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Last reviewed May 23, 2016

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  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • MySQL
  • cPanel
  • Apache
  • Ruby

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The team of Filetruth did a great job and was very accepting towards our Problems/feedback. Communication was amazing from start to finish.

Filetruth are fast and eager to solve client’s problems 24/7.

They handled my concerns with Professionalism.

They responded to my request promptly and professionally – I would recommend them to anyone looking for a professional web Hosting services in India with amazing features at affordable cost.,

Great Work Team!

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Hello freinds i am tarun
i use filetruth services in past 8 month no any issues find in services
i buy very cheap server
no any issues find last 8 month

i recommend this use my all freinds Filetruth services
((Good Tips))

hi freinds use any services filetruth
Extra discount search in google filetruth coupon
and injoy cheap very cheap services

Thank you
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Filetruth Introduction

Filetruth is a web-hosting company offering a variety of services targeted to individuals, web developers, and businesses. It hosting services include shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated hosting. Filetruth opened its doors in 1998 and is the first company to provide web hosting in India. Its headquarters are in Singapore and the company has 1000+ clients based in the Middle East and Asia.

Services & Specializations

Filetruth is a web hosting service offering different plans for shared web hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers. The company targets individuals, developers, and businesses for its plans. For those wanting to try out services, starter plans are offered. The plans support Windows and Linux operating systems. Introductory plans limit the number of e-mails, bandwidth, and hard disk space. Other shared plans offer unlimited amounts of space, bandwidth, and domains.

Filetruth also offers VPS and dedicated server hosting. VPS hosting plans usually have a single dedicated IP address and they vary based on the amount of RAM, port speeds, and hard disk space. If hard disk space is insufficient, the company offers free expansion through cloud-based technologies.

Dedicated hosting plans have at least two IPs available. The plans vary similarly according to the number of cores, network port speed, and amount of RAM. Besides the standard plans, reseller hosting plans are also offered for both Linux and Windows with limited number of slots and high bandwidth allowances. Filetruth offers cPanel with every plan and WHM with dedicated plans. In addition, the company also has free HTML templates and offers a technical support service for businesses at low rates.


Filetruth's servers use Intel microprocessor technology with multiple cores and high speeds. Its servers also have varying network port speeds and has a large amount of space stored on SATA drives. Its data centers are located in Provo, UT in the US and in Singapore.

Support and Customer Service

Filetruth offers 24/7 customer service via e-mail, phone, and chat. It claims to have highly trained specialists and localized support with a 1 minute response time. The compan also has articles posted in its "knowledge base" for self-support.

Uptime Guarantee

Filetruth claims to have a 99.9% uptime guarantee for all its plans. Local support is available at data center locations and servers are constantly monitored to ensure they are running and issues get fixed immediately.


Billing is on a montly basis for all plans. Promotions are offered at times and some of the higher tier plans offer discounts for paying 2 or 3 years in advance. Introductory and lower tier plans do not have an up-front discount.

Even though both Windows and Linux are offered, Windows based hosting cost more. The company also has 7 day money-back guarantee though details are not mentioned.


Filetruth is one of the first web hosting companies founded in India. It offers a variety of introductory and higher tier plans for shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting that targets individuals, developers, and businesses.

Filetruth is ISO certified and has over a thousand clients. It also offers 24x7 support via multiple channels including support tickets, chat, and e-mail. Filetruth is an ideal choice for individuals on a budget who need a website.

Last updated: 2017-07-30 Hosting Plans

Hosting Plan Features Disk Space Bandwidth Price
Starter Linux Shared WordPress PHP cPanel MySQL CloudLinux 24/7 Support 500MB 2GB $1.00/month
Usual price: Features

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Overall4 stars

Price Comparison$1.00
InMotion Hosting$2.95
A2 Hosting$3.92

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