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GlobeHost Introduction

GlobeHost is a web-hosting service provider based out of India. The firm's primary focus is making enterprise class web-hosting affordable for both large and small business operations. To that end they offer a full slate of web-hosting solutions, ranging from basic shared hosting plans to dedicated server options. GlobeHost also offers an all-in-one service package, in which they will develop, deploy and host a customer's principal website for a modest annual fee.

Services and Specialization

GlobeHost offers four basic classes of web-hosting for their clients, ranging from basic shared hosting to dedicated server programs. This wide variety of hosting options, with their accompanying sub-levels of service, makes it relatively easy for customers to find a plan that suits both their budget and their data needs.

  • Shared Hosting — GlobeHost's shared hosting plans are are their most affordable option and are compatible with both Linux and Windows operating systems. Basic hosting plans come with either cPanel or Plesk control panels, free FTP access, and support for JavaScript, PHP and MySQL. All shared hosting plans also include WordPress and Joomla integration. GlobeHost's shared hosting plans are relatively inexpensive, but are probably best suited to smaller enterprises running static websites or blogs as site speeds can be somewhat slow at times. That being said, the firm does offer high level shared hosting plans with unlimited bandwidth storage, along with optional SSL for ecommerce sites, but the price point increases accordingly.
  • Cloud Hosting — GlobeHost's cloud hosting plans are a step up from their basic shared hosting options, though they remain competitively priced. All cloud hosting accounts include unlimited storage and bandwidth, with between 2GB and 6BG RAM. GlobeHost's cloud hosting plans deliver faster site speeds than basic shared hosting plans, and are a better fit for small-to-medium sized operations running websites with moderate to high traffic loads.
  • VPS Hosting — For those that need more control over their hosting plans, as well as a higher level of overall performance, GlobeHost offers six levels of VPS hosting plans. These plans are primarily Linux based (there is only one Windows option), and all accounts include free SSL certificates, multiple dedicated IP addresses, free FTP account access, and free server set-up. The cost of GlobeHost's VPS plans are in line with similar services from competing firms, and performance levels are strong enough to support active ecommerce sites with steady traffic flows.
  • Dedicated Servers — GlobeHost offers two dedicated server hosting plans for those clients with data intensive workloads. Both plans depend on Linux based operating systems, and include HDD storage on custom built servers with Intel Core i3/i5/i7 processors. Dedicated server plans include free set-up with multiple IP addresses and free SSL certificates. GlobeHost's dedicated server plans are some of the lowest priced we've seen in the industry, making them a cost effective option for budget conscious enterprises with data intensive hosting demands. That being said, they are probably best suited to customers with extensive IT and web management experience.

Additional Services

In addition to their wide array of web-hosting services, GlobeHost offers an all-in-one service package that includes domain name registration, basic website creation and deployment, and a full year of basic shared web-hosting. For a moderate fee, GlobeHost will design a responsive and mobile friendly website (up to 6 pages), register the client's domain, and enroll them in a basic shared web-hosting service plan. This service is best suited to customers with limited IT and web management experience, making it easy for individuals and start-up businesses to establish themselves on the web.

Support and Service

GlobeHost promises a 100% guaranteed uptime for all customers, regardless of service plan. All of the firm's hosting plans are also backed by a 30-day money back guarantee. Customer support is available 24/7 via email, telephone, or online chat.

Technical Specs

GlobeHost provides little in the way of technical details concerning their services other than specifying the use of custom built servers with Intel Core Processors. No information is available regarding the location of the firm's datacenters, or whether they are owned and operated by GlobeHost or by a partnering company.

Payment Policies

GlobeHost accepts multiple forms of payment, including most major credit cards and PayPal. The firm also accepts payment through a select number of net banking services including CCAvenue, Airtel Money and PayUMoney.


GlobeHost offers a wide range of web-hosting services, the majority of which are competitively priced when compared with other service providers in the industry. Perhaps the best of the line are the cloud hosting and VPS hosting packages, which deliver impressive enough specs and performance for the cost and should appeal to those with moderate to advanced hosting demands. While the firm's basic shared hosting packages are nicely priced, performance can be a little lackluster and for a small increase in cost it may be better to upgrade to the cloud or VPS solutions. Consumers looking for dedicated server hosting plans will find GlobeHost's offerings to be some of the lowest cost options on the market, however these are probably best suited to customers with a fair amount of IT and web management experience to avoid any potential difficulties with performance. But overall, GlobeHost's wide variety of services should make it easy for cost conscious consumers to find the hosting plan that suits their needs as well as their budget.

Last updated: 2017-07-30

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