicated server hosting for large enterprises operating in the private and public sectors. Their slate of services, including hosting and support elements, are extensive, and have been designed to provide the comprehensive IT infrastructure larger organizations need to ensure their ongoing success. Their hands on approach to managed hosting, and highly customizable service plans, make them an ideal fit for security conscious enterprises with data intensive workloads.

That being said, their services appear to be offered a la carte, and without an advertised pricing structure it is difficult to determine their overall cost efficiency. One would assume that the bundling of services, and the resulting reduction in in-house IT requirements, should make Datapipe an attractive solution for larger organizations with adequate operational budgets. Smaller businesses and independent entrepreneurs will likely find Datapipe's services beyond the scope of their needs, as well as out of their financial reach. Of course, they are not Datapipe's target market, and the firm is clearly concentrating on providing best in industry hosting and data storage services to large public and private sector enterprises whose operational budgets are commensurate with their hosting and general IT demands.

Last updated: 2017-07-30

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