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Last reviewed Jul 20, 2016

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Even though as far as i know dewaweb has just started doing hosting business a couple of years ago, their service is indeed cannot be underestimated.

What i love most is their support. One day i sent him a request in 1 am. And a few minutes later they responded back.

The Second is about their features. Myself think that dewaweb is the only one web hosting services in Indonesia with most features followed by their affordable prices.

I'd like to see their improvements as i continue my hosting with them.

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Dewaweb Cloud Hosting Introduction

Dewaweb is a web-hosting services provider based out of Jakarta, Indonesia. Since 2014, the firm has specialized in providing affordable cloud-based web-hosting services for personal enterprise, ecommerce businesses, and larger corporate and institutional organizations.

Dewaweb was one of the first companies in Indonesia to focus exclusively on cloud-based hosting services, quickly establishing themselves as leaders in the Asian market and ultimately extending their reach into the global marketplace.

Services and Specializations

Dewaweb offers a wide range of cloud-based web-hosting services, each of which are accompanied by a good selection of features designed to deliver strong performance at an affordable price. While the firm's price points are a little higher than some of their competitors the additional features generally offset the added cost, making them a good fit for operations with a restricted IT budget.

Dewaweb's service plans are broken down into three multi-tiered categories:

  • Personal: Dewaweb's entry level services are most suitable for personal websites, static business websites, and ecommerce entrepreneurs. All "personal" plans include free lifetime domain registration, unlimited bandwidth, free web accelerator, and up to 5BG of data storage. Additional features include cPanel hosting platforms, MySQL database management, and Softaculous auto-installers. Advanced plans also include free anti-spam and anti-virus support.
  • Corporate: up a level from the firm's Personal plans is Dewaweb's Corporate package, designed to deliver the higher level of performance necessary for larger operations with heavy levels of online traffic. Corporate plans include standard free lifetime domain registrations, unlimited bandwidth, email and MySQL databases, and up to 30 GB of storage. Corporate plans also benefit from a guaranteed allocation of resources, SSL certification, anti-virus support, and regular data back-ups.
  • Power User: finally, Dewaweb's premium Power User plans are designed for larger organizations with highly intensive data and traffic demands. Available with both Linux and Windows operating systems, the firm's Corporate cloud hosting plans are highly customizable and can be tailored to meet the needs of most data intensive and security dependent operations. All Corporate plans feature advanced load balancing for optimal performance and include SSL certification. While Dewaweb's Corporate plans are full featured, they are not fully managed and will require clients to bring their own IT resources to bear on daily operations.

Technical Specs and Datacenters

Dewaweb has partnered with LiteSpeed Technologies for their server infrastructures, and the firm operates through datacenters in 15 countries throughout Asia, North America, and Europe. No specific information is available regarding those datacenter's staffing or security protocols.

Service and Support

A standard level of customer support is provided at all service levels, with technical advice and support available via telephone, email, or online chat. Dewaweb backs their services with a full 90 day money back guarantee.

Payment Policies

Dewaweb accepts payments via authorized bank transfer, IPAYMU, and most major credit cards.


As one of the first web-hosting service providers in their market to focus solely on cloud-based hosting, Dewaweb have established themselves as leaders in their field. The firm's web-hosting plans, ranging from personal to premium, offer a robust array of features; and while the cost may be a bit more than some of their competitors, the additional services should serve to keep the price point affordable for most enterprises.

Last updated: 2017-07-30

Dewaweb Hosting Plans

Hosting Plan Features Disk Space Bandwidth Price
Cloud Personal cPanel LiteSpeed Softaculous 200MB Unlimited $1.12/month
Usual price:

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InMotion Hosting$2.95
A2 Hosting$3.92

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